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    [Customer] How to Get the Latest and Greatest B2B News and Insights – Personalized Just for You
    The engine then uses these signals to both personalize the ranking of posts on the site when you log in, and to produce customized Daily and Weekly newsletters for you. Since its inception, the B2B Marketing Zone has been the one place to catch up on all the latest posts from the leading B2B bloggers, writers like Brian Carroll , Chris Abraham , Ambal Balakrishnan , Ardath Albee and many more. Over time, the site has evolved and added new features to enhance its value to readers.
    [Customer] 5 Lessons to Learn Early in Your Marketing Career
    Volunteer for rotations within customer service or product support. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Today’s guest post comes from Geeta Sachdev, Senior Vice President of Marketing at SolarWinds and a contributor to the Real World Marketing Syllabus. She oversees the company’s Web, marketing and corporate communications functions. A former Executive Director at Dell, she has experience in a variety of global roles – from marketing to e-commerce to call center.
    [Customer] Create a Winning Business Personality to Standout from the Crowd
    Tweaking your message and staying in contact with customers are key components, but have you ever felt like you’re just not connecting with your audience? It can put customers at ease, give them a quick laugh and creates a memorable moment in the often stressful endeavor of booking a vacation. A bipolar brand personality is an easy way to confuse and alienate customers. Marketing your small business is an ever-evolving project.
    [Customer] 3 Truths to Help Balance Marketing Technology Mayhem
    Kristin’s focused on driving an evolved digital marketing culture, resulting in innovative ways for Deltek to connect with customers and prospects. by Contributor Friendly | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Kristin Connell , Senior Manager of Digital Marketing and Content Strategy at Deltek, provider of enterprise software and information solutions for project-based businesses.
    [Customer] Does Native Advertising Work?
    No more smashing your customers in the face with ad hammers. Native advertising is one of content marketing’s cousins: it carries the sense that you win over a customer these days by reaching out (gently) with wise counsel, objective information, and the invitation to an ongoing conversation. “Look, you’re going to love this piece!
    [Customer] Marketing Showdown: How to Reach Gen Y
    At Marketo, we care about marketing to Generation Y for another reason, also: Generation Y represents the future of customer engagement. You already care about how customers interact with your brand on social media , and you should pay special attention to Generation Y. Be Responsive: When a customer calls, do you answer the phone, or do you let it ring?
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    [Customer] The Next-Generation CMO’s Revenue-Driven Approach to Marketing
    As the CMO of Box, one of my key responsibilities is to drive continuous improvement across my organization and I knew part of my strategy had to include refining our ability to intelligently target and engage with our customers. It really does enable us to be more intelligent about everything we do based on an understanding of which customers are in-market and where they are in their journey. Buyer visibility impacts every aspect of marketing and sales.
    [Customer] Task management is time management: 3 tools that work
    And you’re just a click away from viewing customer profile information that you might want to review before your next meeting. Until they invent cloning, we entrepreneurs will have to work smarter with the technology that’s available to us. Fortunately, there are some great tools out there that help us better manage our time and make it more fun to run a business. All-in-One Social Media Management. You’ve got your Twitter profile. Your Google+ account.
    [Customer] 7 Ways To Never Run Out Of Magnetic B2B Blog Topics
    Common customer questions – This can form the bedrock of your blogging foundation. Gather your sales and customer service people and brainstorm a list of the most common questions they receive. Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer Are you worried the well of ideas for your B2B blog will run dry? Fear not. Here are seven ways to keep the good ideas flowing. Congratulations! You’ve launched a blog for your B2B company. Management and the sales team are on board.
    [Customer] 7 Ways to Find Epic Blog Writers for Your Site
    It’s not a secret anymore that creating quality content is a priority for any business willing to grow their blog and get more customers. Recent research shows that 61 % of clients are more likely to order products and services from companies that create custom content. If you keep track of the current marketing trends, you’ve already made a decision to produce engaging and useful content to attract new leads and boost your sales. Great!
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    [Customer] The Marketer's Guide to Proper Social Media Etiquette
    Don’t post or tag photos of fans, customers, or employees without permission. Tip : If you want recommendations, start with customers or professional peers who have used and know your company. As a savvy inbound marketer, you''re already sold on the value of using social media. But good social media marketing is about more than engagement, lead generation, and wider reach. you gotta have some etiquette, man. Etiquette? Really? Like pinkies-up-at-tea-time stuff?
    [Customer] What is Ad Tech and Why Should Agencies Care?
    Deeper connections tend to occur naturally through regular communications, realistic expectations, and thoughtful customization. Customization. Agencies and brands are realizing that they need to customize creative for each channel and integration. Emerging technologies always encourage scrutiny and critical analysis, and ad tech is no different. This discipline has been around for a few years, but it's only recently caught the attention of savvy ad tech agencies.
