What are Psychographics? How to Use Psychographics to Create Content that Drives Results


Demographics are useful for targeting certain types of buyers, but psychographics is the missing key to creating hyper-personalized content. If you want to improve conversions, check out this guide to learn how to leverage psychographics as part of your content strategy.

What Are Psychographics? [FAQs]


These data points make up the demographics of your personas, help inform your marketing strategy, and paint a picture of who your buyers are. Here''s one way to look at it: Demographics explain “who” your buyer is, while psychographics explain “why” they buy.

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How to Use Psychographics in Your Marketing: A Beginner's Guide


What could really be at work here is that you''re probably ignoring psychographics. To give you a clear definition of what psychographics are and some ways you can use psychographics to support your marketing efforts -- with a specific example, to get you familiarized -- continue below.

Unfair Advantage: How AI Targeting Creates Big Value


How you can create your unfair competitive advantage by applying AI to lead targeting. We explore how the process of targeting leads is broken in most businesses and why this can’t be solved by people alone. The more dimensions you can combine, the more accurate targeting will be.

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Target Market Research for the Professional Services

Hinge Marketing

Researching your target markets is one of the smartest business moves you can make. Professional services firms that do frequent research on their target clients grow 2X faster and are more profitable than firms that do not. Let’s start by defining what we mean by a target market.

Influencer Marketing: How to Identify Your Target Influencers

Onalytica B2B

Personally, I can’t think of anything more crucial to successful influencer marketing than identifying the right influencers to target. In this instalment we take a concise and practical look at the fascinating question: “How do I identify my target influencers?”.

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GEOIP-Based Segmentation for Targeted Marketing


GEOIP-Based Segmentation for Targeted Marketing Segmentation is a very important element in marketing and personalization. Marketers reach audiences with relevant messages when targeted segmentation strategies focus on certain demographics. Demographics: Who are they?

How B2B Marketers Can Get Better Targeting and Deeper Insights

Modern Marketing

They are grappling with the fact that the always-connected buyer’s behavior and preferences are constantly evolving, and marketers need to maximize the value of customer data in near-real time for better targeting and personalization, as well as to build lifetime value.

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How to find the target audience: 6 simple steps


The B2B buyers often are bump into the question How to find the target audience? When creating a buyer persona(s), the marketers should consider including customer demographics, behavioral patterns, motivation & goals. Prologue.

Audience Targeting: What It Is and Why You Need It


These social media accounts demonstrate that Netflix knows its audiences to the point where they can target them based on themes and market accordingly. Ultimately, it's a fantastic way to integrate audience targeting in social media and engage their micro-audiences.

How do you segment your market?


We use what we call the A2G framework to help you think through all the characteristics that might be helpful: Attitudes : What are the visitor’s psychographics? Demographics : Who is the visitor?

Geodemographics: Using Location-Based Segments for Targeted Marketing

Marketing Action

Segmentation strategies have long been a powerful way to target certain audiences, and geographic information is a key piece of the puzzle. Demographic: Who are they? Psychographic: What do they want and why do they want it? What does your address say about you?

BrightTALK Unveils new insights tool for B2B Marketers to Target the Buying Intent


BrightTALK launched its buying-intent targeting tool called Intent Leads early in the year 2019 to provide its B2B clients with a full-funnel suite of demand generation & lead generation products.

How to Build Targeted Custom Advertising Audiences to Replace Facebook’s Partner Categories

V12 Data

How to Build Targeted Custom Advertising Audiences to Replace Facebook’s Partner Categories. While Facebook can be a lucrative advertising and marketing channel across industries, many brands are unsure how to target audiences in the light of recent changes at Facebook.

Programmatic Advertising for Dummies (Who Want to Win At It)


These ads are targeted to you (specifically), based on your demographic, psychographic, and geographic metrics. The more refined the tool kit, the programmatic advertising tool kit that is, the better the targeting. B2B Targeting/Audience Programmatic Advertising

Get Into Your Buyer’s Psyche To Create Relevant Digital Marketing


A deep understanding of your target audience will do more to shape your digital media marketing plan than nearly anything else. I’ve found myself thinking a lot lately about target audiences and buyer profiling. ” 2) What are the demographics and psychographics?

What is Display Advertising? Definition, Targeting Process, Management, Network, Types, and Examples

Martech Advisor

Scroll down to know how display ads capture people’s attention, how they use targeting mechanisms, and what are the types, benefits, and examples of display ads. The Display Advertising Targeting Process. The Display Advertising Targeting Process.

Is Data Science the Key to Marketing?

Navigate the Channel

Precisely targeting your information is the only way that your company will be able to differentiate itself from the two quintillion bytes of data that are being produced every day. Data driven marketing allows you to segment your customer base based on more than demographic information.

How To Use Facebook Audiences To Grow Your Business

ATAK Interactive

Read on to learn more about how Facebook has turned this data into actionable data that has allowed marketers to cut through the noise and target the right customers at the right time. Altogether, that limits a marketers ability to target potential customers and despite the best data, still involves some guessing and luck. Now, let’s dive into Facebook targeting options. Facebook targeting options are organized around “audiences.”

