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Updates finalized for IAB intrinsic in-game ad measurement guidelines


IAB announced the finalization of Intrinsic In-Game Advertising Measurement Guidelines 2.0 , a joint effort between the IAB Experience Center, the IAB Tech Lab and the Media Ratings Council. This project is the first update of its kind to guidelines introduced in 2009. The updates were initially proposed back in June.

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Understanding the Purpose of Brand Guidelines


However, it can be difficult to keep all the various details of your brand straight, especially if you don’t currently have set brand guidelines in place. Investing the time to create clear brand guidelines is sure to help. The Higher Purpose of Brand Guidelines. What Should Brand Guidelines Include? Writing Guidelines.


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Instagram automation: Strategy and tools to do it right

Sprout Social

Potentially miss out on important customer interactions. The more you automate on Instagram, the fewer opportunities you have to interact with followers and customers. Let’s talk about legalities—or at least, what abides by Instagram’s Community Guidelines —so your account doesn’t get penalized.

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Google E-A-T Guidelines for SEO


Some SEO experts agree that E-A-T is a ranking factor, while others think it’s better described as mere guidelines on how to optimize your blog architecture for higher rankings. This takes us back to 2013 when Google first published about human search quality raters. E-A-T came from Google’s Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines.

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Create B2B Content Your Audience Actually Wants to Read

Marketing Insider Group

With so much content inundating customers today—from short ads on social media to longer form blogs, eBooks, white papers, and articles—you need to carve out your content niche by asking yourself: What type of content will my target audience actually want to read? In addition to choosing the topic, consider what format would best support it.

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How to Manage a Social Media Crisis


When your business commits a critical error on social media, you risk losing not just followers, but also current and prospective future customers. Your social media policy serves as the manual for your customer-facing employees, marketing staff, and sales team. Confidentiality guidelines: These govern the use of company and user data.

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Google Quality Rater Guidelines, E-A-T, and Your SEO Strategy

EMagine B2B Blog

See Google Search Liaison tweet from March 13, 2019, confirming the update: Although we don’t know the specifics of the “March 2019 Core Update,” we do know that the last core algorithm update on August 1, 2018, was very focused on Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines and E-A-T. Understanding Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines.