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What are Psychographics? How to Use Psychographics to Create Content that Drives Results


Demographics are useful for targeting certain types of buyers, but psychographics is the missing key to creating hyper-personalized content. If you want to improve conversions, check out this guide to learn how to leverage psychographics as part of your content strategy.

What are Psychographics? How to Use Psychographics to Create Content that Drives Results


Demographics are useful for targeting certain types of buyers, but psychographics is the missing key to creating hyper-personalized content. If you want to improve conversions, check out this guide to learn how to leverage psychographics as part of your content strategy.


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Psychographic Segmentation: A Simple Guide For Marketers


The most common starting point is demographic data: who our customers are, from age to sex, race, marital status, and income level. Demographic data can be incredibly helpful. That’s where psychographic segmentation comes into play. Psychographic Data Points.

The Complete Guide to Audience Research, Segmentation, and Targeting

Marketing Insider Group

Researching and segmenting your audience is essential for creating relevant and effective marketing messages. You can segment your audience by demographics, psychographics, behavior, or location, or a combination of these factors. The Importance of Audience Segmentation.

Demographic Segmentation: What Is It & How Can You Use It?


Let’s start with demographic segmentation. In this blog post, we’ll look at what demographic segmentation is, explain why you should try it, and show you how to use it for your landing pages. What Is Demographic Segmentation? Target your ads and content.

3 Audience Segmentation Trends Shaping Digital Marketing in 2021


In 2021, digital marketers are segmenting audiences and focusing on quality over quantity. Segmenting audiences to target your ideal customer while also complying with privacy laws can be a tricky dance. Gone are the days of audience segmentation by “adults ages 25 to 54.”.

50 Email Segmentation Tips You Need to Use Now


Email segmentation can drastically improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. In this guide, we’ll share 50 email segmentation ideas that the pros use to create targeted email lists. Because smart marketers know the value of email list segmentation.

Segmentation: Streamlining Your Focus to Grow Revenue

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Segmentation is a great tool to help laser your focus on that magic 20%. It is the process of separating your target audience into groups based on the certain traits or factors. Benefits to Segmentation. Popular Types of Segmentation.

The Marketer's Guide to Segmentation, Targeting, & Positioning


I once heard a new business owner define their target market as … wait for it … “everyone”. While it’s nice to believe that everyone would be interested in purchasing your product or service, it’s not wise to define your target market as such. This is where segmentation, targeting, and positioning come into play. We developed this guide to help you understand how and why you should invest time into better understanding your audience and targeting your marketing.

What Are Psychographics? [FAQs]


These data points make up the demographics of your personas, help inform your marketing strategy, and paint a picture of who your buyers are. The answers to these questions are the psychographics of your customer base, and you need to know this information to truly understand who’s buying what you’re selling. Psychographics is about using the demographic information you have for your buyer persona to figure out more about their lifestyle, their behaviors and their habits.

Audience Segmentation Essentials for B2B Marketing Strategy


Audience segmentation refers to differentiating and categorizing audience groups into various sections based on their online behavior, demographics and demands. Audience segmentation creates smaller, ever-more-refined target groups based on particular qualities. .

Improve Your Lead Segmentation Through Interactive Content


Improve Your Lead Segmentation Through Interactive Content. And this time it’s all about how to improve your lead segmentation through interactive content. . We’ve been talking a lot lately about just how important segmentation is. What Is Segmentation? Demographic.

GEOIP-Based Segmentation for Targeted Marketing


GEOIP-Based Segmentation for Targeted Marketing Segmentation is a very important element in marketing and personalization. One avenue of segmentation is geographic location (or GEOIP-based segmentation). Marketers reach audiences with relevant messages when targeted segmentation strategies focus on certain demographics. Geographic information is just one segmentation. Demographics: Who are they?

How to create marketing that sings—with the most effective marketing personas


It’s essentially a profile of your prospect or customer that includes: Demographic information like age, gender, location, income, role, etc. Psychographic information or the motivations and behaviors that likely inform their actions and decisions.

