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6 Quick Tips to Improve Lead Database Quality


Author: Ed King Let’s face it—your lead database is dirty and full of holes. It contains duplicate records, incomplete addresses, and limited segmentation. While getting your data enriched and validated by a data vendor is always a good thing, you can make significant and rapid improvements to your data and keep it clean with inexpensive data automation solutions. De-duplicate records. com.ot” is a valid email domain, you need automation.

5 Reasons Why Marketing and Sales Technology Just Won’t Work


Several years ago I was on-site with a client discussing their desire to develop and implement a lead management process.    This company had invested in sound technology platforms, but in the words of the marketing manager, “they just weren’t working.”. A Process-Based Approach to Lead Management.   These comments and statistics only underscore the need for organizations to develop and implement a data management and hygiene strategy. 

Did Somebody Ask About Data Quality?


The consultants ran through a series of standard CRM processes including lead management, dashboards, record customization by the site admin, and Outlook integration. Except for a short discussion on de-duplication of records, you would think that data was miraculously keyed into CRMs perfectly and wasn’t subject to decay. Another gap occurs in lead scoring. If sales reps fail to act on marketing qualified leads, one reason is poor data quality.