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Are White Papers Dead?

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Traditional white papers are likely the staple of your content marketing portfolio, and for good reason. According to a recent IDG survey, 84% of buyers leveraged white papers as a key resource to help them make a purchase decision.

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9 Ideas (and 1 Big Lesson) from the Marketo Social Marketing Roadshow

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Last week I attended (and was a presenter at) the Seattle edition of Marketo’s 2012 Social Marketing Rockstar Tour , a roving conference/seminar series being held this summer in cities nationwide. The contacts that comprise your sales database represent only the tip of the iceberg.

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5 Reasons to Gate Lead Nurturing Content

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If you send the prospect directly to the content (say, a white paper) upon him or her clicking in the email, how confident can you be that the individual is expressing an active interest in your topic?

Top 10 Marketing Automation Mistakes

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Lead scoring is a core marketing automation functionality, and a key driver for one of the primary benefits of the technology, namely sales productivity. A well-planned, well-designed lead scoring schema ensures that sales reps are spending time with the leads that most merit the investment.

New Marketing Automation Buyer’s Guide Offers Valuable Advice

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Marketo announced an open ecosystem platform strategy. • It’s this type of content that will drive a higher level of engagement, build credibility, and ultimately drive a dialogue with sales. Not every piece of content has to be a new, 12-page white paper, however.

7 Tips for a Successful PPC Landing Page

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Information offers (white papers, ebooks, information kits) often work best because they appeal to prospects across a broad segment of the selling cycle. If it’s a white paper, include excerpts, Amazon-type page previews, even reader reviews.

3 Ways to Make Your Corporate Blog’s Sidebar Work Harder

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Capturing new subscribers is one of the most efficient ways to convert random visitors into loyal readers that you can nurture over time and eventually turn into actionable sales leads. A simple text link will do the trick: White Paper: 5 Keys to.

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Marketo’s Ebook: A Lesson In Content Marketing

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When marketing automation vendor Marketo released their “Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing” last week (see earlier post) they knew pretty quickly they had a hit on their hands. Think about it: that’s 1,000 sales leads (and make no mistake, that’s what they [.]. Within 6 hours, 1,000 people had registered and downloaded the guide.

3 Reasons Why B2B Marketers Are Getting Excited About AI


This article was originally published on the Marketo Blog. B2B marketing—and demand generation more generally—is quickly catching on to the AI trend. Still, the most exciting thing about AI for B2B sales and marketing is what’s to come.

Social Media, Demand Gen and B2B Executives: Exploiting the ‘Power of Peers’

Modern B2B Marketing

DemandGen Report is a targeted e-media publication spotlighting the strategies and solutions that b2b companies better align sales, marketing and disparate teams to support growth and drive revenue.

5 Ways Your Sales Funnel Will Suffer If You Don’t Know Your Audiences


But as with any martech solution, having the right technical tools is only half the story: successful implementation requires a clear understanding of the problem itself, along with how and where it needs to be addressed at each stage of the sales funnel.

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Are These 5 Mistakes Preventing Your B2B Marketing Success?

Marketing Insider Group

One new set of insights published by DemandGen Report and Marketo is the 2015 Demand Gen Report Benchmark Study. Overall, more than one third (38%) of B2B marketers expect their demand generation budgets to grow by 20% or more in 2015. Interestingly, the study found that 31% of respondents don’t have buyer personas in place today – but plan to build them in coming year to help boost the effectiveness of their demand gen efforts. Demand Generation

9 Quick Tips for B2B Lead Generation to Implement Today

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Some of these are time-tested goodies, some may be new to you, but all of them are proven strategies to get more qualified leads in your sales funnel while you’re working on some of the longer-term strategies. Demand Generation b2bAuthor: Sesame Mish B2B lead generation is a huge topic.

