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3 Things About Win Rates and Persona Engagement


If you have a win rate of 10%, 10 of those opportunities will become customers. We looked at our win rates for opportunities that have closed this year and analyzed them across several persona-based dimensions. Win Rates Are 45% Higher When The Marketing Operations Persona Is Engaged.

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A Scorecard for B2B Marketing Operations [Download Evaluation]


The martech segment of the marketing operations scorecard focuses on the types of technology that B2B companies should assimilate into their B2B marketing strategy. Single-touch attribution. Advanced, multi-touch attribution. Lead touch tracking.

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ABM is a Strategy, Not a Campaign.

The Point

ABM has different metrics (“leads” as such don’t really enter into the conversation), requires a different creative approach that is specific to companies, personas, even individuals, and demands highly personalized, relevant content.

How B2B Companies Are Using LinkedIn Marketing Ad Campaigns [Interview]

KoMarketing Associates

How have B2B marketers changed the way they use LinkedIn to discover new opportunities/leads/customers over the past few years? (Or content personalization, creating buyer personas)? First, anyone using LinkedIn ads should have a good understanding of their buyer personas.

How We Increased Pipeline 504%


Based on the 2015 State of Pipeline Marketing Report , 24% of marketers reported not having an attribution model, while 55% were only using a single-touch model. So, there was much to write about and many to educate regarding the multi-touch attribution world and its benefits.

B2B Marketing Automation: Crawl, Walk, Run, Win

Sales Lead Insights

Step 1: Develop Personas and Related Content. Think about your customers’ motivations, expectations and goals. Step 1: Build Multi-Touch Campaigns. Build a multi-touch campaign with one or more touches per buying-cycle step.

How to Run a Successful Webinar from Beginning to End

Modern B2B Marketing

From there, you’ll get an idea of what audiences you’re already targeting with specific programs so you can make sure your webinar programs will not only be applicable to specific buyer personas , verticals, or stages of the buyer’s journey but also not be duplicative.

5 Best Practices for Deploying a Sales Engagement Solution

Modern B2B Marketing

A great sales engagement application enables reps to engage with customers with the right message, at the right time, at every stage of the buyer journey—through digitized playbooks, multi-touch campaigns, a mix of personalization and automation, and rich analytics.

The State of Demand Generation

The Effective Marketer

The Customer Buying Cycle Framework. The biggest complaint from marketers is that they can’t keep up with content creation needs (multi-touch programs, social media, nurturing programs, thought leadership, etc.). The Complete B2B Persona.

A High-Level B2B Marketing Budget Breakdown

Modern B2B Marketing

first-touch, last-touch, or multi touch attribution), but whichever you choose, seeing that end result can inform your budget decisions so you can allocate budget to the most effective channels. Ideally, your goals should map to each stage of the customer lifecycle.

4 Simple Rules for Creating Interactive Content


Create or refine your buyer personas to illuminate the pain points of your audience, allowing your marketing team to understand how they can speak to a specific need. Interactive content is an incredibly powerful tool for content marketing.

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Six B2B Marketing Tools to Put on Your Wish List


At 6sense we believe 2016 is going to be the year of customer-centric, data-driven marketing. Triblio defines your campaign-audience segments by persona or account, and you can choose to personalize by any of the following: Acquisition, upsell or retention accounts. Persona or visitor behavior. BrightFunnel is the pioneer in revenue attribution and forecasting for B2B marketers through multi-touch attribution and intelligent forecasting.

What is Account-Based Marketing? Everything You Need to Know


When you have a broad group of potential customers, you can afford to rely on an Inbound strategy because a large number of those prospects will most likely still be qualified. And as the average deal size increases, the potential customer base decreases.

Digital Marketing Glossary, Part 1

Marketing Action

Acquisition cost : In email marketing, the cost to generate one lead, newsletter subscriber, or customer in an individual email campaign; typically, the total campaign expense divided by the number of leads, subscribers or customers it produced.( Guilty as charged.


101 Ridiculously Effective Ways to Use Interactive Content in Your Marketing Today


General Campaigns (microsites, customer marketing, resource gallery, miscellaneous ideas, etc.). . An ROI calculator lets users put in their own variables and get a custom result that’s easily shared. . . Either way, you’ll create an extended multi-touch campaign.

How To Align Your Marketing Budget With Your Reporting Dashboard


After this step, you’ll need to further divide budget within campaigns to cover industry segments. Position: Market share and customer loyalty. Readiness: Total number of contacts, total contacts by buyer persona in target market, and performance against SLAs across marketing.

Technically Speaking: An Interview with Sean Kester, SalesLoft’s VP of Product Marketing

HG Data

SalesLoft converts targets into customers with multi-channel, multi-touch sales communications, and gives customers a single pane to help them be more effective. We sat down with Sean Kester, SalesLoft’s vice president of product marketing , to discuss the benefit of HG Data’s market intelligence and, as a result of the combined capabilities, how marketing professionals can best gauge their prospecting efforts and measure real customer engagement.

Marketing Automation Trends for 2010


Jeff Ogden , Director of Marketing, Aplicor & President, Find New Customers. Methods to the madness: Everybody has methodologies, Sales has SPIN, Customer Centric, etc. Social networks like Facebook and Linkedin will start to face customer defections as their networks get bogged down with marketing spam. Data-centric marketing must pave the way to greater customer intelligence, because the value of data can decline very quickly.

How to Create a Successful Performance-Based MDF Program

Computer Market Research

Performance-based MDF Program provides your company with the flexibility and workforce to reach end-customers in geographical locations and market segments that your direct sales cannot reach while validating their performance. Computer Market Research.

Why Automated Email Engagement Should Be Part Of Your Sales Team


Reps select relevant email sequences based upon the buyer persona and user history of the lead or leads. Should a rep want to make last-minute customizations to the scenario, he or she is able to alter every aspect of the delivery.

Why Automated Email Engagement Should Be Part Of Your Sales Team


Reps select relevant email sequences based upon the buyer persona and user history of the lead or leads. Should a rep want to make last-minute customizations to the scenario, he or she is able to alter every aspect of the delivery.