Demandbase Acquires Engagio


On the 16 th of June 2020, Demandbase announced the acquisition of Engagio to promote coalition, Precision, and clarity in the B2B marketplace. Gabe Rogol, CEO of Demandbase, stated that the two companies “very much had a complementary partner strategy with each other.”

Q&A with Peter Isaacson, CMO at Demandbase


30-second summary: Demandbase is an ABM platform for mid-market and enterprise B2B companies which was founded in 2006. Peter Isaacson, Demandbase’s CMO, joined the company in 2014 and brought with him a decade of marketing leadership experience.

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Engagio and Demandbase are Combining Forces to Dominate Account-Based Marketing


I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that today Demandbase, the largest and most complete ABM platform, has completed its acquisition of Engagio. In contrast, deep AI, machine learning and natural language processing expertise are towering strengths of Demandbase’s technology foundation.

Being an ABM Leader Never Gets Old: Demandbase Does It Again


Demandbase is an ABM Platform leader, again. Not only did ABM emerge as a bonafide technology category, but Demandbase was named a leader, a testament to the extraordinary vision of our customers, partners, and broader B2B community. Customers will increasingly demand a single platform.

Demandbase ABM Innovation Summit 2019


The sixth annual ABM Innovation Summit hosted by Demandbase kicked off with CEO and founder Chris Golec and CMO Peter Isaacson giving an entertaining opening Keynote address. I made a conscious decision not to click bait my blog title as “Salesforce to acquire Demandbase??”.

Demandbase helps B2B Marketers channel their inner control freak


This is why we’re excited to roll out Site Analytics, Self-Serve Targeting, and Demandbase Data Stream offerings. Created for demand gen and digital marketers, Self-Serve Targeting enables campaign creators to set up, launch and manage campaigns quickly and efficiently.

Bizo and DemandBase Lead B2B Marketing Automation to Web Advertising and Beyond

Customer Experience Matrix

I had a fascinating chat earlier this week with a client who described his vision for using DemandBase to tailor messages to Web site visitors from target accounts, using Bizo to further tailor messages to individuals by title, using all this data to synch inbound and outbound campaigns in Eloqua , and eventually driving everything with predictive model scores from a tool like Lattice Engines. Let’s start with DemandBase.

Survey: Marketing Budgets on the Rise as Demand Gen Becomes a Top Priority

KoMarketing Associates

As marketers’ budgets fluctuate with changing demands, new research suggests that they are focused more on lead generation, as well as sales and marketing alignment to achieve their primary goals.

Survey 243

Sales Pipeline Radio, Episode 193: Q & A with Nani Shaffer @Demandbase

Heinz Marketing

This week’s episode is entitled “ How ABM is Evolving: New Best Practices and Pitfalls ” with Nani Shaffer , Senior Director, Demand Generation & Operations at Demandbase. Demandbase is synonymous with account based marketing. Demandbase has been involved in this category now for a long time as well. She is the Senior Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations for Demandbase. By Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing.

PureB2B Leverages Demandbase to Incorporate Intent Data with Lead Generation Solutions


PureB2B, an innovator in the B2B lead generation space, has announced a new agreement with Demandbase, the leader in Account Based Marketing (ABM). Beginning in May 2019, PureB2B will be the only lead generation partner in the market to provide Demandbase’s extensive intent data-layering capabilities as a standard feature of two core lead and demand generation solutions.

DemandBase Adds Real-Time Access to Web Visitor Identities

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Summary: DemandBase has added real-time access to its data identifying Web site visitors, enabling Web sites to deliver customized pages. It’s more than a year since my original post about DemandBase. According to DemandBase, this compares with one to two seconds for conventional IP address look-ups. ABR gains its speed by querying DemandBase’s own database rather than querying external directories.

DemandBase Creeps Up the Value Chain

Customer Experience Matrix

I had a nice little chat with DemandBase two weeks ago. But it turns out that DemandBase has been inching its way up the value chain. Some time ago they released a free widget, DemandBase Stream, that shows the companies visiting your Web site in a news ticker on your computer desktop. But the technology is nothing special: a page tag sends the visitor’s IP address to DemandBase, which looks up its owner in standard Internet registries.

