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5 Pro Tips for Successful Marketing Automation Implementation


So, you’ve decided to take part in the renaissance and implement marketing automation technology into your organization. As I’m sure you’ve heard, organizations all over the world are finding massive success automating and streamlining their marketing tasks and workflows. Marketing automation is not only your key to streamlining the consumer experience, it’s also an extremely worthwhile investment for your organization. Have a clear marketing strategy.

#AskTeleverde – Retro in Redondo Beach


As experts in all things sales and marketing, our clients look to us for guidance. Stumped by a sales or marketing situation? Dear Televerde, I’m well overdue when it comes to digital transformation, and I need some marketing technology advice.


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Did Somebody Ask About Data Quality?


Yet, at no point did I hear a discussion of data quality, data hygiene, contact verification, field standardization, or company and contact enrichment. Except for a short discussion on de-duplication of records, you would think that data was miraculously keyed into CRMs perfectly and wasn’t subject to decay. Such accuracy should not be acceptable to your sales and marketing teams. Poor data quality also impacts your marketing department’s targeting.

Your Complete Marketo Migration Checklist

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Migrating from another marketing automation tool into Marketo is no different. Rearticulate which data actually informs your marketing strategy. Marketing executives: Set realistic expectations and timelines; advocate for staff resources. Marketing Strategy Marketo