Ten tips for customer reactivation


Are you looking for the best ways to reactivate dormant customers and reduce churn? Consider which of these may be the most applicable to your business, your customers, and your objectives. The longer a customer is inactive, the more likely an eventual defection.

The case for customer reactivation


As marketing advances, most professionals are well aware by now of the importance of retention and reactivation in optimizing the value of the customer base. Retaining an additional 2% of customers has the same effect as cutting costs 10% ( Davidow and Malone , The Virtual Corporation ).

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How to simultaneously attract new prospects and retain loyal customers


One of the challenges business owners face is attracting new customers while trying to retain current customers. B2B companies tend to focus more resources on attracting new customers than retaining current customers. Understand what really matters to your customer.

Am I connecting with my customers enough? 10 tips for customer outreach


How’s your customer outreach? You might be looking at how to secure new customers and follow up on leads, but are you also keeping your existing customers happy? We hear a lot about customer engagement and outreach these days. Your customers are a key part of your story.

Empathy: Your Lead Generation Superpower

Speaker: Brian Carroll, CEO & Founder of markempa

There has never been more marketing channels to reach potential customers. That's why we need to go beyond rational-logic based marketing to understand how our customers feel. The single biggest issue for B2B growth is effective lead generation: increasing lead quality and quantity.

Increasing customer engagement with videos just got easier


Increasing customer engagement with video is not the same as upping the level of charm in the video. It’s getting the customer involved. It provides a better customer experience. FAQs can increase customer engagement with videos.

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4 Ways to really engage your customers on social media


The good news is that it’s easier than ever to increase customer engagement with videos or engage them in conversation through contests and thoughtfully-worded posts. People want and like a better customer experience, so make sure to give them one if you want to really engage them.

New Year’s resolutions for digital marketers


Whether it’s messaging, channels, calls-to-action or a whole host of other components in the customer journey, testing rocks. It’s simply the right thing to do, both for your customers and for your business. Customer experience matters, even when you can’t measure it directly.

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The simple truth about what’s driving digital next year


uncertain, we can absolutely take a look at where we are right now, what seems to be happening, and look at the trends that are driving not only marketing forward but also our customers’ overall experiences. Seamless customer interactions.

Seven Things Marketers Need to Know About Lead Generation

Speaker: Douglas Burdett, Host of The Marketing Book Podcast, Founder/Principal of ARTILLERY

Instead of finding customers with mass advertising and email blasts, marketers must now focus on being found and learn to build continuous relationships with buyers.

The state of B2B marketing in Asia—moving toward digital


Current Asia starts by mapping our clients’ customer journeys, and clearly defining their target customer personas. These new ways of engaging customers require new streams of content, from thought leadership, to tips and trends, to bite-sized product and customer service information.

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What am I supposed to do with all this data?


A few examples: Buyer profiles—What keeps my customers up at night? Search data (paid and organic)—What key topics are my customers already looking for? CRM – What do our existing customers want the most? Are you a marketer?

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Meet the king, the queen, and the crown jewels: content, customer experience, and data


Customer experience is queen. Let’s consider a representative customer for a moment. What do your customers share on social? Most customers know more about your products and services than your employees do. Customer experience is queen. Customer experience is queen.

Six powerful B2B marketing tactics you may be missing


I hereby offer a roundup of ideas that you may have overlooked: IP address identification, a customer-driven content marketing strategy, better lead qualification, a renewed focus on customer and prospect data, account-based marketing, and linking consumer data with your business records.

Lead your customers to your best online content: here’s how


That’s why having a smart content strategy is absolutely essential when it comes to using your online content to attract new customers. Here’s how you can lead your customers to your best content and keep them on your website longer.

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Developing a Conversational Approach

Speaker: Carlos Hidalgo, CEO & Founder of VisumCx

B2B buyers are more sophisticated than ever before, from the customers’ initial discovery, to the moment they commit to buy. With information at their fingertips, the chances are that potential customers have already met you, judged you and have a firm impression on your company and products.

6 types of content your readers hate


If you want to create the best content for your brand and to prevent alienating potential customers, avoid creating these six types of content. When your content remains accessible to a larger audience, you become more likely to convert customers.

9 things you can do today to improve your Google search results


Add ALT Text to All Your Photos and Images Right this Minute : All modern content management systems (CMS) have someplace to customize all the images on your site.

Where is B2B marketing headed? 7 predictions for 2018


The marketing buzzword of the year, artificial intelligence will in 2018 prove its value in speeding up data processing and applying machine learning to digital advertising, predictive analytics, responsive websites, chatbots, and all manner of customer management. Customer experience will become a key discipline in B2B. End-of-the-year predictions are a dangerous business. I will take the risk and just hope that at the end of 2018, no one looks back to call me on it!

