Search Engine Optimization THEN Blogging THEN Social Media Marketing


I did a website analysis and custom demonstration for a local IT recruiting company recently. Additionally, every one of our posts has a quick link to Delicious, Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon. By Peter Caputa.

The Nine Best Reputation Management, RSS, and Social Search Tools


The explosion of blogging, social media, and online review sites has provided brands with unprecedented opportunity for exposure through authentic customer advocacy. Marketers need to constantly be on the watch for fake reviews, trolls, and unanswered customer complaints. 2) Digg.

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Successful SNS’s should be modeled on the college campus


platforms allow the “masses of asses” (yes, the customer; yes, us) to define the platform and the experience – their own and collective environment and experience. The future of Social Network Services (SNS) can be discovered on High School and College campuses.

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How to Use Article Marketing as Part of Your Social Media Strategy


As a micro-blogging service, it allows businesses to communicate and share the latest information with customers, and link to articles and other content using a url shortener. Digg - A really popular news/bookmarking site that can bring your articles massive exposure. Digg this!

Are You Crushing Your Customers with Content?

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That’s because proactive companies are constantly developing customer content that addresses customer challenges. As Valeria Maltoni explains, customer loyalty is the byproduct of continued conversation. The same is true with customer content.

Customer Service is the New Marketing

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Zappos is powered by its customer service and was built on the premise of WOWing each and every customer. But great customer service enabled by social is a no brainier. Digg this! Zappos was founded in 1999 and sold to Amazon for $1.2

Customers don’t care about Channels

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Customers are not only surfing the web looking for information but more and more they are relying on social media to get their information. Your customers can seamlessly move from web to social to call center to your front door. Digg this!

Getting a customer is not the end goal it’s the middle

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In a recent speech by Josh Bernoff of Forrester Research at the ITSMA Marketing Leadership forum it occurred to me that customer acquisition is no longer an “end state” for marketers its somewhere in the middle. Digg this!

2010 – Welcome to the Age of Customer Service

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Combining two of the most customer focused organizations I am aware of on the web and making one of the most powerful customer centric companies out there. Social media has forever changed the balance of nature in favor of the customer. Digg this!

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Social Customer Support: AT&T is doing it Right!

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On the way home I decided to share my customer experience with my social network … And within 24 hours ATTSusan came to the rescue with a tweet asking for more information … And with a few back and forth tweets we decided to communicate directly and bingo within 72 hours I had my new 3G Microcell courtesy of AT&T with special help from ATTSusan. Digg this! Related posts: Social Customer Support delivers Strong ROI In a recent poll by the TSIA of firms.

The Perfect Storm in Customer Service

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Customers have been adopting Social Media for the last few years and I think it is fair to say that we Social Media has gone mainstream especially after last year. Last time I checked ignoring your customers on social media is a really bad strategy. Digg this!

Customer Media Congress: Patsi’s in Dutch…

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There aren’t many conferences that I’d fly 5700 miles to get to, but the 5th International Customer Media Congress looks as if it’s going to be another smash hit. Digg this!

Social Customer Support delivers Strong ROI

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In the case of social customer support I would argue that this is the single best place to focus your social media efforts since it can reduce customer churn and increase retention rates faster than any other program we have ever seen before. Spotting a customer issue, responding to them and solving their problem in minutes using social media provides what can only be called an exceptional customer experience. Digg this!

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The Art of the Customer Testimonial

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If you are reading this blog then you already know how important customer testimonials are. Capturing a customer testimonial on video humanizes your story. What role do customer testimonials play in your business? How do you go about capturing the “human” aspect to your customers’ story? by Joe Chernov | Tweet this. They help you overcome objections; they validate your claims; they instill confidence in future buyers.

Online Persuasion: Seeing Through the Eyes of Your Customers

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There was a picture of a pair of glasses lying on a bench with this caption: Don’t you wish you could see through your customers’ glasses? Digg this!

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Renewals & Revenue: Great Partners Drive Customer Success

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Attending the recent Austin, Texas stop of the Eloqua customer success tour I heard, again and again, the value partners bring to customers. What struck me about each presentation was the exposure the customer provided the partner. It was a chance for a customer to show off an awesome program, demonstrate their marketing chops and inspire other Eloqua clients. There were more examples of how partners helped customers transform their business and drive revenue.

Is User Generated Content building a Wall between your Brand and your Customer?

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Digg this! Everyday I provide support on the social web to customers.

Social Marketing to the Business Customer: A One-in-143,871 Book

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Remember journalism’s five W’s : Who, what, when, where, why? “ Social Marketing to the Business Customer ” by Paul Gillin & Eric Schwartzman (John Wiley & Sons) just might be the digital parallel. I suppose if I were to reduce “Social Marketing to the Business Customer” to a single takeaway, it’d be this: Although technology may be changing quickly, the basic tenets of good marketing, relationships, and integrity will never go out of style. by Haila Darcy | Tweet this.

