Multi-Touch Attribution, A Full User Debrief


Multi-touch attribution is a martech function of an advanced attribution solution. But multi-touch attribution is broad topic that spans a plethora of models, integrations, and strategies. This is why we’ve written this full debrief that explains the details of multi-touch attribution to the letter. The models, methods, data, reporting, strategy, and results are all part of the process. What is multi-touch attribution?

CMO's Organizational Readiness Indicators for Multi-Touch Attribution


Usually, this is due to the fact that their marketing org continues to use single-touch attribution models. How does a marketing leader know when their organization is ready to adopt a multi-touch attribution model across their marketing org? Essentially, if your marketing org is doing more than email, organic, direct, and events, you would greatly benefit from multi-touch attribution. Their data is reported independently of the other data in the mix.


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A Scorecard for B2B Marketing Operations [Download Evaluation]


It’s a method that marketing operations specialists can use to evaluate their martech stack, their data, their attribution solution, and their metrics. Data enrichment technologies. Single-touch attribution. Advanced, multi-touch attribution. Most of the pieces of martech above integrate with another piece in some way, whether that’s through a direct API connection or another form of data tracking. Messy data is useless data.

Measure Your Content Marketing ROI With These 10 Steps


In the graphic, you’ll notice there’s only one measurement step in the fly stage— multi-touch content attribution —because it’s incredibly hard to do right, and if anyone else tells you different … well, frankly, they’re lying. Single-Touch Content Attribution.

ROI 112

Scorecard for Paid Media Marketers [How Do Your Campaigns Compare?]


It generally begins with marketing automation of some type and progresses through media platforms, and other data-centric technologies. Data enrichment technologies. Some types of campaigns require additional pieces of martech or different types of data tracking in order to enable their success. This creates a data environment that can apply across all channels, while still enabling data hygiene best-practices. Lead-create touch tracking.

ZoomInfo and Salesforce: Meet Your Go-To-Market Success Machine


You fuel your CRM with powerful deal-making data. What happens when your data source and CRM don’t sync up? “Data silos are unfortunately still a problem for a lot of go-to-market teams,” says Henry Schuck, ZoomInfo’s Founder and CEO. Data Insights go-to-market Salesforce

How To Decide Whether Marketo RCA Is Right For You


Marketo RCA reporting uses data generated from Marketo’s Javascript tracking technology, called Munchkin. Munchkin data and Marketo RCA’s architecture combine to provide you with reporting capabilities. If you are reporting on the performance of email campaigns or doing simple, single-touch marketing attribution then the reporting capabilities from Marketo RCA will fit your needs. This is why an alternative platform architectures can support you in data exploration.

Marketing Automation Trends for 2010


Renewed focus on data quality. 1) We’re at a point where we have lot of data about marketing performance, but it’s a big challenge to turn it into actionable information (2) we’re actively tweeting, blogging and using LinkedIn, but how can that be effectively managed, and how can it be measured? (3) Access to this data is the foundation for making budgetary and, when necessary, process changes. 2009 was the year in which Marketing Automation really took off.

Sales Pipeline Radio, Episode 112: Q&A with Raviv Turner, CEO at CaliberMind @ravivturner

Heinz Marketing

We entitled this episode : Data Intelligence 101: The Key to Faster Growth & More Efficient Marketing. We’re talking about Raviv sees a disconnect between Demand (buyers) & Ops (users) of data & analytics platform. Some highlights: Your data strategy is your B2B growth strategy (quick overview of the paper). But what does an effective B2B data-driven marketing strategy look like? Marketing data is a marketing problem!

CMO 46