The Definition of List Segmentation [In Under 100 Words]


For instance, you can segment your contacts based on psychographics, demographics, industry, company size -- you name it. Segmentation is important because it helps you better target and personalize your campaigns and content.

Greg Head, Infusionsoft CMO: 2 Metrics to Better Understand Your Customer Acquisition Cost and Lifetime Value

Crimson Marketing

Using well-developed CAC and LTV values together not only greatly increases the efficacy of your demand generation efforts, but it also unlocks valuable insights into product development, targeting, segmentation, retention, operations and service.

The Pandemic In-Box | Email Marketing Strategy During COVID-19


However, it’s also a time when patience is limited and the tolerance for time-wasting or tone-deaf content can quickly alienate targets. Avoid Covid-19 Oversaturation: Take into consideration that your target has likely been hearing, reading and talking about Covid-19 for the past month.

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8 Steps To An Effective Social Media Strategy

Marketing Insider Group

The foundation of a successful social media strategy is understanding who your target audience is and why they use social media. To do this, you need a combination of demographics and psychographics. Step 2: Targeting Your Channels.

B2B Audience Building & Segmentation Best Practices Part 3: Real-Time and Predictive Data.

Modern Marketing

They also use that data to create detailed segments for message targeting. These profiles include not only demographics, but also rich behavioral, predictive, and psychographic data to support modeling and personalization.

Why See, Think, Do, Care Is The Best Marketing Model For The Digital Era


When targeting the largest addressable qualified audience with a display campaign based on demographics [and] psychographics, display ads are ‘buy now, buy now, buy now,’ [and] it’s not going to work,” Kaushik said. Indeed, Kaushik agreed using behavior to discern intent and subsequently targeting advertising is a great way to execute a See, Think, Do, Care strategy. And that’s why search behavior is a better indicator of what consumers want than demographics.

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Google Analytics vs. Quantcast: Which Analytics Platform Is More Powerful?


Analytics platforms can help provide data and insights around website traffic, audience and visitor demographics and other buyer patterns and trends, helping marketers and businesses to make more informed decisions. Over the years, “ big data ” has shifted to focus more on actionable data.

Why HubSpot's Director of Analytics Wants You to Make Data More Human


For years, demographic reporting has done wonders for marketers. Unfortunately, there’s only so much that demographic data can tell us about the people searching for and purchasing our products and services. Demographic data doesn’t adapt to users and behaviors in the same way.

How a SoLoMo (Social, Local & Mobile) Content Strategy Aids B2B Marketing


Social Media Marketing, Targeting Local Audience and Mobile Marketing are the three most important marketing strategies in the B2B world today. Research On Customer Search Behavior: Researching customer search behavior allows B2B companies to create hyper-targeted pieces of content.

Key B2B Demand Generation Strategies for 2015

The Point

But programmatic advertising offers the ability to target those ads based on very specific demographic and psychographic criteria, even by company name.

5 Ways to Handle Customer and Market Segmentation Like a Pro (+ Free Webinar)


This way, when you target a segment, you can use unique content that caters to each. Through segmentation, you’re putting your ear directly to the ground and hearing the complaints and feedback from your target customers. Demographic Segmentation.

5 Reasons you want to move your data from Eventbrite into Salesforce

Predictive Response

Segment customers for targeted personalized campaigns. Target with personalized emails for promoting new events of similar type & location. Target contacts in your database matching the segmentation criteria with personalized emails for promoting new events. Psychographics.

Why B2B Marketing Buyer Personas Rule

B2B Marketing Traction

When I created B2B marketing buyer personas (“personae” for those of you who studied Latin) for one of my clients last year, it became crystal clear why they beat working from demographic and even psychographic profiles hands-down. What made our target audience tick?

Lead Scoring: Set Yourself Up for Success


But, by taking the time to set up a lead scoring system, you can assign points to potential prospects, target the attributes most often associated with serious customers, and more easily identify which people to further invest time and resources in. Create and embrace your target buyer persona(s). The first step to any marketing program is to identify your target buyer. Scoring is often broken up into two categories: psychographic and demographic.

Reach Key Decision Makers and Improve Your Webinar ROI


What Marketers are Missing As a marketer, I see the volume of webinars firsthand: in the last two weeks alone, I’ve received over 80 emails offering an invite, a reminder, or a follow up to someone’s webinar, and often I’m not even in their target market.

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3 steps to defining customer experience

Modern Marketing

An understanding of the company’s target audience, converted into a detailed persona, will help tailor experiences to appeal to the majority of a brands’ shoppers.

A Multi-Channel Approach to Opt-In Advertising

Opt Intelligence

You can target unsubscribed users and unengaged users through opt-in advertising. These are targeted ads, not emails, so you are in compliance with opt-out regulations and there’s no danger of reducing your email list quality.

Are your marketing personas your sales market segments?


Market segments are often used in marketing plans to decide which groups of prospects to target, but they are also frequently used in sales plans. Marketing is supposed to lead to sales, right? So why is it that we marketers sometimes throw up unnecessary impediments to selling things?