How To Enable B2B Content Bingeing


It wasn’t long ago that the term digital body language was coined by Paul Teshima and Steve Woods, co-founders of Eloqua and We consistently end up way ahead of our Marketing-driven SQO goals. Hello, fellow B2B marketing nerds!

SQO 56

Forrester Report: The Birth Of The B2B Consumer


After all, they are B2C consumers living in an increasingly on-demand world. The report suggests flipping this stale perspective on its head, which many on-demand B2C giants like Netflix and Amazon have already done. My four least favorite words: “Are you still watching?”

Survey Finds Growth in Pipelines and Sales Cycles for B2B Lead.

Industrial Marketing Today

A vast majority of the survey respondents reported that outbound tactics outperformed inbound initiatives for generating qualified leads. An article I read on Eloqua’s blog “It’s All About Revenue,” shed some light on this.