    [Customer] Top 10 Industrial Marketing Posts of 2011
    Relevant Content Converts More Industrial Site Visitors into Sales Leads and Customers. As we wind down 2011, this is a good time to review all the industrial marketing posts that I have published here and been viewed by you, my readers, during the year. Not all the posts were written in 2011, one was way back from 2008. If there is one important takeaway from this exercise, it is that blog posts live forever and continue to attract traffic long after they have been posted.
    [Customer] Industrial Marketing is not Disconnected Tactics
    Marketing does a lot more by building trust among your customers (branding) and sets the table for prospects to engage in more meaningful conversations with your sales team (See Inbound Marketing Must Set the Table for Industrial Sales ). Many manufacturers and industrial companies are learning some hard lessons these days. Business as usual is not working – referrals are trickling in, if at all and the pipeline of leads is running dry.
    [Customer] A Dozen B2B Marketing Mantras for 2012
    Whenever possible, say yes to your customers/clients. The Fusion Marketing Partners team got together last week to do our year end recap and strategize plans for 2012. The bottom line is that we had a good year. As part of the discussion, we talked about some guiding principles (mantras) for how we will conduct business in 2012. Here is a sampling that might give you some ideas for improvement in the coming year.
    [Customer] Don’t Let the Arctic Blast Freeze Your eCommerce Site in 2014
    Free shipping and free shipping upgrades are one of the best ways to keep your customers. Let customers know where their products are coming from and share vendor information. You might have on two pairs of pants right now, but that’s just because you’re smart. You’ve watched the weather forecast. You put on your long johns and got ready to face the subzero temperatures waiting outside your door. You should approach your 2014 marketing plan in the same way.
    [Customer] Your Guide to Email Design
    That’s probably why 74% of VerticalResponse customers send newsletters. New contacts may need a little encouragement to go from interested bystander to paying customer or contributing donor. When it comes to email design, a lot of questions come up. How many colors should you use? What fonts or image formats are best? Should images be included in every email? There’s a lot to consider.
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    [Customer] Identifying A Target Audience for Manufacturers
    Who: Get to know your current customers and the people who make the final purchasing decisions. Center your ideal customer profile on your already established customer base. What: First concentrate on what are your customers’ backgrounds. Also focus on what your customers are buying now. When: When do customers buy your products? For example, do your customers buy on a regular basis or does it fluctuate based on a season?
    [Customer] Tips to Creating an Online Gift Guide That Delivers the Goods
    To help you create a gift guide, we turned to Tom Fallenstein, CEO of, a website that utilizes online guides to sell gifts and costumes to customers. “It leaves the customer feeling good about their purchase.” One of the best marketing tools your small business or non-profit can create during the holiday season is a gift guide. Everyone needs a little inspiration this time of year, so why not showcase your products and services in an easy-to-buy format?
    [Customer] Increase Your Summer Energy-6 idea’s
    Visit your current customers. If possible socialize with them at a Customer Appreciation event or one on one dinners. Increase Your Summer Energy. 6 idea’s. Every salesperson and all sales leaders at this time of year must focus on maintaining or even increasing their levels of energy-especially for the months of July/August. With vacations, a summer attitude of relaxation and with the first half of the year completed many sales teams take a deep breath and coast.
    [Customer] Sales Mgmt: Training; Learn from Disney U
    After reading “ Disney U ”, How the Disney University Develops the World’s Most Engaged, Loyal, and Customer Centric Employees , you will come aware with a notebook filled with ideas to improve your employee development. Note: Show/Cast those terms refer to show=customer experience, cast=employees. . Sales Leadership: What is your training plan? Learn from “Disney U”. As a sales manager one of your responsibilities is to develop the professionalism of your sales team.
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    [Customer] 3 Content Marketing Mistakes Every B2B Company Should Avoid
    We stopped counting our number of customers at 100. Ensure this content addresses common pain points from your key customer segments. Over my last seven years as an entrepreneur in the business storytelling space, my co-founder and I have had the opportunity to work with different types of companies— ranging from software and media, to corporate innovation, financial services, and even data as a service.
    [Customer] Advertising Loses More Jobs Than Any Other Industry
    It means we need to move away from interruptive and more traditional tactics -- advertising, billboards, direct mail -- and embrace new ways of attracting customers by creating content that has real value. Here’s a puzzle for you: What do advertising and promotion managers have in common with construction helpers, carpenter helpers, stucco masons, typists, textile machine workers, and people who operate drilling and boring machines? Answer: They’re all working in areas where U.S.
    [Customer] Throw Out the Rulebook – 5 Ways to Disrupt and Re-Energize Your B2B Lead Generation
    It’s time to throw out the rulebook, innovate like never before and take customer experience to a whole new level. If we did, we would have real, meaningful conversations with our prospects and customers. It’s all about focusing on relationships of trust that your customers will value. In the words of men who have understood human emotion and behaviour like few others, you can and should throw out the rulebook. “Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.” ?
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    [Customer] Real SEO, or How You Know When It’s Wrong
    By keeping the customer in mind. Serve the customers, make your website (and overall Web presence) the attractive face of your business, and you should end up on the right side of the law … er, I mean, Google. If your goal with SEO is to serve users and build your business by doing great work and letting your customers know about it, then you’re fine.
