6 thorny data problems that Vex B2B marketers, and how to solve them


How do I match and de-duplicate customer records effectively? Be careful not to build targeting or segmentation processes that are primarily dependent on appended data. B2B Marketing Social Media Marketing attribution B-to-B marketing B2B marketing CRM customer data data hygiene data matching database marketing de-duplication marketing database unstructured data Business-to-business marketers are plagued by data problems.

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Now, you can build Segments based on technology insights from HG Insights, the global leader in technographic intelligence. Build better account prioritization and segments : use technographic insights to determine the value of prospects and accounts.


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List Of Best 5 Database Cleansing Tools To Know In 2021

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You could have gigantic overhead from duplicated records, incorrect salutations, incorrect addresses, you may lose out on sales because of mediocre or poor customer experience. . Feature – Detailed property, firmographic, and demographics info for accurate segmentation, lead scoring.

6 Quick Tips to Improve Lead Database Quality


It contains duplicate records, incomplete addresses, and limited segmentation. De-duplicate records. Marketers often hesitate to automate de-duplication (the process of removing duplicate leads ) and prefer to eyeball duplicates and merge records manually due to fear of eliminating the wrong records. The shear effort required to perform manual de-duplication often results in the task never being done at all.

Building Your B2B Marketing Database


Without a robust collection of contact information, firmographic and transactional data about customers and prospects, you are adrift when it comes to customer segmentation, analytics, and marketing communications of all sorts, whether for acquiring new customers or to expand the value of existing customers. Unique identifier (to match and de-duplicate records). Once these elements are pulled in, matched and de-duplicated, it’s time to consider external data sources.

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Set up segments based on your ICP, e.g. 200+ employees, $50M+ revenue, located in the US, or the UK. De-duplicate results against customers and active lead lists to suppress accounts that should not be emailed.

Bad Data Hygiene is a $3.1T Problem — Here’s How 6sense Solves It


Give a marketer a clean database and watch the wheels start turning as they begin pumping out personalized campaigns built on dynamic segments. There’s no more need for manual processes like list uploads that can easily lead to duplicates and incorrect or outdated data. .

Content + Intent Data: The Foundation of a Frictionless Content Experience


We personalize our content based on 6sense data segmentation and serve up content to visitors based on what they care about. We’re delivering on that today by personalizing our content based on 6sense data segmentation, and serving up that content to visitors based on what they care about.

Why AI is Replacing Automation for Winning Revenue Teams


But platforms (like 6sense) use technologies that capture, de-anonymize, and analyze these intent signals, helping identify which accounts are most likely to buy … and therefore which to prioritize time and resources. The consumerization of B2B is well underway.

Bad Data In, Bad Data Out: 5 Steps to a Squeaky Clean Database


Author: Frank Passantino Bad data infiltrates every database, in the form of duplicate contacts, irregularly formatted leads, and junk records. 1) Identify Duplicates. Once you start to get some traction in building out your database, duplicates are inevitable. So proactively scrub your data on a regular basis and eliminate duplicate leads as they come in. Of course, you need to delete with caution, even when there is a duplicate.

Did Somebody Ask About Data Quality?


Except for a short discussion on de-duplication of records, you would think that data was miraculously keyed into CRMs perfectly and wasn’t subject to decay. Marketing and Sales Operations enjoy fuller and more accurate segmentation reports, prospect decisioning improves, and leads are routed to the proper sales rep. A few years back, I attended a three-hour “vendor shoot out” between two CRM vendors hosted by an IT services firm.

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De-duplicate your leads. You can then target different web audience segments with different web campaigns. For example, if you segment your Marketo audiences by region, you could show different events to each region.

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A successful data strategy consists of de-duplication, cleansing, and appending. De-duplication will recognize any duplicates already in your database, prevent more from being entered, and merge any existing duplicates.

5 Pro Tips for Successful Marketing Automation Implementation


A successful data strategy consists of de-duplication, cleansing, and appending. De-duplication will recognize any duplicates already in your database, prevent more from being entered, and merge any existing duplicates. Load-up your marketing automation tool with clean, actionable data (SDRs are great for this) that will seamlessly align with your targeted buyers; then leverage that data in discrete, well-segmented programs.

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Customer Experience Matrix

This was an early form of what now called a Data Management Platform (DMP), which one articulate blogger defined as “a very smart, very fast cookie warehouse with analytical firepower to crunch, de-duplicate, and integrate your data with any technology platform you desire.” Web behaviors and imported data can trigger actions including as assigning a visitor to a segment, adjusting a counter, exporting data, and sending a message through an external system.

5 Reasons Why Marketing and Sales Technology Just Won’t Work


  This includes processes for data validation, data segmentation, data standardization, de-duplication rules and data control.  Several years ago I was on-site with a client discussing their desire to develop and implement a lead management process.    As part of the discussion we talked about the enabling technologies they were utilizing.    These technologies included a marketing automation platform and a CRM system.