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Leveraging Integration Projects: How to Keep Your CRM Data Clean

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This could mean removing incomplete data, data that is not formatted correctly, or data that is duplicated. Additionally, consistent formatting ensures any sort of automation you have set up follows the same structure. Remove Duplicate Information. Deal with Missing Fields.

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6 Quick Tips to Improve Lead Database Quality


It contains duplicate records, incomplete addresses, and limited segmentation. This poor data makes it difficult to create targeted campaigns and engage your users, which ultimately limits what you can achieve with your marketing automation tool. Many marketers think the only way to make their database better is to invest in getting it cleaned by a data vendor. De-duplicate records. Question: Is this a valid email address:


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Did Somebody Ask About Data Quality?


Yet, at no point did I hear a discussion of data quality, data hygiene, contact verification, field standardization, or company and contact enrichment. Except for a short discussion on de-duplication of records, you would think that data was miraculously keyed into CRMs perfectly and wasn’t subject to decay. Such accuracy should not be acceptable to your sales and marketing teams. Poor data quality also impacts your marketing department’s targeting.

14 Quick Tips for Kick-Ass Lead Management


Marketing wants sales to call all of the leads they're delivering. How do you improve lead management so leads aren't wasted or contacted before they're ready, and both sales and marketing can live together in harmony? SMarketing is the adorable and talented lovechild of sales and marketing, and you need it for lead management success. Determine the validity of a lead. Adjust form fields to better qualify and distribute leads. Sales wants more, better leads.