    [Customer] What I did on my Summer Internship: Perspective from eMagine’s Social Media Intern
    Businesses can and should use social media as a means to maintain customer relationships. Working with social media from a business standpoint really made me aware of how important social media is, as part of a marketing and customer relations strategy- a business would be really missing out by not utilizing social media. Felicia Cohen is a college student from Bridgewater State University who was invited to spend her summer here at eMagine.
  • TERMINUS  |  FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2017
    [Customer] How Account-Based Marketing Shortens Sales Cycles by 40%
    Jenny Coupe , VP of Customer Acquisition and one of our Top 45 ABM Superheroes , explains why SOASTA decided to implement account-based marketing and why Terminus was the first ABM tool they added to their tech stack. They work with e-commerce companies who rely on their websites to maximize revenue by providing data analytics and software to help optimize the customer experience. The beauty with Terminus,” Jenny shares, “is you can set up different custom campaigns.
    [Customer] Sales Mgmt: don’t over complicate it….
    Scheduling multiple people from my client’s office and the customers became a challenge to arrange. Sales Leadership: Don’t over complicate it…. Last week I almost lost it. While I was observing a sales meeting at a client’s site, (they were following our template/agenda for the meeting) when the president who is active in this meeting brought up a topic that took them down the rat hole.
    [Customer] 5 Sales Blunders to Avoid when Prospects Are Ready to Buy
    Your customers will never return for repeat business if your sales reps turn them off, so apply pushiness wisely to keep them coming back for more. You don’t just want the sale; you also want future sales and a long-term customer as well. After the sale, you have to offer excellent customer service and follow-up to nurture the relationship. You’ll make the job a lot easier if you don’t leave customers frustrated with the buying process.
    [Customer] Brands Are Facing Post-Election Boycotts. Here’s Why They Can’t Back Down
    Why risk ostracizing half of your potential customers with some divisive statement that alienates the left or the right? Even if publicizing your beliefs may ostracize some potential customers, it also builds deep loyalty for those who share your values—particularly values like celebrating equality and inclusion, which many people support, regardless of political affiliation. Advertisers typically prefer to stay out of politics.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2014
    [Customer] Little Secrets to Contact Forms That Convert [Quick Tip]
    Gathering information on your customers is a tricky thing. Start with name and email address, and then build from there with one or two questions every time that potential customer comes back. This post originally appeared on the Ecommerce section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to Ecommerce. Who doesn’t hate filling out forms? Hate is a strong word, but sometimes it’s not strong enough.
    [Customer] Microsoft buys LinkedIn: the largest martech acquisition in history?
    To appreciate why Google, Facebook, and — especially with this LinkedIn deal — Microsoft are possibly the most powerful martech companies in the world, we need to step back and look at the big picture of how marketers connect with prospects and customers in the digital age. Interactions between marketers and customers must pass through at least two of these stages and very often all three. Last week, Microsoft announced that it was acquiring LinkedIn for a whopping $26.2 billion.
    [Customer] The Top 10 Free Content Analytics Tools
    When it comes to customizing data, you can track certain campaigns that are driving traffic to your site, create your own reports with hand-picked metrics, and set up custom alerts to have your insights delivered at specific times. Once you get comfortable with Piwik, however, you can customize it to your liking, since the dashboard is full of widgets that can be arranged for most analytical needs.
    [Customer] 6 Tips From John Legend To Help Your Strategy “Get Lifted”
    Stay keen on the marketers who inspire you most with their content and customer activities. by Amanda Batista | Tweet this Believe it or not, before John Legend became a successful, 9-time Grammy winning artist, he worked in management consulting at Boston Consulting Group. He spent his days immersed in spreadsheets and his nights recording in the studio with other artists.
  • BIZIBLE  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 16, 2016
    [Customer] 5 Reasons Mastering Marketing Attribution Helps You Become A Better Business Leader
    Forecasts and predictive models help marketers with project planning because they help to set achievable goals, whether your goal is to hit a certain MRR, MQL count, or customer count. What was a bestseller, reaching 10,000 copies sold per year, in colonial America? Answer: Ben Franklin’s “Poor Richard’s Almanac.” This publication was essentially a variety show filled with poetry, weather forecasts, household hints, and historical tidbits.
    [Customer] [Infographic] What 100 B2B CMOs Have to Say About Predictive Analytics
    It can and will become the vital tool towards understanding a business’ total addressable market–- which is still the #1 barrier for CMOs to drive long-term customer growth. Click on image to download full infographic. We’re not sure if even we could have predicted the massive momentum of predictive analytics that has happened in the past few years.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2011
    [Customer] Top 5 Metrics for Auditing Your Social Media Marketing ROI
    Participating in social media can have a number of beneficial business applications such as facilitating customer service and boosting public relations. While positive brand sentiment and a high level of customer service are important, your boss wants to know that the time you're spending in social media is actually translating into leads and customers. Customers: Now take that leads data one step further. Are your social media leads actually turning into customers?
