7 Sales Demo Tips for Selling Software


So why doesn’t anyone want a demo? “It’s A lot of companies struggle to get prospects to show up to sales demos. It’s time to ditch the product demo. To keep your demo focused on what matters, you’ll want to do your homework and ask the right questions.

Whiteboard Wednesday: 5 Steps to a Killer Sales Demo


How many times have you run an awesome demo that didn’t close? Today, I’m going to show you how to run demos that convert into closed deals. We’ll talk about the five stages of a good demo, and what to do and not to do, at each stage. tive Sales Demo.

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How to Make Demo Videos That Drive Pipeline and Revenue


That’s why your business needs demo videos. What is a Demo Video? Benefits of Demo Videos 3. Types of Demo Videos 3.1 3 Main Types of Demo Videos 3.2 Common Demo Video Styles 4. Demo Video Channels 5. Demo Video Strategy 6.

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B2B Reads: Demo Videos, Dysfunction Tax, and Work-at-Home Marketers

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How to Make Demo Videos That Drive Pipeline and Revenue. Learn some of the secrets to recording captivating demo videos to speed up buying cycles and save you time. It’s important to put people before technology in your prospecting.

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3 Keys to Acing Your Next Product Demo


That’s why product demos can be so effective for field marketers. If you want to deliver the kind of product demo that can boost sales by upwards of 475% , you need these four keys to success. Build Relationships with Prospects.

Why App Demos Should Be More Interactive


Why App Demos Should Be More Interactive. Thankfully, interactive app demos to show off your product’s features is a powerful tool that keeps people engaged and helps educate. What Are App Demos? App demos are the medium most software companies use to educate prospective, new and existing users about how to best use the features of the application. App demos, on the other hand, simply show off how the product is used. When To Use App Demos.

2016’s Most Prospected Companies By State


No matter our company or our role, I think I can safely say we ALL receive numerous prospecting emails and calls every day. Have you ever noticed that there are spikes in the number of prospecting emails you receive when: You change jobs? What are a few keys to smarter prospecting?

Booking Demos for SaaS Vendors Made Easy


Instead of filling out a form that goes off into the ether, and may or may not get a timely answer, an appointment schedule gives a customer or prospect something in return for their precious contact information: a confirmed date and time for a meeting.

3 Crucial Tips for Promoting Live Product Demos

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Let’s face it; a live product demo is a tough sell. As an unvarnished display of your product’s capabilities, a product demo is only ever going to appeal to prospects at the latter stages of the selling cycle. Sell the demo, not the product. Treat the demo like an event.

Video Marketing How-To: Creating Effective Demo Videos


This week we’re going to talk about product demo videos – how to create one that’s engaging, informative, and drives conversions! First off, I want to take a minute and discuss the difference between an explainer video, and a demo video.

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4 Tactics for Better Cold Sales Emails—Because No, Prospects Don’t Want a Demo


While this content (when leveraged properly) serves as a powerful resource for prospects, it’s also helpful internally. This means that the first thing I typically do when prospecting is check out what kind of content a company produces. I know we’re going to be solving a real problem with our software—and be of real value for the prospect. We use marketing automation to score leads and to read a prospect’s “digital body language.”

How to Use Demo Requests to Qualify Leads


Contact and demo request forms are two of marketers’ best performing lead generation assets, but a large percentage of the submissions are junk leads—looking for support or general info, but not necessarily ready to buy.

No I Do Not Want To See Your Demo


Then, they ask if I have time for a 30-minute demo. While every once in awhile this may lead to finding that elusive needle in a haystack, it is simply not an effective way to try and engage prospects. Doesn’t a demo sound more interesting than a case study or conversation? ”.

Does a Demo Ever Make Sense as a Demand Generation Offer?

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Anecdotally, I’ve been noticing a minor trend in technology marketing circles of late – namely, that a high percentage of demand generation campaigns seem to be presenting a product demo as the primary offer. Worse yet, I fear the condition (let’s call it “demo-itis”) may be contagious.

How Prospecting is Like Online Dating: 5 Mistakes Online Daters Can Teach Salespeople


We’re convinced that prospecting is a lot like online dating, the mistakes online daters make provide great illustrations to help get more leads, sales, or fill open requisitions. The parallels to prospecting are uncanny. We’re firm believers that prospecting is just like online dating.

Outreach Demos Power of Machine Learning to Seattle


With more than 100 data scientists and engineers in attendance and hosted by Databricks, the team highlighted our Amplify Out of Office information extraction capabilities to help our reps maintain momentum when a prospect is OOO.

How do you market your B2B startup well during a demo presentation?


Here are three things I would touch on if you want to market your B2B well during a demo presentation: Solve a specific problem. It’s a marketing automation solution, solving a real pain: it’s very hard to be relevant to prospects if you have to respond to them manually.

Are You Creating Demo Videos? Here’s Why You Should Be!


A carefully crafted demo video can speed up the sales cycle, save your sales engineering team hours, and help weed out unqualified leads–inevitably giving your sales pipeline better velocity and improved accuracy. Did Your Prospect Ghost You? The post Are You Creating Demo Videos?

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Sales Intelligence: What to Expect When You’re Prospecting


Time to plan your next marketing campaign or start prospecting into your top accounts! You know a lot of target prospects don’t really have those job titles. Yes, demos: What 15,000 Demos/Year Taught Us About Converting Inbound Sales Leads. Request a demo.

