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At the end of the day, urgency is the thing that we, as B2B marketers, are always striving to create. How do we get our customers and prospects to read our blog, register for our webcast, join our community, take our meeting or attend our conference?

Ten tips for customer reactivation


Are you looking for the best ways to reactivate dormant customers and reduce churn? Consider which of these may be the most applicable to your business, your customers, and your objectives. The longer a customer is inactive, the more likely an eventual defection.

Email Countdown Timers: How to Create Urgency in the Inbox


These highly visual tools instantly communicate the urgency of your message. Each time your customers open your email, they’ll see an updated image and countdown timer. These timers are accurate each time the recipient opens the email, creating an authentic sense of urgency.

How to triple your digital marketing results


Notice what these metrics have in common: they all require some action on the part of the target, whether it’s a prospect or a customer. Add a sense of urgency. What metrics do you use to define digital marketing success today? Clicks? Traffic? Followers? Leads? Sales?

The Urgency of Integrated Marketing Technology for Content Marketing

Content Standard

While our eBook helps forward-thinking marketers work differently, it may not have conveyed the level of urgency that global executives should feel. All of this data helps paint a picture of the ideal customer.

Why you are just a resource & how you’re failing to drive demand with your content & social media marketing efforts


Viveka von Rosen , author of LinkedIn Marketing in an Hour a Day (and one of the most well-known LinkedIn marketing consultants) talks about how to customize your invitations on LinkedIn. You see, the company was only basing their content on what customers were saying what their needs were.

New research: Boost organic growth from current customers

B2B Lead Generation

CEOs and sales leaders have long wondered: how can we drive organic growth and increase sales from existing customers? ” That’s why I interviewed Brent Adamson ( @brentadamson ), Principal Executive Advisor at Gartner , and the co-author of The Challenger Sale and The Challenger Customer. There’s a certain almost urgency, or we like to call the “Why Now?”, Growing and keeping customers what you need to do differently.

The 4 Phases of Customer Evolution

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Customer evolution is the full-circle sales cycle in which prospects evolve into customers, then become returning customers, then turn into former customers, who eventually evolve back into prospects. Customer. Returning Customer. Former Customer.

CMOs Win When High-Value Customers Are Treated Personally Online

Buzz Marketing for Technology

With constant access to a growing list of channels and devices, today’s connected customers are no longer satisfied with vanilla, one-size-fits-all experiences and offers. In those days, there was sometimes confusion and lack of knowledge as to what constitutes a high-value customer.

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Avoiding Last Minute Deal Breakers

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Send them success stories from existing customers, offer details from a new study that supports your products/services, direct them to a commentary or publication that discusses a relevant topic. Create Urgency.

Who Is Your B2B Customer & How Do They Find You?

KoMarketing Associates

” “What is the sense of urgency surrounding the problem this solution solves?” of the potential customer as well as what could be influencing them. Truly Knowing the Customer Leads to Better B2B Content.

7 Tips on How to Engage Your Customers Through Social Media Strategy


Sure, your customers spend every day socializing with each other online, but this creates a perfect opportunity for you, as a brand, to inject yourself into the conversation. This overwhelming majority will not only help secure customer loyalty, but get the word out to friends and family who may be prospective customers. In order to ensure both customer retention and lead generation, your strategy should depend on three things: How well you know your audience.

Convert Prospects Into Customers: The Definitive Guide (2019)


So, if you’re ready to learn everything you need to know about how to turn prospects into loyal customers 2019, read on below and let us share valuable insights that you can start using as soon as today. This person fits the persona of your target customer, and you’d like to reach out to them.

Segmenting Your Customers to Increase Content Marketing Reach


When you consider the mass of customers who buy your products or select your services, how do you perceive them? Maybe you picture your customers as a sort of blurry amalgam; you have a general idea of who they are, but no clear image of what makes them special or different from each other.

Can AI-powered CRM drive Empathy in Customer Experiences?

Martech Advisor

With it getting tougher to get and keep people’s attention long enough to build long, fruitful customer relationships, companies able to leverage empathy at scale increase their odds of doing so. From predicting which activities will convert leads, to deal optimization, to identifying previously undiscovered customer segments, AI was showcased as a foundational piece of the customer engagement platforms being built by most of the leading vendors in the space.

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Consumer Connection: Effective Approaches to Customer Service


In a world full of instant gratification, “please hold” is no longer an acceptable response when it comes to customer service. Read: Lead with Customer Experience, and Efficiency Will Follow. Harvard Business Review recently conducted an experiment via Twitter to see just how satisfied consumers are when it comes to customer service, and how they got there. The post Consumer Connection: Effective Approaches to Customer Service appeared first on Aberdeen Essentials.

Customer Intelligence: The Hidden Power of Interactive Content

The ROI Guy

Interactive Content to Improve Customer Intelligence Interactive content can help overcome the engagement challenge – using value-added dynamic content to capture more intelligence from your prospects.

New research: Empathy and solving buying problems

B2B Lead Generation

But instead, we need focus on solving customer buying problems with empathy. You need to think about what your customer is thinking/feeling. This is part two of my interview with Brent Adamson ( @brentadamson ), co-author of The Challenger Sale and The Challenger Customer.