B2B Audience Building & Segmentation Best Practices Part 3: Real-Time and Predictive Data.


Let’s quickly review what B2B audience building and segmentations looks like at that stage. They also use that data to create detailed segments for message targeting. Let’s look at how your organization might level up its audience building and segmentation efforts.

AI-driven Audience Segmentation Adds Value to B2B Marketing


For B2B marketers, audience segmentation can be a game changer when it comes to organizing audiences into smaller groups. Subgroups can also be categorized according to demographics like geographic location, gender, identity, job type, ethnicity, age, education, income and behavior.

Confusing Customer Segmentation, Buyer Profiling, and Buyer Personas Harms Marketing

Tony Zambito

Compounding the issue today is the prevalent use of the term buyer persona to describe customer segmentation and buyer profiling efforts. The issue I am referring to is the confusion that can surround distinguishing between customer segmentation, buyer profiling, and buyer personas today. Customer Segmentation. On the surface, customer segmentation can be viewed as a fairly straight forward exercise. Demographics. Psychographic data.

A Comprehensive Guide to Market Segmentation

This is best done through a process known as market segmentation. Let’s roll… What is Market Segmentation? The concept of market segmentation is pretty simple and straightforward. The Top Benefits of Market Segmentation. Better targeting. Demographic.

5 Steps to Win at Market Segmentation

Goodish Agency

As you know, not all of your customers have the same characteristics or share the same profile which is where Market Segmentation comes in handy. Market Segmentation What I described so eloquently with my family as an example is called market or user segmentation. Target those.

Unfair Advantage: How AI Targeting Creates Big Value


How you can create your unfair competitive advantage by applying AI to lead targeting. We explore how the process of targeting leads is broken in most businesses and why this can’t be solved by people alone. The journey they’ve been on to find their sweet spot in the market where a) the process of ‘Targeting’ was very broken and b) utilize technology in such a way it ‘enables the human spirit’, is fascinating. Artificial Intelligence B2B Targeting/Audience

Target 101

Target Market Research for the Professional Services

Hinge Marketing

Researching your target markets is one of the smartest business moves you can make. Professional services firms that do frequent research on their target clients grow 2X faster and are more profitable than firms that do not. Let’s start by defining what we mean by a target market.

Understanding Market Segmentation: A Guide (2020)

This strategy is called market segmentation. Before learning this strategy, if you don’t have an idea on what you can sell, here’s a list of recommendations from Youtube: What is market segmentation? Market segmentation is defined in a lot of ways. Demographics.

Influencer Marketing: How to Identify Your Target Influencers

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Personally, I can’t think of anything more crucial to successful influencer marketing than identifying the right influencers to target. In this instalment we take a concise and practical look at the fascinating question: “How do I identify my target influencers?”. It is likely that you already have some grip on the target audience for your business, whether that be a consumer or business audience. Last week, we covered how you can outline your influencer marketing strategy.

Target 204

Are your marketing personas your sales market segments?


The problem comes in when you haven’t thought through how those personas relate to market segments. Market segments are often used in marketing plans to decide which groups of prospects to target, but they are also frequently used in sales plans. Often, sales teams take different approaches with different market segments. Market segments are not equivalent to personas. The post Are your marketing personas your sales market segments?

Do Psychographics work in B2B Marketing & Sales?

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Trying to get a handle on Company Psychographics? Do Psychographics work in B2B Marketing & Sales? B2B marketers regularly use demographic data of tangible characteristics such as company size, industry classification, number of employees, etc. to segment and target relevant markets. While B2C marketers do use demographics, they also use psychographics to really understand what interests their prospective buyers.

B2B Market Segmentation – Part 2: How to Approach Segmentation

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In part one of our segmentation series , we discussed the importance of and rationale behind market segmentation. Let's take a closer look at actual implementation of market segmentation. The biggest segmentation error that people make is to start with the "who" or "what" and segmenting the market using criteria such as industry verticals, company size or geography and other dimensions because this data is easy to gather. HOW DO I MARKET TO SEGMENTS?