B2B Marketing needs to Curate a Vibrant Community

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We focus a lot of energy on the acquisition part of marketing looking for new customers and getting them up the awareness to consideration to purchase cycle. This is something I am working on for FY11 and will be more than just a social network for our best customers. Digg this!

Brand Advocates vs Brand Adversaries – it’s a Very Thin Line!

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Everyday I provide support on the social web to customers. For the last 18 months we have solved hundreds of issues both small and large for customers around the globe, some as quickly as 15min others as long as 24 hours. It’s a great double sided ROI story for Social Customer Support.

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Social Media and the Contact Center for Dummies (Wiley)

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The result being faster turnaround on customer complaints, and increased responsiveness to customer needs. Digg this! Tags: Customer Customer Support Facebook Listening Social Media Support Twitter

8 Rules When Using Social Media as a Support Channel

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This past week, we published a guest post on Social Times about how B2B customers were turning to social media channels to express complaints and seek support. The surge in the sheer number social media channels has given customers even more of a voice and has challenged companies to re-define these relationships. For a company as customer-centric as we are, this knowledge is invaluable. If that’s where our customers are, then that’s where we want to be.

11 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2011

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Social Media Strategists will become Chief Customer Officers – ok so you know I am also @Avaya_Support on Twitter so perhaps this is a closet fantasy for me but it may just come true – perhaps not this coming year but in years to come. Digg this!

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Five Audiences for Social Media Marketing


Prospective Customers: the most obvious audience. Current Customers: it’s not just customer service. Customer want to know about new developments at your firm, new uses for your products, and successes other customers have achieved. Digg this!

Seven Ways to Use Social Media for Business


And no one knows the benefits and shortcomings of your current products better than your customers. There’s no better source of information than your prospects and existing customers to help generate new product ideas. Provide customer support. Digg this!

3 More ROIs in Social Media – Conversations Leads and Advocates

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If you follow me you know I talk a lot about the ROI of Social Media since I happen to have stumbled on a great ROI using Social Media in providing support for our customers at Avaya. Digg this!

B2B Marketers Fate Rests in the Hands of a Few

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The big eye opener for me was – B2B marketers are always tasked with getting net new customers when in reality their existing customer base is their most important source of revenue and referrals. Digg this!

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Social Media is not a campaign it’s a commitment!

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Digg this! Using Social Media to Deepen Customer Relations An obvious win for companies looking to jump into Social. Blogging Communications Crowdsourcing Customer Support Enterprise 2.0

FOUND the ROI of Social Media for B2B Marketers!

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But I believe there is one place that delivers a strong ROI in Social Media and if you follow my advice not only will you conquer social media but you will delight your customers in the process! Enter Social Customer Support …. Digg this!

Social Media for Sales


through co-creation and crowdsourcing ) and customer service ( Best Buy and Comcast for example) to human resources (outstanding HR tweeps: Sharlyn Lauby and Alicia Arenas ) and sales groups. The first is for the sales team to understand what their own company is doing with social media, and how customers and key influencers are responding. If customers are praising the company’s service through social media channels, that is a strength the sales person can play to.

7 Reasons Every Business Needs to be on Twitter


To Interact with Customers. For most business, it’s far easier and more profitable to generate continued or new business from existing customers than it is to acquire new ones. Growing existing customer business requires ongoing communication. Digg this!

Best Website Design Guides and Tips of 2010


Custom 404 Error Pages. Sure, custom 404 pages are fun, but they’re practical as well as pointed out in this post: “many designers these days are taking a little extra time and effort to get creative with the 404 page. Digg this!

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B2B Gets Yelp’d

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The success of the site ushered in a return to customer service becoming a vital part of B2C marketing success. In the same way Yelp put support and customer service a key marketing concern for stores, bars and restaurants, sites like Quora , LinkedIn and Twitter wresting control from B2B marketing departments and putting it in keyboard-happy hands of customers. All of a sudden their customer service becomes the weak area.”. As a result, customer service suffered.

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Print Consumer Magazines Score Big in Europe

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The ones that are thriving are customer magazines , designed to be helpful and relevant to consumers while delivering marketing messages and building brand loyalty. I spoke to a group of 50 passionate people, all eager to learn what it takes to create engaging content for their customers. Focus on the customer. Digg this! Customer Media Congress: Patsi’s in Dutch… Online Persuasion: Seeing Through the Eyes of Your Customers.

Location is important for your Contact Center too!

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Comcast provides customer care through its Twitter account “ comcastcares ”. They use their twitter account to provide customer support if their cable, internet or phone service is out. And I can promise you this is only just the beginning of the age of Social Customer Service.

How to Choose a Social Media Listening Platform for B2B Marketing

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There is a growing number of listening platforms devoted to Social Media – everything from highly customized services that are managed for you, to free tools you can manage yourself. Digg this! In the last post we covered how to create a Social Media Lead Flow.

5 Common Stages of B2B Lead Nurturing

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You can do this by pointing them to customer stories on your blog or website, short and fun videos, engage them on your branded social media channels, and deliver informative industry data in the form of digestible e-books.