Two Database Marketing Principles to Increase Email Marketing ROI


Here are two strategies for optimizing the investment made in building a house list for email marketing efforts. Suppose that your software allows users to detect loopholes in their databases or their own software, giving them the ability to patch up these errors before hackers take advantage of them. However, this database segment outreach ought not be random – but regimented. Email Marketing Daniel Faggella email marketing Guest post by Daniel Faggella.

5 Ways To Incorporate Direct Mail Into Your Marketing Mix

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Direct Mail is: a) more expensive than email. Yet many B2B marketers continue to be allergic to the idea of using direct mail, simply because it seems such a throwback in our mobile-social-online era. Customer Marketing. Pop Quiz!

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Can Old Database Marketers Learn Digital Tricks?

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Summary: Database marketing and digital marketing are more different than it seems. Yesterday’s post touched briefly on what I see as a fundamental transition between database marketing and digital marketing, and in particular on the changes that marketers and their supporting vendors must make to navigate the change successfully. Digital marketers have no such illusions about the completeness of the data they could ever hope to assemble.

3 Quick Fixes To Improve Your Database Marketing


While the term covers a broad range of marketing initiatives, at its heart, any form of database marketing is only as good as the health of your… well, data! Whether you’re sending emails or mailing postcards, inaccurate data can tank your database marketing efforts. Good data, on the other hand, gives you the foundation needed to improve the accuracy of your marketing and ultimately help drive more sales.

Unica and Alterian Lead Database Marketers to the Digital Promised Land

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Here are some quick thoughts on two items: Unica ’s acquisition of paid search bid management system MakeMeTop (now mercifully renamed Unica Search) and Alterian ’s recently-released and excellent annual marketing survey. The connection is that these both support my feeling that many members of the old-line database marketing community have failed to adapt to the new world of digital marketing.

How to Optimize Your Marketing Database Strategy

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by Anna Glushkovsky | Tweet this The most important question of any marketing database strategy is “What information is out there that I can access?”. Using cost of marketing campaigns or programs, you can derive the cost per lead and benchmark how one campaign performed stacked against another. So how do you optimize your marketing database in a way that will improve future campaigns?

How Often Should I Email My Database?

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A client writes: “What’s best practice in terms of how many times per month you hit each key contact in your database?” This is becoming a common question, driven in part by the trend in B2B towards more proactive lead nurturing and the rapid adoption of marketing automation systems. Tags: Blogs Database Marketing E-mail Installed Base Marketing Lead Management Lead Nurturing Marketing Automation e-newsletters

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6 thorny data problems that Vex B2B marketers, and how to solve them


Business-to-business marketers are plagued by data problems. Our legacy databases are not as robust as we need. Data entered by our sales people ends up as mush in our database. Consider enabling the data input group with a real-time interface with a database services provider to prompt the standard company name and address. Which corporate address should I put in my database? As a marketer, your concern is delivery.

5 Steps to customer data hygiene: it’s not sexy, but it’s essential


Are you happy with the quality of the information in your marketing database? A new report from NetProspex confirms: 64% of company records in the database of a typical B2B marketer have no phone number attached. Pretty much eliminates phone as a reliable communications medium, doesn’t it? In fact, Netprospex report concluded that 84% of B2B marketing databases are “barely functional.” This can be by mail, email, or telephone, and can be done annually.

In Defense of Unsolicited Email

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Over at marketing automation firm Marketo , CEO Phil Fernandez just wrote a full-throated rant against the evils of unsolicited email and purchased email lists used indiscriminately: “How does anyone think that these are sensible emails to send to the CEO of a fast-growing public company? And marketing automation – the technology that empowers more personal, timely, relevant emails – just may be the best thing to happen to marketing since the Sears Catalog.

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10 Marketing Nightmares

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Those working in B2B marketing have their own special blend of anxieties and fears. Things like typos in big campaigns, mis-fired tweets and screwed up presentations are enough to scare even the most competent marketer. Today, we spotlight 10 marketing nightmares – and explain how you can avoid them. You’ve promoted the webinar to thousands in your database, through social media, basically anyone who will listen. Accidentally Deleting a Big Group from Your Database.

B2B prospecting data just keeps getting better


The most reliable and scalable approach to finding new B2B customers is outbound communications–whether one is using mail, phone, or email, or using rented or purchased lists. B2B marketers typically select targets from prospecting lists based on such traditional variables as industry, company size, and job role/title. In fact, you might say that business marketers now have access to prospecting data as rich and varied as that available in consumer markets.

