Peter Isaacson, CMO of Demandbase: Why You Have a Bad Relationship with Sales—and What to Do About It [Podcast]

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That is the question that Peter Isaacson, CMO of B2B marketing technology company Demandbase, posed to some of the 400 digital marketers at a recent GE marketing summit. Marketing Technology Podcasts “How is your relationship with Sales?”

Why ABM is a Must Have for B2B Marketers


A couple of weeks ago, I was a guest on the Renegade Thinkers Unite podcast series that has hosted prominent marketing leaders such as Salesforce CMO, Simon Mulcahy and Janine Pelosi, CMO at Zoom. In my role as CMO of Demandbase, I worked to help the company become the ABM category creator, with recent recognition as a leader by Forrester. My podcast offers an insider look at ABM, with advice on how to make the most of it in marketing programs.

Data-Driven B2B Marketing Headline Roundup


CEO and Co-founder Dan Scudder — who was recently a guest on Aberdeen’s The Intelligent Business Show podcast — said in the second half of 2019, Highland Math will begin to provide insights directly to advertisers for their target-audience segmentation efforts.

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Followers can anticipate a mixture of insights through podcast links, videos and other highly relevant content. Aside from his role at Terminus, Sangram Vajre is well-known for his daily “#FlipMyFunnel” podcast on B2B marketing, sales and customer success.

Sales Pipeline Radio, Episode 120: Q&A with Peter Isaacson @peisaacson

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Demandbase is one of the leading providers of account based marketing technology to B2B companies. Can you just kind of level set what was the wave about and how was Demandbase placed there? So this is a real milestone I think certainly for Demandbase but also for ABM as a category and certainly want to get into kind of category creation and the role influencers play in that. Demandbase is one of the leading providers of account based marketing technology to B2B companies.

A Digital Media Marketing Overview

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Digital media is any content that can be delivered via computers and mobile devices such as digital video, web pages, e-books, podcasts and mp3 files. Digital media is quickly becoming a favorite method with marketers.

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What do they talk about: Content ranges from marketing strategy to best practices across a variety of formats including podcasts, articles, and tutorials. DemandBase. Content is everywhere these days.

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Pam’s Twitter account is chock-full of only the most valuable and relevant articles, podcasts, and videos focussed on enterprise sales and marketing. B2B Marketing Exchange 2019 is just around the corner and the PathFactory team is counting down the days.

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An awesome feature of Duct Tape Marketing is their podcasts. Sometimes we want a break from reading and learning through podcasts is a great alternative. DemandBase. If you like to listen to podcasts then this is a great resource for you to visit. Over 2.5

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Go all in on podcasting - the interest in podcasts is evergreen and continually growing, and in my experience there’s no better way to build your brand authority. Extra resource:

Trends 177

Sales Pipeline Radio, Episode 123: Q&A with Amy Holtzman @demandmarketer

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