Amazing Account Based Marketing Tactics for Your Entire Funnel


And as Marketo’s Senior Director of Marketing, she knows these tactics better than anyone. Bianchini has been instrumental in bringing together Marketo’s sales and marketing teams around a common goal, but according to her, there’s one unifying success factor of any campaign.

No Leads from Social Media? No Excuses.

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Navicure uses Marketo and to track marketing ROI.). Ask yourself: if someone actually wanted to be a sales lead upon arriving at your blog, how would that happen?

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9 Elements for a Successful Marketing Program Mix

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by Maria Pergolino Demand Generation Managers are responsible for finding and executing the program mix that is going to drive revenue for their organization. Super star demand gen managers know how to create the proper mix of demand by each line of business to ensure happy sales teams.

How to Measure Email Success in 2015: A Call to ROI

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That likely means one of two options: • a marketing automation system like Eloqua , Marketo or Pardot that in turn integrates with a CRM database like Salesforce. Most would argue 100 Webinar leads are worth more than 100 White Paper leads.

21 Tips & Other Impressions from the Marketo User Summit

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Earlier this week, Marketo , the marketing automation company, held its second ever user conference in San Francisco. As a Marketo agency partner, I attended along with colleagues from Spear Marketing Group to greet clients, talk shop, and hear how other companies – including Marketo themselves – are putting technology to use in the service of improved lead management. Enable sales reps to turn off lead nurturing for specific prospects from within the CRM system.

B2B Lead Generation without Lead Nurturing is Doomed to Fail

Industrial Marketing Today

Here’s the shocking reality of B2B lead generation – 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales opportunities. This is because of the prevalent trend of industrial buyers using online resources to go deeper and deeper into their buying cycle before engaging with your sales people. Handing off these semi-qualified and not sales ready leads to sales before adequate lead nurturing only reinforces the impression that “marketing generates crappy leads.”.

How to Match Your Content Strategy with the Buyer’s Journey

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Qualities of this visitor: Before we go any further, these visitors are not interested in being pitched by sales. How To Tie SEO With 3 Popular B2B Demand Generation Initiatives. White Paper: Supercharge Your B2B Content Marketing Efforts With Interactive Audio.

Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers On Twitter

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Marketo – – Marketing software. Marketing automation, social campaigns, inbound marketing, sales apps, ROI reporting – all in one place. Write case studies, eBooks, white papers, etc. Who are the top B2B Marketing influencers on twitter?

13 Tips for Marketing Transformation: A Checklist for Change Agents

Modern B2B Marketing

Here’s the bad news: there are no silver bullets or easy 3-step magic white papers for how to transform your company into a modern marketing giant (sorry!). Bring sales into the process early—and keep them in it!

How To See Through Your Sea Of Data — And Find Your Ideal Customers


Among the most perplexing challenges facing demand gen marketers — and B2B marketing and sales more generally — is the difficulty seeing your customers through a never-ending mass of data, which only keeps growing.

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10 Top B2B Marketing Metrics for 2017


The latest report by Marketo reveals that 65% of marketers publish content at least once a month. Align Sales and Marketing. Sales and marketing must work together to accurately forecast revenue and expenditures.

How to Woo B2B Buyers With Interactive Assessments


Who can resist going off and telling people, “I’m such a Scorpio,” or “I’m such a Carrie [Bradshaw, not White]”? Rather than asking your prospect to slog through a 30-page white paper, you can offer real-time, personalized results that add value through a 5-question quiz.

5 Steps to Social Media Leads with Content Marketing

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And as social media matures, demands for proving social media ROI will inevitably increase. This can be an eBook or a great white paper, for example, that showcases your expertise, solves a specific problem, or fills a critical knowledge gap for your audience.

9 Personality Quiz Examples For Content Marketing


How's Your Sales-Marketing Relationship? DemandGen created a quiz that perfectly matched their niche: a relationship assessment for sales/marketing alignment. How do you find out if your prospect is experiencing sales/marketing alignment or not?

How is B2B Marketing Different From B2C Marketing?