    [Customer] Social Media Marketing Tools For B2B Marketers
    Social media is a vital part of wooing your customers and personalising business. For some time now, B2B marketers have doggedly measured the number of their Twitter followers or Facebook ‘likes’. But as more B2B companies adopt social media marketing programs, the importance of measuring ROI is taking over, says Liad Guez from Oktopost. In an era where digital marketing is more of a science than art, why are today’s marketers still flocking to a fad that’s so hard to measure?
  • DISTRIBION  |  FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2017
    [Customer] See You At The 2017 LIMRA Marketing Conference
    Email marketing still holds the top spot as the most effective channel to nurture leads and engage with customers. Karen Imbrogno and Amy Rey round out the panel to discuss what it takes to be successful with your customers today and into the future. Plane tickets booked? Check. Hotel rooms reserved? Yup, thanks to Captain Obvious. Ready to meet inspiring, dedicated financial service professionals in all areas of marketing? You betcha. Nashville, Tennessee here we come!
    [Customer] Why B2B Companies Are Betting Big on Content Marketing
    This is an instance of pull marketing wherein you “pull” in customers through the strength of your influence. A potential customer who already recognizes your expertise in a niche is a far warmer lead than a bunch of random names on a Rolodex. The eventual goal of content marketing is to create a self-perpetuating community of customers, fans, and followers. It’s a jungle out there: thousands of brands clamoring for the attention of millions of consumers.
    [Customer] 3 Digital Marketing Themes Explored At TFM&A in London
    B2C companies especially need to have their mobile sites not only optimized for mobile viewing, but also to provide the access and capabilities that customers need to make purchases easily and efficiently. With the influx of data that we as marketers have access to now, it’s becoming more crucial to use that data to create better experiences for our customers. It means providing personalized and customized experiences for our customers and prospects.
    [Customer] 5 Essential Books to Understand B2B Sales 2.0
    To understand how next-generation sales helps boost revenue and build relationships with customers, consider the following 5 essential books to understand Sales 2.0 : 1. Their company shows clients how to improve their sales efficiency and customer experience processes. This book emphasizes the need to focus on the needs of the customer. by Katie Byrnes To effectively build relationships with prospects, sales teams need to learn to leverage evolving sales strategies.
    [Customer] How Much is Your Address Book Worth?
    If you are able to invest in networking at events and associations, be strategic about investing in the ones that your future customers are involved in. Research your customers and find out where they network, and then do the same. Tweet How much is your address book worth? I know that seems like a silly question because very few people even have a little black book that contains all of their contacts’ phone numbers and addresses.
    [Customer] Marketing Automation Systems are on the Rise
    Nurturing a lead into a customer is a gradual process. Marketing automation systems can benefit both B2B companies large and small, whether you’re looking for cash flow at American Express or growing a customer base from scratch. Guest post by Gene Morris. Two common business terms combined describe the an increasingly popular outreach tool: marketing automation.
    [Customer] 10 Tips to Plan B2B Content Marketing and Maximize Lead Generation
    Think short, simple, uncomplicated videos that are customized to various industries and personas that your target audience represents. If you are not sure of this, then you need to prepare to face an unhappy customer who will soon spread the word—so beware! . As we come close to wrapping up this year, much has been said and done (again) about the importance and usefulness of content marketing.
  • CONTENTLY  |  MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016
    [Customer] How Content is Transforming the Enterprise
    In case you haven’t noticed, the Internet has fundamentally changed the way companies communicate with their customers. It’s gone from a one-way, broadcast communication (“It’s our Memorial Day Sale!”) ”) to a two-way conversation (“What do you need, and how can we help?”). ”).
    [Customer] Social Psychology for Marketers: 8 Lessons in Buyer Behavior
    Before asking something of your prospects, leads, or customers, provide them with a "gift" first -- as in, something for free. Try providing your potential customers with surprise coupons or deals, rather than a promotion that exists weekly and at the same time each week. A big part of every marketer''s job is understanding how and why our prospects behave the way they do.
    [Customer] [x+1] Origin Digital Marketing Hub Offers Cross-Channel Decision Management
    You could also see DMPs as a type of marketing database because they have the key characteristic of being organized around individual prospects and customers. Those marketers should find that [x+1] Hub lets them coordinate real-time customer treatments across all channels without purchasing a separate decision management system. My recent posts on real time decision systems have all described products from vendors of batch-oriented, outbound campaign management systems.
    [Customer] Algorithm Updates: Common Questions & What You Should Know
    So…we recommend that you build and grow your site with your customers and business in mind. Make sure your site is technically sound , create content that addresses customer needs, and engage in marketing activities that encourage others to share your content, talk about your business, and link to your site. When a major algorithm update happens like it did May 20th , it’s always interesting to see reactions from both the search community, affected businesses , and the media.