A Guaranteed Way To Win Back Customers This Year

Opt Intelligence

Customers come, and customers go; it’s a natural part of business. But there are many marketing strategies you can employ to ensure that fewer customers opt-out or unsubscribe from your list. You have options to win back customers, even if they have unsubscribed from your list.

Common Questions from Customers


This week we want to share some customer questions that can hopefully help you, too. This was such a common question from customers that we added a new feature this summer to let you convert an existing SnapApp to a different content type. You asked. We answered!

Online Persuasion: Seeing Through the Eyes of Customers

Writing on the Web

There was a picture of a pair of glasses lying on a bench with this caption: Don’t you wish you could see through your customers’ glasses? Motivate action with fear, scarcity, urgency. Related posts: Online Persuasion: Seeing Through the Eyes of Your Customers.

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How to Add Value to Your Emails by Adding Custom HTML


Send messages rich with value, simply by adding some custom HTML. 3 ways you can add value to your email using custom HTML. This includes things customers and leads see every day—like landing pages and social media profiles.

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Interesting Infographics: 10 Ways to Convert More Customers Using Psychology


In our first Interesting Infographic of 2015, HelpScout has given us some interesting insight into how to convert customers using psychology. Help customers break through “action paralysis” by setting miminums. Use urgency the smart way.

5 Emails to Send to Your Customers—and How to Send Them

Modern B2B Marketing

Since the first email was sent in 1971, it has grown to be one of the strongest ways to reach your customers. Email is still one of the most underrated but valuable tools for any person who wants to grow their business while also nurturing potential customers.

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Online Persuasion: Seeing Through the Eyes of Your Customers

Writing on the Web

There was a picture of a pair of glasses lying on a bench with this caption: Don’t you wish you could see through your customers’ glasses? Motivate action with fear, scarcity, urgency.

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The Customer Experience Success Triangle: A CEO’s Perspective on Why Companies Need to Invest in Customer Experience


In the past, customer-centric programs haven’t appeared to directly yield profits so CEOs passed on them in favor of other, more immediate solutions. This resulted in management professing a fleeting commitment to customer programs, but never making them a core strategy.

Goodbye, Generic SEO Audit – Say Hello to Customization & Prioritization - Whiteboard Friday


Though an SEO audit is essentially a checklist, it's important to both customize your approach and prioritize your fixes to be efficient and effective with your time and effort. How to customize. So there are three kind of main ways that I like to customize my SEO audits.

Why Are Marketing Automation Vendors Failing to Meet Their Customers’ Most Intense Need: Advanced Reporting?


Why aren’t they helping their customers keep their jobs? Until one vendor begins to meet our revenue reporting needs, there’s no sense of urgency for the others to invest in analytics. Marketing automation vendors are being cornered by a monster of their own creation.

Social media strategy leaders: Kerry Gallagher


The listening work helped my clients understand who their customers were, what people were looking for from them and where people were talking. How has social media influenced the customer experience at Citizens? Each day we talk to our customers and prospects on social.

How Insights Into The B2B Lifecycle Can Prevent A Blind Spot In 2020

Tony Zambito

Back in 1994, there was a book by Bradley Gale entitled Managing Customer Value. The premise was that we needed to focus on the lifetime value of customers. In an era of new subscription and customer success models caused by digital disruption, this concept is even more timely.

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Does Your Health Care Content Hold the Cure for Customers in Crisis?

Content Marketing Institute

Urgency of care. As the Deloitte report points out, health care businesses that provide such amenities would be wise to highlight them if they want to preserve and grow their existing customer relationships. The post Does Your Health Care Content Hold the Cure for Customers in Crisis?

6 Variables Making Buyer Insights Driven Sales Transformation Critical By 2020

Tony Zambito

However, what amplifies this call for insights-driven sales transformation are several variables that create urgency for transforming by 2020. Meeting New Customer/Buyer Engagement Expectations. Customers, as a result of digital disruption, are being exposed to new experiences every few months. Buyers and Customers Are Armed With Data and Analytics. Meaning new buyers and customers will have different ways of thinking, networking internally, and making choices.

9 Awful Ways We Push Customers Away


Your customer Patty checks her email inbox and finds an email from AtoZJeans.com that tells her about a sale on patterned skinny jeans that she’s had her eye on for the longest time. After all, first impressions are crucial to draw in a potential customer. Picture this.

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How to Create CTAs that Actually Cause Action

Single Grain

A Good Customer Journey Leads to a Great Call to Action. Your product doesn’t sell because it’s the cheapest or because the color is nice – it sells because it solves a problem, and asking yourself what your customers want will get you closer to answering this.

Email Marketing Inspiration: How Brands Utilize Gmail’s Promotions Tab Annotations


Use the custom image to showcase your products. Google’s revamped Promotions tab allows marketers to add custom imagery to their promotional emails—and many brands take advantage of that new, powerful opportunity to stand out in the inbox. Use the custom image for lifestyle images.

Inspiration for your transformation, part II


Employees have permission to spend the time necessary to learn new tools and processes that will ultimately make the firm more customer-friendly. Explain the promise of leveraging digital insights and technology to deliver world- class customer experiences.

5 Reasons To Prepare Now For The Year 2020 With Buyer Insights

Tony Zambito

A pivotal year for organizations as the rapid evolution of a customer-centric world calls for new approaches and new forms of interactions. Existing concepts related to understanding customer journeys and interactions will undergo an even more radical transformation in the next two years.