5 Demand Generation Tips From DemandCon [Video]

Modern Marketing

Not surprisingly, the topic at DemandCon this week is demand generation. But, as everyone in sales and marketing knows, there are dozens of subtopics that fall under demand generation’s umbrella from lead scoring to content creation. We asked folks at DemandCon to give us their number one demand generation tip, and the results were wide ranging. Jennifer Pockell-Wilson , Vice President of Marketing and Demand Operations, DemandBase. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this.

4 Key Takeaways from the 2015 SiriusDecisions Summit

The Point

Amongst the usual parade of waterfalls, models, and frameworks (all SiriusDecisions’ stock in trade) were some consistent themes highlighting the direction that B2B demand generation – or demand creation, as our hosts would have it – is evolving in 2015: 1.

Report: High-Tech Marketers Turn to ABM to Meet Rising Customer Demands

KoMarketing Associates

Adobe and Ovum recently published the “Digital Marketing in the High-Tech Industry” white paper, taking a closer look at how high-tech industry marketers are adhering to customer demands. Demandbase surveyed 400 agency marketers earlier in 2017 to gauge their use of ABM. New research suggests that marketers in the high-tech industry are facing more obstacles when it comes to meeting customer expectations.

Demand 202

Account Based Marketing – An Interview with Jennifer Pockell-Wilson of Demandbase


We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jennifer Pockell-Wilson, Vice President of Marketing & Demand Operation at Demandbase. Jennifer, leads the demand-focused marketing teams and demand operations at Demandbase. Before joining Demandbase, Jen was the Senior Director of Global Marketing Operations at Polycom and has also spent time at Hyperion, PeopleSoft, Ernst & Young LLP and Lotus Development.

B2B Display Ads with Demographic Targeting: Why Doesn’t Google Do This?

The Point

Coming in quick succession, all these announcements represent a potentially dramatic shift in the use of display advertising as a demand generation tool for B2B advertisers.

3 Demand Generation Trends to Watch in 2019


Adobe announced that consumer demand for personalized content reached an all-time high in 2018, a theme that underscored some of the most prominent trends of the year. Yet only a third of respondents reported having integrated their ABM strategy with their demand generation strategy, a missed opportunity to align common objectives and create an even greater impact. The post 3 Demand Generation Trends to Watch in 2019 appeared first on Annuitas.

Blog: Matching AI to the Demand Unit Waterfall


Below we will discuss how the Demand Unit Waterfall and Conversica Sales AI Assistant s can help B2Bs overcome many of the issues around context and conversations. What Is the Demand Unit Waterfall? The Demand Unit Waterfall is a powerful model.

Account-Based Marketing … and Billy Beane … in San Francisco


When I worked at Demandbase I was particularly inspired by the book and applied the cornerstone trigger event, Oakland A’s loss of player Jason Giambi to the Yankees, to B2B marketing and sales. Author: Jason Stewart @jstewart_1 VP, Demand Generation, ANNUITAS.

Account Based Marketing – An Interview with Jennifer Pockell-Wilson of Demandbase


We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jennifer Pockell-Wilson, Vice President of Marketing & Demand Operation at Demandbase. Jennifer, leads the demand-focused marketing teams and demand operations at Demandbase. Before joining Demandbase, Jen was the Senior Director of Global Marketing Operations at Polycom and has also spent time at Hyperion, PeopleSoft, Ernst & Young LLP and Lotus Development.

This is How I ABM: Tips for Demand Gen and CMOs on ABM Pilot Programs


Demand Generation. Like Demandbase, most of our revenue comes from building the tech that creates digital experiences for users. But how do CMOs know what needs to change to support this pillar of demand strategy? Demand Generation. We wanted to explore how marketers ABM.

Demandbase: A New Twist In The Lead Management Automation Market

delicious b2bmarketing

Home Forrester Research « I was recently briefed by | Main | Going Corporate » August 26, 2008 Demandbase: A New Twist In The Lead Management Automation Market [Posted by Laura Ramos ] In a recent survey of over 2100 IT professionals who buy or recommend telecom and networking solutions, we found buyers turn to peers and colleagues first, followed by vendor, industry trade, or professional Web sites, to inform their purchase decisions.

Content Hit List


Klaudia Tirico wrote this in-depth recap of the event for Demand Gen Report last week, and it’s packed with valuable takeaways. Here is our countdown of the top-trending pieces and posts generating buzz and airplay in content marketing.

List 79

Master Content Marketing to Drive Demand Generation and Engage The Right Audiences


Demand generation organizations are no longer measured by the volume of leads generated. This means that our demand generation and content marketing strategies must also evolve to deliver on these new goals. Mastering Content Marketing Strategies to Drive Demand Generation.