    [Customer] Act-On Software a Leader in Marketing Automation
    Act-On is a customer centric company dedicated to product innovation, and the customer reviews and ratings from G2 Crowd support that. Today G2 Crowd released its winter crowdsourced review grid for marketing automation. Over 700 reviews on marketing automation technologies were sourced across 14 companies. Overall, marketing automation users report an 85% rate of satisfaction with their software.
    [Customer] B2B Marketers Need to Get on Board with Social Media… NOW!
    The report found that almost two-thirds of B2B marketing executives view social media as an “important” channel to interact with customers, partners, and stakeholders. The unveiling of Facebook’s data regarding its customer growth, for example, could be the nudge that makes B2B marketers take notice and beef up their Facebook marketing strategies.
    [Customer] Track and Use Data from SMS/Text for Your Marketing
    For example, suppose you want to send out a message or a coupon to a current customer or prospective customer and you want to use the channel with the greatest possibility they will see it. Here are some tips on where to start: Invite customers to quickly sign up for your loyalty program via text. The Power of Incorporating SMS/Text Into Your Marketing.
    [Customer] How to be “Future Ready” for a career in marketing
    Related Stories Four ways customer connections will change by 2020 The 5 hottest marketing jobs in a digital age The future of digital marketing will be built on fun. I was challenged by my friends at Dell to write a post on what it would mean to be “Future Ready” … How do we prepare and remain relevant for the next 5-10 years of business? I’m up for the challenge and here is my first insight: Don’t worry about Ello. But seriously.
    [Customer] 3 Surprising Benefits of Interactive Content
    In a recent webinar , Customer Success Manager Michelle Chin and I went through three reasons interactive content is getting amazing results for marketers – and how to get started with interactivity. that salesperson could say, “Hi Sally, I saw you filled out our assessment and your team’s performance in A and B are low – let me tell you how we help our customers with that.”. So you’re thinking about using interactive content.
    [Customer] 10 Little Ways to Make Your Data Far More Compelling
    The tool defaults to this month vs. last month, but feel free to customize the data around your organization's reporting cadence. Then, use the section labeled "Order by" to customize the sequence of values or categories. In the "before" snapshot, a key takeaway might be that the majority of contacts generated through Offline Sources ended up as customers. However, it's difficult to know what proportion of the Customer lifecycle stage came from Offline Sources.
    [Customer] ValueStory Roadshow Rocks Austin Texas
    An audience including folks from Dell, IBM and Avnet were treated to great wine and food from Jasper's, as we reviewed the latest IDC buyer trends that are sure to have an impact on 2013 planning, and gave a hands on demonstrations of our new ValueStory mobile customer engagement App. Everything is a little bigger in Texas, and that proved to be the case this week as our ValueStory launch roadshow visited Austin.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 20, 2014
    [Customer] Should Your SEO Strategy Include Yahoo and Bing?
    Now, when Google changes their algorithm and knocks you off of their top search results, there’s still a chance that potential customers can find you when they search on Bing or Yahoo, which could be a godsend if most of your traffic comes from search results. Once you’ve created a great, user-friendly website , you absolutely must optimize it for Google, Bing, and Yahoo so that your potential customers are given the opportunity to discover what you’ve created.
    [Customer] How to Create a Holiday Marketing Campaign: A Step-by-Step Guide
    There's going to be a lot of spending going in over the next month or so, which is why it's important to have a plan for reaching your customers and prospects before your competitors do. For HubSpot customers, it's easy to segment your database using a smart list in the Lists App. If you're a HubSpot customer, you can do so in HubSpot's Workflow App , which makes it easy for you to gauge the performance of your email sequence.
    [Customer] You’ve Discovered SEO Keywords, But What’s Next?
    If you’re not engaging with your prospective customers on social media, you can bet your competitors are. Guest post by Adam Hutchinson. Most digital marketers have a general SEO strategy such as tracking keyword performance and incorporating search terms into their blog posts. Believe it or not, SEO keywords are way more valuable than SEO itself. A sophisticated keyword strategy can help every step of your marketing funnel. Group Your Keywords.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013
    [Customer] How a Sales Coaching Program Can Grow Your Business in Turbulent Times
    Sales representatives are taking on bigger territories, facing higher quotas, and making more customer contacts than ever -- but according to my company''s latest study , fewer than 55% of sales representatives make quota. Most of all, they are looking for predictable, reliable, and proven-in-the-field coaching to help them better identify and solve customer needs. Selling is hard work.
    [Customer] How Branded Short Films and Documentaries Are Transforming Video Marketing in 2016
    Igneous Skis’ Story of the First Custom Ski Company. The “Igneous Skis” video functions as an extended origin story, describing how the founder was inspired to create “the first custom ski company” in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. From beers to BMWs, brands are getting more experimental and movie-like with their video marketing strategies.
  • PUREB2B  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 2017
    [Customer] Using Buyer Intent to Drive Your Marketing Efforts
    And this means putting your customer’s needs, wants and interests at the center of all your sales and marketing campaigns. Customer-Centered Marketing. Nowadays, it’s about how well you can deliver what your target market wants in terms of communication, products, and customer service. This is the customer-centered approach that businesses and organizations aim for. Customer Touch Points.
  • LEANDATA  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 30, 2015
    [Customer] Account-Based Marketing: The Pathway to Revenue Nirvana
    You want me to build pipeline by going after less potential customers? It’s a combined effort all the way to the finish line, and right on through customer upsell and cross-sell, and on into customer education and renewal. Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail to LeadGen Nirvana or just another black-box solution destined to cost a lot of money, distract marketing and just end up getting more bad leads to the sales department faster than ever before?
    [Customer] Marketers Lead The Business
    As the buyer turns into a customer, it is marketing who own the entire lifecycle and can be consistently listening for cues. The 2015 Marketo Roadshow promised one thing: bring inspiration to the marketing nation. In Boston, they did just that. Today, consumers receive over 3,000 marketing messages a day, take in about 50, but only really listen to 4. So how are marketers suppose to reach their ever-increasing selective audience? It’s not about getting louder, it’s about getting smarter.
    [Customer] Dispatch from CMW: Recapping Day One
    We’re about to get a whole lot of pressure to quit and go back to traditional marketing methods as we fall into the Trough — but the marketers who love content, who care about building real relationships with our buyers and customers, and who want to build stuff that matters, will stick through it and come out stronger. Content Strategy = Business Outcomes + Customer Satisfaction. This is my first year at CMW, and let me just say - these folks know how to run a conference.
    [Customer] How to Calculate Whether That Trade Show Was Worth the Investment
    They end up over-hyped and under-delivering, chalk full of poor networking opportunities, generic content, and few opportunities to make meaningful connections with new leads and customers. As the leads begin to turn into new HubSpot customers, we’ll then be able to perform our ROI calculations. We’ve always been pretty hesitant to jump in head first with event sponsorship and attendance.
    [Customer] New Tool to Measure Web Presence Optimization
    So the team picked out the best of the “siloed” special purpose tools and built a sort of informal internal dashboard of metrics, many of which are custom, to help facilitate WPO efforts and to provide cohesive reporting for KCA clients.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2012
    [Customer] How to Start a Lead Management Program in 9 Easy Steps
    It's clear from the beginning of your lead management planning how customers don't want to be marketed to today, but the success of your lead management program hinges on understanding how your customers do want to be marketed to. The contacts and content your customers and prospects receive should be based on behaviors they’ve exhibited, the passage of time, or both. and consider the cost per opportunity and cost per customer acquisition in the analysis.
    [Customer] Why Sales Should Care About What Marketing Is Doing To Grow Quality Pipeline Faster
    Third, the cost and resources to get customers into the sales cycle is flawed. I’m an avid believer of simplicity. Why make things more complex, if there is a better and more effective way of executing it? We all know marketing and sales teams never seemed to get along. But as a sales leader, it’s critical to change this. The main issue is that sales reps don’t know what programs marketers are running, and marketers don’t know why sales aren’t following up.
  • THE POINT  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014
    [Customer] 5 Common Content Syndication Mistakes
    Some will allow custom qualifying questions (“What CRM software do you use?”) Though it predates what we think of today as “content marketing,” content syndication is still a cornerstone of many B2B companies’ demand generation strategies.
    [Customer] The ROI of Events: What You Should be Measuring
    Of those, 699 were the people we considered in-profile prospects worthy of pipeline development (and of those, 151 were considered the best “super-targets”), 32 were current leads or sales leads, 130 were current opportunities, and 408 were current customers. by Dayna Rothman Too many marketers think of event ROI measurement as a pass/fail exercise, i.e., was the event good or not, or did it achieve more than X? Think about questions you want to answer that go beyond pass/fail.
    [Customer] 2015 Sales Predictions
    This has to do with the customers need to quickly take action, their existing knowledge and margin/COS pressures. These Business Guidance recommendations could range from: improving the web site, providing adding customer service training, etc… None of these recommendations are related to additional products/services from the salesperson’s firm. 2015 Sales Predictions.
    [Customer] Thought Leadership Marketing in a Vertical Market
    Identify key contacts: Develop a detailed database for each vertical-industry prospect, customer and influencer organization. That means it’s especially important to refine and track the effectiveness of all sales plans, marketing materials, initiatives and events — and to monitor customer satisfaction as thoroughly as possible. . Learn how thought leadership marketing will impact your vertical market presence.
  • 6SENSE  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29, 2016
    [Customer] Content is King, Data is Queen – and Timing Holds the Court Together: B2B ESP
    Information is similarly the core of our go-to-market strategy – whether providing insights for our customers, tools to help our sales teams sell better, or data to power our applications and processes. Christine Heckart : Modern marketing is about engaging customers in a conversation so you have the opportunity to influence purchase criteria and preference, and thus drive revenue and growth for your company.
    [Customer] Tips to Manage the Marketer's Personalisation Dilemma
    Most marketers should choose extreme personalisation to provide the customer experience. Personalisation isn’t all-or-nothing. Between mass appeal and one-to-one customisation, there’s a profitable middle way. To personalise or not? No question: for almost all one-to-one communication, you should personalise. But there are differences in degree. Imagine the resources involved in reaching these levels of personalisation: Turning Dear Sir into Dear Mr Smith.
    [Customer] The 4-1-1 Rule for Lead Nurturing
    Less formally, lead nurturing is the art of maintaining permission to “keep in touch” with potential customers as they educate themselves, with the goal of being top of mind when they are ready to move into a buying phase. by Jon Miller The 4-1-1 rule for Twitter was popularized by Tippingpoint Labs and Joe Pulizzi, founder of Junta42 and the Content Marketing Institute.
    [Customer] 5 Content Marketing Opportunities from the Travel Industry
    Qantas Airlines’ Travel Insider engages its upscale travel customer with stories that take them to places that feel exclusive and uncommon. Beyond offering useful, innovative products, brands that figure out how to provide what matters most to consumers through compelling stories will break through the noise and develop authentic connections with their customers. In content marketing, travel companies have an advantage over most other consumer categories.
    [Customer] 20 Signs Your Business Needs A Facelift
    If you can’t explain what your business is doing clearly and concisely, then it may be too complicated for customers and investors to support. If your company name is Tri-State Dog Groomers, then would your customers know that you also groom cats or provide boarding services? Make sure that your business name reflects the products and services that you offer so that customers know exactly what you’re all about. The wants and needs of customers change over time.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 2014
    [Customer] A Decade of Homepages: An Inside Look at Our Website Redesign Strategy
    One of the main ones was to highlight how happy our customers are. Four years later, we''re not only mentioning our customer base (11,000+), but we''re also drawing attention to the customer satisfaction ratings we''re getting on site like TrustRadius and G2 Crowd. It wasn''t about making something prettier, it was about making something easier to understand and navigate for our visitors, leads, and customers.
    [Customer] Because Email Just Isn’t Enough: Joe Payne on ExactTarget’s Acquisition of Pardot
    So Eloqua will continue to do what we’ve done best for ten years: maintain our maniacal focus on customer success, combining the industry’s most robust product with the deepest level of modern marketing expertise. by Joe Payne | Tweet this I never thought I’d be an industry pundit.
    [Customer] How To Measure B2B Demand Generation
    I talked about the “ New Marketing Accountability &# before where I state my view that the ultimate measure of success for the full set of integrated marketing activities is Lifetime Value or how well marketing achieves the goal of getting and keeping customers … The Question: “What metrics do you recommend marketers use to track the success of their demand generation efforts?”. How to measure B2B Marketing. This question was asked recently on
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 2014
    [Customer] Coin Canisters: The Low-Tech Fundraiser That Can Make You Rich
    But how many customers does a dealership see each day? The burger giant has over 34,000 stores that serve 68 million customers a day! Target businesses where customers pay with cash. In the first part of this series , I explained what cause marketing is and how businesses and nonprofits are working together on win-win partnerships. In this second post of the series, I’ll guide you through one of the easiest and most successful cause marketing strategies out there.
    [Customer] The #1 Reason CEOs Should Care About Lead Generation
    It’s about uncovering pain points, gaining marketing intelligence, defining the needs of a prospect or company, and advancing the overall customer-business conversation. I often say that CEO’s don’t care about leads, they only care about revenue. Unfortunately, unless you, as the CEO of your company, start caring about leads you are going to lose revenue and miss your number. The corporate landscape has drastically changed to make businesses earn their audience's attention.
    [Customer] Here's The Account-Based Marketing Metrics Cheat Sheet
    To understand whether your ABM campaigns influence prospects to become customers, you should measure deal velocity and close rate for ABM campaigns and compare it to non-ABM campaigns. As much as marketing reports exist to add measurability to a bunch of actitivities, there’s nothing more gratifying than showing proof of success. For account-based marketing, the proof is in accelerated deal velocities and the rate of new deals.
    [Customer] What Has The SnapApp Product Team Been Up To All Summer?
    To help you get a better handle on all the updates and changes, I will be hosting an exclusive webinar alongside our Senior Manager of Customer Success, Ali Noel, next Wednesday September 30th at 2pm. With our new advanced options, you can now customize lead form behavior for prospects you already have in your MAP database. The product team at SnapApp was really busy this summer. We had 4 major releases that introduced lots of great features and a brand new product.
    [Customer] New Year’s Resolutions for Your B2B Lead Generation Playbook
    Everybody is doing it, there’s too much noise, and customers are getting smarter at sifting and finding only what they want to see. Know Thy Customer. Now, more than ever before, you need to really know and understand your customer. Armed with insights you can actually use, start personalizing the most critical interactions customers have with your brand.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2011
    [Customer] 5 Lessons Trick-or-Treaters Can Teach Us About Inbound Marketing
    Marketing Takeaway: There’s nothing worse than disappointing potential new customers with false hopes of content. Create content calendars, crowdsource new ideas from your employees and customers, and collaborate with like-minded businesses to make sure you can keep delivering those “delicious” goodies that feed your visitors as well as your inbound marketing programs. No matter how you choose to thank your best fans and customers, just remember to pay it forward.