Predictions for B2B digital marketing in 2013


I hereby take up that tradition, offering up four random prognostications for where B2B digital marketing is headed in 2013. My topics include Facebook, content marketing, personal branding, and data hygiene—certainly an eclectic mix. It took a while, but Facebook marketing is now ready for mainstream B2B, in support of branding, lead generation, and customer relationship marketing goals for enterprises of all sizes. How to Clean Up Your Marketing Database.”.

How Good Content can Help Improve Database Health

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The most common changes (in order): job function, phone number, and mailing address. Even while fewer than 30 percent of contacts on average actually change companies (your numbers may be higher depending on the industries you serve, or even target geographies), one thing is certain: the data you have in your CRM database on an individual customer or prospect is likely to be outdated after a mere 12 months.

The High Cost Of Bad Data

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Poor data quality can have a negative impact on your lead management system, the number of hours required for sales and marketing spends on menial tasks, and can lead to additional costs to increase the quality of the original data. Most marketing departments will allocate this cost to the data acquired and stop there. E-mail. Marketing Manager. So now the sales person has to add a new contact to the database, which takes another 10 minutes.

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Does Marketing Automation Work With a Cold List?

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On , Holly asks: “Does marketing automation work if I only have a cold list of records? My response: It’s true that most marketing automation implementations involve either customers or existing prospects – people with whom the company has had prior contact – but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use the same technology against a cold list. We’ll be heavily leveraging the client’s marketing automation platform to broadcast the emails and track response.

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Why Social Media Really Matters

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Summary: marketing has shifted steadily over time from passive to active consumer engagement. Marketers need to master new skills at each stage; as they do, advertising budgets will shift to take advantage of the new medium's increased effectiveness. But I think the primary reason is that search serves as a gateway to other Internet activity—so marketers wishing to drive traffic to their own Web sites need search advertising to make this happen. search marketing.

Clarifying the Differences Between Database and Digital Marketing

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Summary: Database and digital marketing are both data-driven. post described the different mindsets of database and digital marketers but it was pretty short on differences between the two marketing methods themselves. DB or Not DB Database marketing is built around a marketing database that contains addressable, identifiable individuals. The consolidated database is the heart of the database marketing concept.

Lists and the Rest of the Story


They get away with it because in many cases the buyers of the list, which was used to send emails or direct mail, have no idea what percentage of the list got delivered. The easiest way to explain is with this story: I was in the client’s office talking about program results and the client let me know that they were going to ask us to follow-up on a direct mail piece going to 685 senior executives in the New York City metropolitan area. Database Marketing

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Lists and the Rest of the Story


They get away with it because in many cases the buyers of the list, which was used to send emails or direct mail, have no idea what percentage of the list got delivered. The easiest way to explain is with this story: I was in the client’s office talking about program results and the client let me know that they were going to ask us to follow-up on a direct mail piece going to 685 senior executives in the New York City metropolitan area. Database Marketing Account-Based Marketing

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Inbound Marketing Alone May Not Be Enough for Industrial Companies

Industrial Marketing Today

Inbound marketing with content has been getting all the attention lately. Consultants and practitioners of “pull” marketing want marketers to abandon “push” marketing because they say it is old school and no longer effective. Ergo, these people are too busy at work and couldn’t be bothered with anything that is deemed as interruption marketing. Inbound marketing requires prospects to be actively searching for products and solutions.

Key Insights to Inform the Future of Your CRM

Martech Advisor

With marketers spending more and more of their budget on personalization tactics, the need for people-based marketing strategies is growing and customer relationship marketing (CRM) is beginning to evolve. In this article, Jose Cebrian will touch on the best ways to harness customer data and how to utilize that data across multiple channels, deepening the connection between marketers and customers. Customer relationship marketing (CRM) is continuously evolving.

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Oracle Named a Leader for 5th Consecutive Year in Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management

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Digital marketers are in a constant battle between driving leads and managing their CRM systems. With the ever growing and evolving CRM Lead Management market Gartner offers their Magic Quadrant evaluation of 17 providers to assist IT and Marketing Leaders to determine the right fit for their business. Gartner’s CRM Lead Management report assesses the industry’s leading Marketing Automation platforms.

The 100 Year History Lesson On Marketing Operations and MarTech


And this was the beginning of the accountable marketing mindset. In the 1920’s the careful attention to costs measurement of marketing effectiveness began. This mindset is alive and well today and we call it pipeline marketing. While the goal and mindset were set in places decades ago, marketers dealt with technological challenges in closing the loop between initial impression and sales. Before point of sales systems and databases, marketers used “bingo cards” (i.e.

