5 Essential Database Marketing Strategies You Need Now


Your marketing team’s effectiveness is intrinsically tied to the quality of your marketing data and the efficiency of your marketing database software. A proactive database marketing strategy aims to forever improve your buyer-seller relationships.

3 Quick Fixes To Improve Your Database Marketing


While the term covers a broad range of marketing initiatives, at its heart, any form of database marketing is only as good as the health of your… well, data! Whether you’re sending emails or mailing postcards, inaccurate data can tank your database marketing efforts.

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Why It’s Time to Start Leveraging Database Marketing for PPC

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As marketers, there are a million and two initiatives we run at once, and it can get difficult to keep track of what is working and what the data is telling us. Enter database marketing. What is Database Marketing? Internal Databases vs. External Databases.

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Normalization to Rationalization: Boost Marketing Efficiency and Outcomes Through Data Normalization


Disparate data sources and marketing applications are leading to inconsistent and inaccurate data making it difficult for marketers to keep up with lead requirements and demonstrate marketing’s contribution to revenue. Marketing teams are used to hearing one thing over and over: “We need more leads!” The task of keeping up with demand never ends, and simply dumping more contacts into your database creates some unintended consequences.

Normalization to Rationalization: Boost Marketing Efficiency and Outcomes Through Data Normalization


Disparate data sources and marketing applications are leading to inconsistent and inaccurate data making it difficult for marketers to keep up with lead requirements and demonstrate marketing’s contribution to revenue. Marketing teams are used to hearing one thing over and over: “We need more leads!” The task of keeping up with demand never ends, and simply dumping more contacts into your database creates some unintended consequences.

How to Make Your Data Squeaky Clean

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No question it’s a valuable part of your marketing, but sometimes it can feel like a big mess. Develop, apply and share naming conventions with everyone who adds data to your CRM, marketing automation system, spreadsheets and any other systems you use.

What Percentage of Your Data is Fake? [CHART]

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And, if you have a job like mine, you probably have tools and techniques to identify and, where possible, clean these entries so that your database quality and marketing ability is improved. Having bogus data in your database is not great, but it is unavoidable.

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[Cartoon] Ellber & Email Marketing

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Once Ellber wakes up, we’ll take a look at how his efforts pay off for the sales team but, while he catches his zzzz’s, check out how ‘Amazing eZPutty’ helps you get more from your email marketing!

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Three barriers to B2B data-driven marketing


Ask any business marketer about the importance of data, and you’ll get plenty of good answers. “It’s That’s a good thing, since marketers are under increasing pressure to manage, collect, and make use of data, according to a recent CMO Club/Gartner study.

Picking A Provider? Meet BERQ.

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Or perhaps you’re in the market for lead management solutions. It stands for Brand, Efficiency, Results and Quality – and it can make the critical difference between choosing Provider A over Provider B. Efficiency. Efficiency is all about return on investment and time.

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New directions for B2B data-driven marketing


For us B2B marketers, the world is changing about as fast as we can stand. It’s a platform for communications, for selling, for just about every element of the marketing arsenal, and it’s is forcing marketers to think more carefully about customer and prospect data.

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Every B2B SEO Strategy Needs…


Most marketers would have probably heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – it’s the process of optimizing the quality and quantity of your website traffic from the search engine results page. B2B Content Marketing B2B Database Marketing B2B Lead Generation

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Tackling B2B Data


Data is the new currency in today’s digital age, data leads to new opportunities, strategies, and allows transparency into the market making it important to invest in data. Data is a prime asset in marketing as it can boost the performance of marketing and sales.

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B2B prospecting data just keeps getting better


B2B marketers typically select targets from prospecting lists based on such traditional variables as industry, company size, and job role/title. In fact, you might say that business marketers now have access to prospecting data as rich and varied as that available in consumer markets.

Meet The Parents: 6 Things To Watch For After A Merger

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Here are 6 signs to look out for on your journey to perfect synergy with your new marketing partner. Similarly, when you go through a merger, your marketing teams need to do some list building. Treat your newly acquired teams’ database like a purchased list. How many events is the marketing department sponsoring in the next year? by Gaea Connary | Tweet this. A lot of companies have been feeling the urge to merge lately.

Segmentation, Social Media Drive Lead Nurturing Success for iDirect

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When marketers embark on a formal lead nurturing strategy, opportunities for process improvement can arise in unexpected ways. First, the company invested in Marketo , a leading marketing automation platform that integrated well with the company’s CRM system, Salesforce.com.

Can Sales Grow Your Marketing Database? [Chart]

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Marketers never stop worrying about growing the size of their contact database. A marketer can produce fantastic pieces of content and run amazing events to grow their database, and yet completely miss an obvious avenue to grow their reach.

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10 Questions: Do You Need Marketing Automation?

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A couple of weeks ago our firm prepared a detailed ROI analysis for a client helping them substantiate to their management the investment in a marketing automation platform. For other companies, the decision of whether or not to take the plunge into marketing automation is less of a slam-dunk.

Why Companies Buy Marketing Automation Software

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Recently, Lauren Carlson of research site Software Advice wrote a very perceptive and timely piece entitled “ Tailwinds for Marketing Automation Software ” about the broader market trends that, in her view, are driving the increased adoption of marketing automation technology.

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The High Cost Of Bad Data

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Before buying new equipment, a company typically looks at the cost benefit analysis, ROI, operational efficiency and the required time needed to operate the new equipment. Poor data quality can have a negative impact on your lead management system, the number of hours required for sales and marketing spends on menial tasks, and can lead to additional costs to increase the quality of the original data. Marketing Manager. by Anna Glushkovsky | Tweet this.

