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31 Expert Guides to Maximizing Online Brand Visibility – WPO


How can paid and organic content promotion channels be used together most effectively? Creating a Multi-Channel Content Marketing Strategy by BlueGlass. ” Getting less traffic from Google? You’re losing customers!

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The 10 Best Customer Service and Customer Engagement Platforms


The emergence and spread of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has dramatically changed the game for both B2B vendors and customers. But it also means a dramatic leap in customer expectations. Professional customers (i.e., Customer Service Management Tools.

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The Benefits of Call Tracking: What You Can Learn from Customer Calls


That’s the beauty of platforms such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords. For all the wonder of Google Analytics , there’s one additional data source that may be able to help you close the loop on conversions (and other unanswered questions): it’s call tracking.

Google and Consumers Agree: You Need a Mobile-Friendly Ecommerce Site


Department and chain stores, in an effort to remain relevant, are spending upward of $4 billion on ecommerce platforms, redesigns, loyalty programs and in-store technology to keep consumers connected at all times.

How One Organisation is Becoming More Customer-Focused – and How You Can Too

Modern B2B Marketing

The key difference between those low-cost airlines and RyanAir, however, has always been their customer service – or complete lack thereof. Indeed, a few Google searches will reveal many examples of their marketing antics over the years – and a barrage of customer complaints.

5 Examples of Brands Using Cross-Channel Tactics to Drive Real Results

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The goal of your cross-marketing strategy should be to tell all your audience and customers a similar brand story across multiple channels. Your story has to be slightly different for each channel due to the fact that people on those channels interact with these channels in unique ways.

The Challenge of Campaign Engagement in a Fragmented Yet Hyper-Connected World


When building out advertising campaigns, especially ones that follow customer journeys that are often indirect, advertisers need to find what engages the audience at scale. Many metrics will provide benchmarks for success—interactions with ad units, click-through rates, conversions, long-term customer value, loyalty, etc. So they shifted their focus from pitching products to learning more about their customers. Map your customer journey.

5 Mobile Marketing Strategies


Mobile marketing includes multi-channel strategies to ensure that your content is formatted, optimized and engaging for targeted audiences who are consuming your content on their smartphone. There are many channels to consider in your mobile marketing strategy.

18 of the Best Content Marketing Strategy Guides of 2013


The number of Google searches for the phrase have increased 400% since January 2011. The format, channels, platforms, devices and timing of how that story is told will be dictated by what you want your audience to feel”).

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What is Multichannel Marketing: An A-Z Guide (with Strategies & Examples)


On the internet, this is synonymous with expanding your reach from just a website to multiple channels: SEO , email, social, PPC, and more. . Today, 72% of consumers say they would rather connect with brands and businesses across multiple channels. Multi-channel marketing. . .

The Definition of Omni-Channel Marketing – Plus 7 Tips

Modern B2B Marketing

We’re moving away from mass, “push”-based marketing, and towards more personalized, 1:1 communication with consumers, through the many channels and on the many devices they use. What is Omni-Channel Marketing? First of all, what is omni-channel marketing?

A B2B Guide to Engagement Marketing (with Strategies, Tools and Examples)


Customers, however, have grown tired of the instant close tactics, especially when it comes to complex B2B buying decisions with much longer sales cycles. . . . Research from Forrester finds that today’s customers “distrust and resent one-off campaigns that interrupt or intercept them”. .

Like It or Not, Your Company Is Now a Publisher [@InboundNow #16]


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