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Interview with Brian Hansford

Onalytica B2B

Brian Hansford – VP of Marketing Performance at Heinz Marketing. Key Topics: B2B Marketing, Demand Generation, and Marketing Technology. Bio: I’m VP of Marketing Performance at Heinz Marketing, where I’ve worked the last 6 ½ years. I’m focused on helping B2B marketers improve revenue performance, communicate results with executive stakeholders throughout the organization, and use the data to help make strategic decisions.

BlueVenn Bundles Omnichannel Journey Management, Personalization, and Single Customer View

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market only since March 2016, although many U.S. marketers will recall its previous incarnation as SmartFocus.* The company offers what it calls an omnichannel marketing platform that builds a unified customer database, manages marketing campaigns, and generates personalized Web and email messages. The Venn in BlueVenn The unified database process, a.k.a. Clients can purchase the configured database management system if they want to run it for themselves.

ExactTarget Survey: Lack of Skills Slows Growth of Digital Marketing

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Summary: a new survey from ExactTarget shows that digital marketing is growing faster than database marketing or mass media, and that agencies have a harder time adding digital capabilities than their clients.

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Cleansing and Enriching Your Contact Records for a Pristine ABM Program


In fact, it’s the lifeblood of every marketing organization. Quality data means being able to reach the right audience, better conversion rates, higher productivity, and an overall positive ROI on your marketing efforts. 50 – More than half of all records found in the average B2B contact database are misaligned. It’s a measure of data quality and completeness, revealing whether or not your database has the right people in it. Account Based Marketing contact data

New Response Databases - Valuable Resource for B2B Marketers?


Today we're honored to have guest blogger Ruth Stevens share her thoughts on database marketing. Will my mail be delivered? Marketers might ask, “Am I getting all the mid-sized law firms in the greater Chicago area?

Lead Gen: A proposed replacement for BANT

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet According to the MarketingSherpa 2012 Lead Generation Benchmark Report , 24% of marketers ask a timeline-to-purchase question on their lead capture forms. I suspect marketers do so because they have heard about “BANT qualified leads” and apply these criteria to Web forms. For marketing departments, it’s impossible to deliver BANT qualified leads unless marketing owns an inside sales function.

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Decoding the True Essence of Outbound Marketing


Outbound Marketing – Brief Overview and Facets Around it. Ever been curious as to what exactly is “outbound marketing?” It is a marketing & sales procedure adopted by many companies to share information regarding their products & services. Research & investigations have revealed that firms invest around ninety percent of their incomes on different forms of outbound marketing. The Relevance of Outbound Marketing. Outbound Marketing

ROI now Guaranteed on Value Marketing Tools

The ROI Guy

Alinean announced this week an ROI Guarantee for Value Marketing Tool campaigns. Designed for B2B marketers, to drive better engagements and assure that lead generation goals are exceeded, this program combines compelling Interactive White Papers and Benefit Estimators with integrating e-mail marketing to exclusive targeted communities. Click here to learn more about Alinean Value Marketing Tools.

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Conversen Simplifies Complex Messages Through Multi-Channel Dynamic Content

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It's more a supplement than a replacement for conventional campaign management but should save a lot of work for marketers and their agencies. Even though this ultimately produces the same number of variations, it lets marketers create fewer messages and segments, reducing manual effort.

Unify Your Publishing Database to Turbocharge Your ROI


Event attendees are likely on a spreadsheet in the marketing department. These disparate databases are daunting not only because of the tedious manual tasks they create, but because they’re also a barrier to the monetization of your digital audience. Despite the challenge this presents, the opportunity here is HUGE if you can wrangle together a system that combines these silos into one unified database. Here are some tips to help you build a powerful unified database.

Five Ways to Grow Revenue (and Lower Cost)


Increase the top line while reducing expense—it’s what every CEO wants—and what their sales and marketing leaders are looking for as well. Many execs are realizing that meeting this goal involves increasing investment in sales and marketing with a renewed focus on gaining market share instead of just stabilizing it. Mastery of the five key elements of sales and marketing effectiveness: Market focus. Marketing measurement. Market Focus.

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How to Turn Your Blog into a Lead Generating Machine


In today’s digital landscape, businesses have come to rely on automation to perform a large bulk of their marketing tasks. In fact, HubSpot claims that marketers who prioritize blogging are thirteen times more likely to have a positive return on investment. You can also use their contact info for target marketing and advertising purposes. Try Marketing Tools Like a Slide-in CTA. Another Marketing Tool to Try: the Hello Bar.

Top Internet Advertising Networks


Search Marketing remain the gorillas of online advertising, there are a considerable number of alternatives for generating exposure and clicks. Search, behavioral, and database marketing services for online advertisers. Although Google AdWords and Yahoo!