Trade Show Marketing: Tips for increasing prospect engagement

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet It’s easy to get ahead of ourselves trying to promote products and services before we’ve given the prospect a reason why they should learn more, and trade events can exacerbate the issue. Optimize Data for Your Prospect Outreach.

[Watch] How Procurify Scored a Ton of SaaS Demos with ABM & Landing Pages


Mark knows how to engage prospects and get ’em excited about SaaS. Over several months, Procurify’s team: Developed an innovative outbound marketing strategy that would help them connect directly with prospects in an engaging way.

Sales Engineers: How To Sleep Through The Demo And Still Win The Deal


As a sales consultant, help your reps and be bold—think differently—and try sleeping through a demo. Not every customer needs a full-fledged demo. While your customer watches your pre-recorded custom demo, you could be anywhere, like focusing on more important demos. Which begs the question, if this works (it does), then why do we give everyone big, full-length demos anyway? Better qualify prospects. Micro demos.

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How to Win a Salesforce Demo Jam Event

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Needless to say, when our marketing team approached me to participate in Salesforce’s “ Apps and More ” Demo Jam I was ecstatic. Salesforce Demo Jams are product demo competitions where four to six vendors get to demonstrate their product live for three minutes.

10 Secrets to Delivering a Great Product Demo


Author: Alexandra Nation Ah, my first software demo–I remember it like it was yesterday (it was four years ago). Somewhere out there is a shell-shocked prospect wondering why on earth they even took my call. When you deliver your demo, pause early and often.

If It’s Truly Easy-To-Use, Let Sales Do the Demo


Salespeople are often used to having others do the demos, but a qualified sales lead will quickly recognise that if a “techie&# has to do a demo, those “easy-to-use” marketing messages may not hold true. The “trial demo&# is a critical step.

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Balancing Short-Term Revenue Targets with Long-Term Prospect Experience

Heinz Marketing

In other words, if you go scorched earth on your prospects to hit higher short-term metrics, you run the real risk of alienating a high percentage of the rest of your prospects who could be customers in the future. By Matt Heinz , President & Founder at Heinz Marketing.

5 Exceptionally Important Tips for Sales Engineers Creating Pre-Recorded Demo Videos


In fact, if they are talking to you, it might be because you have tucked away some crucial information – such as pricing or a product demo – behind your walled sales garden. It’s time to set free the demo, and let it live within the liberating winds of the cloud.

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Tactical video for technology sales and marketing


Tactical videos have specific objectives: establish a value proposition in the prospect’s mind, put across a memorable product differentiator, describe a new use case. Demo: Most software demos are recorded screen captures. Tech companies don’t need a “video strategy.”

The Crystal Ball of Sales: How To Foresee Prospect Responses


After reading “Methods of Persuasion” by Nick Kolenda, it became clear how elements of human psychology can be incorporated into cold email messaging to move conversations with prospects forward. Why do prospects decide to meet with you? Let’s forget about the hour-long demo.

Announcing Dogreach! Become the Leader of the Prospecting Pack


You spend all your time researching and reaching out to the perfect prospects only to have your emails and calls join countless others in a sea of sales communications washing over potential buyers. Hunters who sic Dogreach on prospects are left wagging their tails.

Why animation works for technology business video


Customers and prospects who just wanted to get a quick overview of a technology product or service appreciated a concise elevator pitch that helped them quickly figure out whether or not a solution might be right for them. Animation and technology explainers.

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Become A Prospecting Pro With These 3 Tips

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The word “prospecting” can spark mixed feelings among salespeople. Unfortunately, there’s no arguing that prospecting is one of the most important and fundamental parts of the sales process. Maybe it’s because they’re not aware of the top 3 most effective prospecting tips.

Real examples of how account-based marketing & selling is driving higher revenues on LinkedIn


How Microsoft and may others are using the word “empower” in their positioning even though it has no business value to prospects. From there he invited prospects to join his LinkedIn community where they can get a sneak preview of my client’s approach to positioning.

Convert Prospects Into Customers: The Definitive Guide (2019)


Well, no matter how effective your current process, there’s always room for improvement - you need to implement the newest strategies and adapt to the changing habits of your audience if you want to ensure that you’re closing a satisfactory percentage of your prospects. What is a prospect?

What You Can do TODAY to Build Sales Pipeline This Quarter


Revive Cold, Dead Prospects. Here are a few ideas to build pipeline with once-and-future prospects: 1. When leads come in from a web form, the demo and the deal should be a slam dunk, right? Revive demo no-shows. Engage Live, Active Prospects.

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From Chemo to Demo: How My Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis Helped Me Become a Better, Stronger Salesperson


Being forced to really reevaluate what’s important in my own life has caused me to be much more sensitive and intentional about listening to what my prospects and customers prioritize and value.

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The Benefits and Challenges of B2B SaaS Marketing

KoMarketing Associates

Here are some other areas where virtual products or SaaS marketing has perks: Online Demos. When you have a virtual product, it’s much easier to do online demos or walk-throughs for clients because the product itself is online, so users can actually experience it in real time, instead of imagining what it’s like physically (like you would for a virtual tour of an office building, for example). This makes setting up live demos easy and painless on both ends.