  • SNAPAPP  |  TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2015
    [Customer] 5 Elements of the Most Engaging Content Experiences
    Creating a contextual content experience means structuring your content so that your customers and prospects find exactly what they’re looking for with ease. Remember—engagement marketing is all about forming long-term relationships with your customers. By Victoria Hoffman , Content & Community Manager at Uberflip. You don’t need me to tell you that audience engagement is important.
    [Customer] Marketing Profs’ Ann Handley Talks Creating Epic Content and Rick Springfield
    Ann Handley: Make the customer the hero of your story. I think the default with lots of companies is that they start creating content and write what they know, usually themselves, which is alright except that what you really want to do is talk about your customers more. Finding those stories that show how your products and services live in the real world, how they shoulder your customers burdens, and how they ease their pain.
    [Customer] Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2011
    Sutton shares tips from Chris Baggott on turning email content into optimizable content, such as publishing customer service answer emails as blog posts: “Sales and service teams write thousands of emails to answer customers’ questions…The answers to these questions are extremely specific to each customer’s situation.
  • ANNUITAS  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 28, 2012
    [Customer] 9 Things Marketers Need from Marketing Automation Vendors and Consultants – Part 2
    If we want to help our customers grow and mature we need to be upfront and honest. As a result, they’re seeing great success and have an extremely loyal customer base. It’s better for the customer and they will thank you for it. Enabling users to achieve that education elevates the industry, improves the level of service and allows our customers to get more from their technology.
    [Customer] The Growing ABM Bandwagon
    You identify customers who you think would potentially buy your product. And then you do very targeted campaigns at those potential customers. Every morning, a Google Alert for “Account-Based Marketing” is waiting in my inbox. In recent weeks, the list of links in that daily email has been growing longer and longer. There are articles about ABM. Infographics, eBooks, press releases.
    [Customer] 7 Reasons You're Not Generating Leads From Social Media
    Social media is a great inbound marketing tool that allows businesses and marketing teams to interact with prospects, cater to customers, promote their content, and yes, generate leads. When a business uses social media right, prospective customers have the opportunity to access great content and information via a platform they already populate and actually want to gather said content and information. Not being where your target customers are.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2014
    [Customer] 7 Marketing Skills You Need to Get a Promotion
    Download these free infographic templates , customize one of them, and publish it to your blog. How many customers did your marketing efforts generate? Are you vying for a promotion? If so, you should make sure you''re doing everything you can to impress your boss. Whether you''re not as efficient as you could be during the day, or are having trouble hitting your numbers each month, there''s always room for improvement.
    [Customer] Aha! Marketing Leaders Reveal Their Most Powerful Marketing Insights from 2011
    7:30 – Tracey DeMay, Marketing Manager, CenterBeam, advises making sure you’re always talking “with” not “at” your customers and meeting them where they’re at. “By Tweet At the B2B Summit 2011 in San Francisco, Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content at MECLABS, asked me and a few other attendees to reveal our most important “aha” moments in 2011.
    [Customer] 5 Social Media Tips From A Digital Native
    That being said, many businesses want to be more social because it provides the unique opportunity to engage with mass audiences on a more personal level, which can help increase awareness, boost revenue, establish thought leadership, find quality talent or create stronger customer loyalty – all good things. By listening, conversing and sharing, businesses can better understand their customers, gather feedback and engage with the masses in a more personal way.
    [Customer] National Trivia Day 2017
    As cliche as that may sound, marketing has evolved from what was once a one-way shouting match between brands competing for customer attention to a two-way discussion, interaction and relationship between a brand and its unique customers. Digital marketers are now looking to stand out from the busy online environment and reach customers in this more conversational and effective way through interactive mediums. Marketing has changed.
    [Customer] 10 case studies show how web analytics prove ROI
    On the Beach finds that their generic search is undervalued under last click reporting, a discovery that allows the company to build a custom attribution model and increase budget on generic campaigns. What good is data if you don’t know what to do with it? Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of internet data for the purposes of understanding consumer behavior, improving user experience and optimizing web usage.
    [Customer] 16 Questions to Ask Before Beginning a Brand Redesign Project
    9) What are you ideal customers' biggest pain points? While customer pain points can't all be completely solved by branding alone, it's important for agencies launching into a brand redesign to know what exactly their client's customers struggle with. Did you ever play the telephone game as a kid?
    [Customer] 17 Revealing Stats That Uncover Key Marketing Differences Across Regions [New Data]
    4) Marketers on both sides of the pond agreed that converting customers and growing web traffic are the top two priorities for 2017. Every year, HubSpot launches the State of Inbound report , detailing inbound marketing and sales trends across the globe. This year, we're so excited to announce that we've also launched the State of Inbound EMEA report, focusing exclusively on the region.
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