Segmenting Your Customers to Increase Content Marketing Reach


Dividing up your customers into distinct segments makes it possible to target your content more effectively. You’ll be able to distinctly identify the values and dreams of a specific market segment and show them why your product matters for their lives. And MailChimp claims that segmented email campaigns have a 14.31% higher open rate then non-segmented campaigns. How easily can you identify distinct groups or segments within your broader consumer base?

How Behavioral Targeting Gets Your Content Seen By the Right Audiences


If you're like almost half of marketers , your answer probably includes ad placement and targeting. As we know, targeted ads are used to find the most qualified leads by showing audiences content that's relevant to them. Behavioral targeting is used to improve campaign effectiveness.

Audience Targeting: What It Is and Why You Need It


These social media accounts demonstrate that Netflix knows its audiences to the point where they can target them based on themes and market accordingly. Ultimately, it's a fantastic way to integrate audience targeting in social media and engage their micro-audiences.

What Is List Segmentation? [FAQs]


And the secret to having excellent MOFU marketing lies on how well you segment your contacts. Segmentation isn''t the sexiest of marketing topics, but it is one of the most powerful. What are segmented lists? At the basic level, they''re exactly what it sounds like -- you break up your contact lists into smaller segments. Why is segmentation important? List segmentation allows you to send the right people the most pertinent content at the ideal time.

FAQ 47

The Definition of List Segmentation [In Under 100 Words]


List segmentation is exactly what it sounds like -- you divide up your contacts into a bunch of smaller lists, or segments, based on criteria you set. These segments can be cut and combined in a number of different ways based on lead intelligence. For instance, you can segment your contacts based on psychographics, demographics, industry, company size -- you name it.

How to find the target audience: 6 simple steps


The B2B buyers often are bump into the question How to find the target audience? When creating a buyer persona(s), the marketers should consider including customer demographics, behavioral patterns, motivation & goals. If you’re continuously waning at your marketing endeavors or not making the best of your marketing tactics, consider reviewing the entire process that you’ve been using to find your target audiences. Prologue.

5 Ways to Handle Customer and Market Segmentation Like a Pro (+ Free Webinar)


Marketers who use market segmentation are seeing a 760 percent increase in revenue. If you’re not already using market segmentation techniques and would like to, then make sure you’re doing it the right way. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can properly segment your customers and market to maximize your revenue. First, Let’s Define Customer Segmentation. This way, when you target a segment, you can use unique content that caters to each.

The Importance of Understanding the Difference Between Personalization, Segmentation and Individualization


Learn the Difference Between Personalization, Segmentation and Individualization The word “personalization” is thrown around quite a bit by marketers, but in general terms has a few different meanings. Instead of getting hung up on labels or buzzwords, it’s important to break down “personalization” and understand the similarities and differences of: segmentation, personalized messaging, and individualization. This allows marketers to ‘personalize’ the mass list into targeted groups.

BrightTALK Unveils new insights tool for B2B Marketers to Target the Buying Intent


BrightTALK launched its buying-intent targeting tool called Intent Leads early in the year 2019 to provide its B2B clients with a full-funnel suite of demand generation & lead generation products. Not only the Intent Leads help marketers to discover their niche-specific audiences but also allows them to discover the companies, people & competitors that are targeting the same niche-specific audiences.

27 Ways to Slice & Dice Your Email List for Better Segmentation


We've already made the case for list segmentation in email marketing , and we sure hope you've bought in. Still in need of a little refresher on the merits of email list segmentation? How about the fact that, according to eMarketer , 39% of email marketers that practice list segmentation see better open rates; 28% see lower opt-out and unsubscribe rates; and 24% see better email deliverability, increased sales leads, and greater revenue.

How to Build Targeted Custom Advertising Audiences to Replace Facebook’s Partner Categories

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How to Build Targeted Custom Advertising Audiences to Replace Facebook’s Partner Categories. While Facebook can be a lucrative advertising and marketing channel across industries, many brands are unsure how to target audiences in the light of recent changes at Facebook. Facebook removed its Partner Category targeting options, which previously allowed third-party data providers to provide their targeting segments directly on Facebook.