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Simple Acquisition, Cleansing, and Enrichment of New Prospects

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The goal of the marketing department is to generate interest in a product or service while capturing enough potential prospects that sales are generated. In today’s rapidly advancing world, data overload is a reality for B2B marketers.

Data-Driven Personalization: Why a Consolidated Marketing Automaton Platform Is Essential

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Clarity and simplification, however, lead to efficiency and success. RelationshipOne had Dart Bebel II, Director of Demand Gen and Database Marketing at Turnkey Vacation Rentals on as a guest on episode 56 of the Inspired Marketing Podcast. Bringing Clarity to Marketing.

How Marketing Can Enable Sales with Pre-Built Email Templates

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A key component of marketing success is handing prospects over to sales for them to be converted into customers. Therefore, marketers should be nurturing prospects and getting them ready for sales and making things as easy as they can for sales to bring it home.

Report From New York: How Agencies are Using Marketing Automation

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marketing User Conference in New York City for the first time. marketing Partners breakout, which focused on our agency partners. We all learned a few things about how agencies are using marketing automation. Direct Marketing > Digital Database Marketing.

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Oracle Named a Leader for 5th Consecutive Year in Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management

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Digital marketers are in a constant battle between driving leads and managing their CRM systems. Gartner’s CRM Lead Management report assesses the industry’s leading Marketing Automation platforms.

Email Marketing Awards Winner Proves, with Millions of New Subscribers, that It Pays to Share

B2B Lead Generation

If you’re like most marketers, the answer too often is, “Not enough.”. It’s no wonder that when marketers are obsessively focused on what’s in it for their prospects to open an email, remarkable things happen – like several million new subscribers. Email Marketing Social Media

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How Does Content Marketing Help with SEO?


Content marketing and SEO are often written about and addressed separately. There are many ways in which you can combine content marketing with SEO for more search traffic , but what effect can it actually have on your rankings and why is an integrated strategy beneficial to your business?

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A summary of buying B2B email lists


While email marketing may not have the current gravitas of social media marketing, it remains an important and underused tactic to reach potential customers for your business. When utilized correctly, email marketing is a powerful tool that can replenish and locate contacts for your company. These tips will ensure that you are efficiently marketing your emails to find fresh leads that will help your business grow. How to Plan and Buy B2B Email Lists.

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Top 5 Benefits of Adopting Marketing Automation

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On Focus.com , Craig Rosenberg asks: “What are the top benefits of adopting marketing automation?” My response: Based on our firm’s experience , the most common benefits of marketing automation are these: 1. Regardless of how good your inside sales team is, putting in place automated lead response via marketing automation ensures that every inbound lead receives a prompt, systematic, personalized response, and that none fall through the cracks.

Want to Do Marketing Automation? Do These 6 Things First


Do they include launching a marketing automation program? But be aware you’ve got a lot of work to do before you buy marketing automation software, much less schedule your first campaign. You see, if you want marketing automation to work, you’ll need to set up a few things first. Clean up that database. Marketing automation runs on data. Some is behavioral data, for sure, but the starting point is the data in your existing database. Got plans for 2017?

5 B2B data trends


This has lead to 5 significant trends in B2B database marketing. Add to this the parallel explosion of marketing and sales software, and you have a rapidly evolving data world. Integrated and enhanced databases. Data-Driven Marketing and Sales.

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Five Ways to Grow Revenue (and Lower Cost)


Increase the top line while reducing expense—it’s what every CEO wants—and what their sales and marketing leaders are looking for as well. Many execs are realizing that meeting this goal involves increasing investment in sales and marketing with a renewed focus on gaining market share instead of just stabilizing it. Mastery of the five key elements of sales and marketing effectiveness: Market focus. Marketing measurement. Market Focus.

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5 Types of Marketing Automation for Businesses to Consider


Marketing has been around for a very long time. When we look at marketing technology, we can see that it’s enabled various channels such as print media, radio, and television for marketers to reach their audiences. Fast forward to now, these channels have become common contributors to many, many marketing strategies. Since the early 90’s the internet has evolved into the most flexible marketing channel we’ve ever seen. Email Marketing Software.

Cleansing and Enriching Your Contact Records for a Pristine ABM Program


In fact, it’s the lifeblood of every marketing organization. Quality data means being able to reach the right audience, better conversion rates, higher productivity, and an overall positive ROI on your marketing efforts. Account Based Marketing contact data

Decoding the True Essence of Outbound Marketing


Outbound Marketing – Brief Overview and Facets Around it. Ever been curious as to what exactly is “outbound marketing?” It is a marketing & sales procedure adopted by many companies to share information regarding their products & services. Research & investigations have revealed that firms invest around ninety percent of their incomes on different forms of outbound marketing. The Relevance of Outbound Marketing. Outbound Marketing

Why Marketers Can't Rely ONLY on Marketing Automation


To a whole lot of marketers out there, marketing automation is like a wonder drug. "A Marketing strategy solved!". The problem is, what these marketers don't realize is that using only marketing automation is never enough.

An Act-On Conversation: Aaron Bolshaw Talks Automated Email Programs … and Why They’re Awesome

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That’s what automated email programs can be for marketers, empowering them to set up effective campaigns that run automatically, deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, and ultimately increase revenue and decrease effort. It really brings content marketing to life.