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Longer Sales Funnels. Sales funnels and buyer purchasing journeys are entirely different for B2B and B2C organizations. For B2C, a customer can see a post about a sale on shoes and go directly to the store or website and buy the pair that they’re looking for. According to Bizable , the average B2B marketing funnel breaks down like this: a user goes from awareness to interest, then evaluation to commitment, to finally completing the sale.

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You’re Building The Airplane as You’re Flying It — Wise Words from Brian Hansford


And nobody has more experience working hand-in-hand with customers than Brian Hansford, Director of Client Services for Demand Generation and Marketing Technology. So I actually started my career as an inside sales rep at a startup in the early 90s when Windows 3.1 We don’t have to worry about having the Heinz Marketing sales kickoff and sales training events every year, and a big strategy planning initiative that puts everyone in a standstill and neutral for a quarter.”.

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Forget About Hot Leads. It’s Cold Leads that Make the Difference.

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When sales teams need marketing to help them make their numbers, the natural response is to go fishing for hot leads. This requires a constant re-loading of the sales funnel with new, expensive leads. Why is Marketo’s percentage so much higher than the average?

Book Review: eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale


Marketing automation systems—from vendors like Eloqua , Marketo , Genoo , Manticore and others—are great tools for moving prospective buyers along the path from interest to desire to action.

64 B2B Marketing Tools and Resources

Modern B2B Marketing

There is an amazing amount of great content about B2B marketing out there, ranging from trends in demand generation to best practices in lead nurturing, lead scoring, and landing page optimization to how to buy and select marketing automation systems. Many of these are authored by the team at Marketo, but certainly not all of them. Over 50% of leads are not yet sales ready, so nurturing those leads rather than throwing them away can help you maximize results. white paper).

Cut Your Lead Forms in Half (and Double Conversions) with Interactive Content


When Marketo utilized a five-field form versus a nine-field form, they decreased their cost per lead by $10 and increased conversion rates by 3.4%. Or you could follow Marketo’s lead , filling in the holes by purchasing data on prospects.

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Generate More B2B Sales With Lead Nurturing and the Human Touch

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jon Miller Last month I participated in a webinar on Adding the Human Touch into Your Lead Nurturing with Brian Carroll, author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale and the “godfather” of lead nurturing. At Marketo, our prospect-to-lead conversion rate triples with lead nurturing.

Content2Conversion 2016 - My B2B Marketing Utopia


Two years ago, G3 Communications merged their secondary conference into Content2Conversion to give both content and demand gen marketers a place to team up and get the most out of our programs. Multi-touch Demand Generation.

ClickInsights: How can B2B marketers use content effectively for demand generation?

Ambal's Amusings

We have invited B2B Experts to shed light on the following question: How to use content effectively for demand generation? Mac McIntosh's Sales Lead Insights: A B2B marketing Blog. Marketo's Modern B2B Marketing. Sales Lead Expert’s Learning Center.

How to do Lead Nurturing Right


Marketing automation provider Marketo has just published The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing , a white paper that provides real value, covering the lead nurturing process from the basic how and why through ROI measurement.

Why NOT to be a Data-Driven Marketer


This article was originally posted on the Marketo Blog , and is republished here with permission. In short, companies who aren’t effectively leveraging their sales and marketing data face a very real, relatively imminent risk of getting left far behind their competitors.

Secrets to Social Marketing Success: 6 Questions You Should be Asking

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Also make sure you put a plan in place that will enable you to consistently produce social marketing-worthy content—including blog posts, infographics, videos, and white papers. Social marketing is not just for the top of the demand generation funnel.

Busting 12 Myths about Marketing Automation Tools

Hinge Marketing

Well known marketing automation platforms (MAPs) you’ve probably heard of include: Pardot, InfusionSoft, HubSpot, and Marketo. My sales cycle is too complex and too long for marketing automation. Demand Gen Report ).

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