Growing Demand for Account-Based Marketing


Additionally, the inception of the ABM Leadership Alliance —which was founded by ABM tools such as Demandbase, Bizable, and Optimizely—indicates that those invested in ABM foresee significant growth as well. The post Growing Demand for Account-Based Marketing appeared first on Fathom.

The Real Reasons Programmatic Ad Buys Fail in B2B Marketing

Digital B2B Marketing

Time and time again, B2B marketers fall prey to a wonderful sounding sales pitch for their demand generation plan that goes something like this: “We use 100′s of data points and sophisticated technology that optimizes every single impression in your campaign.

Buy 182

How Account Based Advertising Really Works

Digital B2B Marketing

According to a 2015 survey from Demand Metric and Demandbase, 45% of B2B marketers are testing or have adopted account-based marketing and more than 75% of those plan to increase their use of ABM in the next year.

4 Ways to Make Your Website More Personal

Modern Marketing

Plenty, according to the The 2011 National Website Demand Generation Study conducted by and Eloqua AppCloud partner DemandBase. Demand Generation b2b marketing b2b online marketing cloud connectors Content Marketing DemandBase landing page optimization lead generation marketing automation progressive profiling sales enablement website optimizationby Amy Bills | Tweet this We trust the word of our friends and colleagues more than ads. That’s a given.

Wish B2B Apps Talked To Each Other? Introducing The AppCloud.

Modern Marketing

Let’s say I use Eloqua for demand generation and ON24 for hosting webinars. Plugging a Demandbase connector in may help marketers measure the impact of larger buying committees on funnel conversion rates. by Jim Williams | Tweet this I finally broke down and bought an iPhone. My hesitation over typing with a touch screen gave way to my curiosity about the world of apps. I’ll never go back.

Two Interesting Blogs on Demand Generation

Customer Experience Matrix

I noticed a visitor to the Raab Guide to Demand Generation Systems site from a new source the other day, which turned out to be a mention on blog by Jason Stewart of Demandbase. Tags: marketing automation twitter software selection demand generation The context was a discussion of system selection and the Raab Guide was paired with a reference to a very excellent series of posts on system selection on Maria Pergolino’s Inbound Marketer blog.

4 Reasons Your CMO Will Love Marketing Automation

Modern Marketing

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Jennifer Pockell-Wilson, Vice President of Marketing & Demand Operations at Eloqua partner Demandbase. You want to maintain consistency through your global demand generation efforts. Efficiencies are gained through the creation of geographic demand centers that can function as service arms for marketing automation efforts.

CMO 183

Marketing Automation’s Next Frontier: Madison Avenue

Digital B2B Marketing

Marketing Automation’s Baby Steps Last week we saw the first meaningful step in this direction with the announcement of Eloqua’s AdFocus offering, extending marketing automation’s segmentation and messaging to online display programs with Demandbase and Bizo.

Top 40 Twitter Feeds You’re Not Following

Modern Marketing

Andrew Gaffney – Editor of the DemandGen report, Andrew scours the demand generation field for the latest news. Jen Pockell-Wilson – A VP at DemandBase, Jen is a demand generation guru. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Social media is a meritocracy, right? Well, not always. The plethora of voices social media unleashed on the world means getting attention can be tough. Often people with great things to say go unnoticed. Nowhere is this more true than on Twitter.

Abandon Your Marketing Automation System!?


My first reaction was: no way, you should not want to do without any type of marketing automation system (for simplicity sake, I use this term as synonymous to demand generation and lead management ). Notifications of companies visiting your website are available from Leadlander , Netfactor , LEADSExplorer and DemandBase. I’m working on an interesting project right now: moving away from a marketing automation system.

The Truth About Intent Data


SiriusDecisions even validated the importance of this idea by creating a new funnel stage in the latest Demand Waterfall. What Google, Facebook, and B2B Media Companies Don’t Want You to Know. When I first heard about third-party intent data five years ago, I loved the idea.

Intent 131

The Next $100 Million of Growth


Today I made one of the easiest, hardest, and most gratifying decisions in my 12-year career as founder and CEO of Demandbase. I am proud to share that seven-year veteran and chief revenue officer of Demandbase, Gabe Rogol, will take the helm and lead this next chapter in our growth.