6 important data points to record on your customers


Customer data is one of the most important parts of your business success. If you’re not already using a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to collect and manage the data , you should be. To drive sales higher, you must understand what, how, and why customers are buying.

Design thinking


The most secure source of new ideas that have true competitive advantage, and hence, higher margins, is customers’ unarticulated needs,” says Jeanne Liedtka. Customer intimacy—a deep knowledge of customers and their problems—helps to uncover those needs.”

How storytelling can shape the corporate brand and culture


Simply using words and sharing data with customers and employees can be too cerebral and esoteric, but using storytelling to communicate “who we are,” “what we have learned,” and “why we are changing” will be far more captivating and motivating.

Gaining an edge over competitors with a knowledge base


A knowledge base is a tool that every company should rely on, as it easily improves customer support, collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and workflow within a company. You simply pick a domain name that you want your customers to be able to reach with your knowledge base pages.

B2B marketing lessons from Michael Brenner


One of Brenner’s many career accomplishments was his early recognition of the value of web communities as a way to attract, engage, and establish a relationship of trust with customers and prospects. Focus on customer success.

10 Reasons why branding is even more important for start-ups


And most certainly don’t realize the full potential for applying relevant branding principles to improve their marketing and communication practices, especially when faced with new competition, changing customer preferences or other market-based trends.

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Read this article before you start a social media program


From a sales-marketing-business-development perspective, the ultimate goal is usually to increase revenue—to secure new customers or clients. Prospecting – identifying potential new customers or clients; learning about them; and making initial connections.

Five habits of highly-effective entrepreneurs


Focus on customers. Successful entrepreneurs understand how valuable “the customer” is to the growth of business. The customer” isn’t some revenue total, marketing analysis, or collective segment. The customer” is an understanding that each of your clients is an individual.

Getting to ABM: notes from the field


Together, we decided to get the customer on the phone and better understand the need. The account manager handed the customer over to the marketing team. The customer was blown away. The play was: stop what we’re doing and speak to the customer ourselves.

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The 10 most fascinating people in B2B marketing in 2016


She was way ahead of the pack in calling for marketing accountability, in everything from lead generation to customer experience management. Ajay Gupta is a data innovator with big ideas for how the rest of us can get smarter with our prospecting and current customer marketing.

Socialize your videos for business development


Marketers surveyed by Ascend2 ranked the importance and effectiveness of common video types as follows: Customer testimonials. People spend more than 100,000,000 hours every day watching video on Facebook , which will soon be 100% video, according to Mark Zuckerberg.

How to triple your digital marketing results


Notice what these metrics have in common: they all require some action on the part of the target, whether it’s a prospect or a customer. What metrics do you use to define digital marketing success today? Clicks? Traffic? Followers? Leads? Sales?

50 Facts about online consumer behavior not to ignore


81% of customers reach out to friends and family members on social networking sites for advice before purchasing products. 60-70% is probability of selling to an existing customer. 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service.

How to use customer data to develop marketing insights


Collecting customer data and analyzing it to gain customer experience insights is something only big businesses do, right? In fact, small businesses can and should collect valuable customer information, just like big businesses.

Switch the user interface to accelerate growth and leadership


Your personal search history is used to customize your new searches. Customer-vendor relationships will be transformed. Lesson for leaders. Advertising looks like an unstoppable force as it drives Google ’s and Facebook ’s dominance, earning them one-fifth of global ad revenues.

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The resurgence of values-based branding for restoring trust


The scary decline of trust in all facets of our society has created a new challenge for brands: how can brands overcome the growing skepticism and lack of credibility caused by this distrust to authentically relate to their customers?

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5 tips to get people to buy online


Online, it is all about your reputation and your customer care. If your customer care and after sales service is poor, it will cripple your online sales. This is done through quality, honest copy, testimonials from happy customers, and developing your experience and expertise.

Is your brand making maximizing interest from potential customers?


Engaging customers long before a sale, and even longer after it, are keys to building brand confidence and growing your revenue. At each of the four stages of a sales funnel your goal is to be front of mind, engage, provide value, and move the customer to the next stage.

10 most inspiring digital marketing stories of 2016


Best known for their functional cars that offer amazing price-to-value ratios, the customer market grew by 60,000 cars in the last three years. The company let customers request delivery of their favorite pizza by tweeting to the @Dominos Twitter account , or by using the hashtag #EasyOrder.

Social media employee advocacy is the heartbeat of your company


When your messaging comes across as authentic on social media, your prospects and customers will gravitate towards doing business with your company. Employee advocacy is an opportunity for you to be genuinely helpful to your customers and enlist your team members to help you do it better.

Stop over-complicating your customer information


For some reason, we’ve decided that these two ways of understanding customers are completely separate, complicated, and require immense training to do properly. The post Stop over-complicating your customer information appeared first on Biznology.