Consumer Brand SEO Pulse: 8.27.15


From keyword optimization, to semantic search and SEO for videos to ecommerce optimization, we have you covered! link]. link]. “7 link]. link]. link]. App Indexing & The New Frontier Of SEO: Google Search + Deep Linking”. link].

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How Marketers Should Engage Their Mobile User

Modern Marketing

Think about the last time you clicked on a link in an email or social post on your mobile device from one of your favorite apps. Wouldn’t it have been easier if the link you clicked took you directly inside the app, to the exact piece of content you sought?

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Creating a Transactional Email Campaign? Check Out These 15 Excellent Examples


Read on to check them all out, or click the previous links to jump to your desired section. One thing you'll notice many of these examples have in common is an abundance of relevant deep links. They also are smart about how they link to the shipment tracking.

Consumer Brand SEO Pulse: 6.18.15


link]. link]. link]. link]. App Deep Linking With”. Last week, we briefly discussed the functions of app deep linking. link]. “’Buy button’ to be Added to Google Search Results”. link]. link]. link].

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CommandIQ Gives Marketers Flexible Database and Messaging Options

Customer Experience Matrix

The system can use any identifier selected by the client and can capture relationships between IDs, such as linking a mobile device to an email address opened on that device. All those would be provided by external services linked into the system.

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