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Why you should consider centralizing your search keyword lists


Among other things, I argued for the importance of developing a corporate keyword database for digital marketers. Keyword collaboration isn’t just important for digital marketing. They need to collaborate on a common set of words from a common database.

Inbound Marketing Alone May Not Be Enough for Industrial Companies

Industrial Marketing Today

Inbound marketing with content has been getting all the attention lately. Consultants and practitioners of “pull” marketing want marketers to abandon “push” marketing because they say it is old school and no longer effective. Ergo, these people are too busy at work and couldn’t be bothered with anything that is deemed as interruption marketing. An updated website serves them well as a point of reference. Use dynamic content in your email marketing.

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How to Turn Your Blog into a Lead Generating Machine


In today’s digital landscape, businesses have come to rely on automation to perform a large bulk of their marketing tasks. In fact, HubSpot claims that marketers who prioritize blogging are thirteen times more likely to have a positive return on investment.

5 Pointless Marketing Metrics You Can Stop Tracking Today


More collaboration between Sales and Marketing? But in many areas of marketing, more doesn''t always mean better. Take your marketing data, for example. 2) Facebook Likes. A Like on Facebook can be exciting. We blog to generate visits to our website.