Remove Data Hygiene Remove De-duplication Remove Marketing Automation Services Remove Segmentation
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7 Common Types of Dirty Data and How to Clean Them


For B2B businesses using data to fuel successful sales and marketing efforts, having access to clean data is paramount. Data impacts critical go-to-market functions such as developing your ideal customer profile (ICP ), territory planning , segmentation , lead routing, and sales prospecting.

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Did Somebody Ask About Data Quality?


A few years back, I attended a three-hour “vendor shoot out” between two CRM vendors hosted by an IT services firm. Yet, at no point did I hear a discussion of data quality, data hygiene, contact verification, field standardization, or company and contact enrichment.


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27 RevOps best practices for driving revenue growth


Implement the use of a unified platform (e.g., CRM, marketing automation platform or data warehouse) for data tracking and analysis so that all teams can easily access the same key performance indicators and data points. Address any roadblocks that may be hindering progress.

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The B2B Marketer’s Quick Start Guide: ABM Orchestration

Heinz Marketing

In today’s digital technology landscape there are numerous platforms, tools and technologies at the disposal of every marketer—almost too many. For each category I’ll highlight a few platforms/tools, the pros and cons of each, benchmarks and additional resources. Can the platform identify new accounts to target?