3 Ways to Create Customer Loyalty and Increase Revenue


One of the biggest slaps in the face is when a long-time customer changes sides and chooses a competitor. Because of this, customers slip out of your grip as easily as a wet fish wriggling desperately for freedom, going from company to company that can best fulfill their needs.

10 Clever Ways Your Email Signature Can Support Your Marketing


Yes, your personal email signature can provide a serious marketing opportunity. You are most likely already using your own email signature to provide information about who you are and where you work. Wondering what exactly you can promote through your email signature?

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5 Tips For Maximizing Your Published Content

Hinge Marketing

You’ve published your content, now what? So let’s take a look at 5 tips to help maximize your published content. When your content is first published, don’t keep it to yourself.

Content Hit List


More benefits: improving demand-gen campaign efficiency, increasing precision in ABM campaigns, boosting consumption of content assets, shortening sales cycles, and decreasing customer churn while identifying cross-selling opportunities.

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Think Like a Publisher: 5 Storytelling Rules for Marketers [DECK]

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Find your format - What’s your company’s signature? But you can easily leverage your social media channels, customer communities, and blogs to create more personalized corporate communications and spread your own word.

Contently Case Story: How Tangerine Streamlines Approvals and Publishes Breaking News


But there was also another journalist working on deadline, this one commissioned by an unlikely financial publisher: Tangerine , Canada’s leading digital bank. “We’re able to customize those review chains so we’re sure the right people see it.”

6 Tools for Turning Content Consumers into Customers

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From blogging to email, there are so many touches in the journey from someone first finding your content to becoming a customer that it can feel overwhelming. Batch Signatures. Marketing can attach signatures assigned to individual sales reps.

Keeping up with ABM: tips from the FlipMyFunnel conference


His recommended metric: the amount of time the teams spend on developing the right customers. Think of the customer journey as an “account journey,” said Lindsay Becker and Lisa deDonato form LogMeIn.

8 Rules When Using Social Media as a Support Channel

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This past week, we published a guest post on Social Times about how B2B customers were turning to social media channels to express complaints and seek support. The surge in the sheer number social media channels has given customers even more of a voice and has challenged companies to re-define these relationships. For a company as customer-centric as we are, this knowledge is invaluable. If that’s where our customers are, then that’s where we want to be.

Storytellers – Variety’s CMO on Producing Over 70 Live Events Per Year


The Storytellers , our series featuring candid interviews with executives from the publishing world, is part of our efforts to showcase successful thought-leaders and share their insights with the rest of the storytelling community. Publishers

How 6 Companies Use Content For Other Departments Besides Marketing


That deck from the account managers may be riddled with errors or stray from the company’s signature voice. Customer success. On AdWords, for example, customers can find a “ Setup and Basics ” page.

How to design a logo

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The smiley arrow communicates that the company sells everything from “A-Z” and also represents how happy customers are when they shop with them. Your brand is built from a thousand touchpoints with your customers—not from a logo. Publishing

15 Tips to Building a Better Social Media Presence

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Maybe it’s prospective customers. The type of content you publish. Fast-forward to present day and it’s clear that customer care is a piece of social media that should be personalized, not automated. Just avoid it when you’re dealing with actual customers or followers’ questions.

Video Messaging Ideas to Make B2B Personal


Whether it’s for onboarding new employees, sharing the latest executive message, or connecting with customers in a more personal way, the adoption of video messaging is growing exponentially as the tools to enable it to become more accessible. . Customer Experience Teams.

How to Launch a Virtual Conference for Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition: A Step-by-Step Guide


To acquire new customers. Pro tip: If you're a HubSpot customer, I recommend using the HubSpot Sales Meetings and Templates tools to make scheduling meetings really, really easy. Links to the event in sales reps' email signatures.

How to create a social media style guide: 10 things to include

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Your strategy will consist of more of the tactical information such as what and how often you publish in order to reach you’ll reach your social media goals. Avoid being sarcastic or mocking customers, followers or other brands. Yet another world-class tool for our customers.”.

Beyond the Basics: 5 Account Based Marketing Tactics From the Pros


In other words, join social media groups and posts within your industry and engage by commenting and publishing your own content within them. Custom email signature marketing. Promote registration for a new webinar by providing a CTA in the email signature.

13 Lead Generation Tactics That Will Explode Your PR Campaign

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One feature in particular that should be a part of your strategy is its publishing platform. Here you are free to write and publish any type of article you want so it can be read by LinkedIn's large, professional audience. Publish on SlideShare. Use Your Email Signature.

The Key Challenges in Enterprise Content Marketing

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Not only is the use of ad blockers growing but also, stats point out that nearly half of customers’ clicks on mobile ads are “accidental.”. Their catchy ads pair with informative content on the website itself that continues to draw customers away from older, more conventional companies.

6 Winning Social Media Promotion Ideas

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Where are your potential customers most active? Under the custom links section, you can add a title and URL. The first is through your signature. Most email marketing platforms will allow you to add a custom signature. You can use a service like WiseStamp to add your profile buttons and make your signature stand out. PublishingYour social media channels are ready. You setup your profile and created some content.

The Definitive List of Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday Season SaaS Deals


There is no better option for product optimisation than solving real customer problems. Setting up custom application forms 3. Valid for Cyber Monday 17) StoryChief - Create, Publish, Analyze Stats and manage your stories in one place with StoryChief!

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Five Brand Building Tips for B2B Businesses


It enables your business to occupy a sizeable amount of public mindspace and consistently drive more customers. But’s it’s also vital for businesses like Microsoft and IBM that drive a significant amount of revenue from B2B customers. Guest post by Sreeram Sreenivasan.

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How to Sell When You’re on Vacation: Tips for Putting Your Out-of-Office Reply to Work


The right words in your out-of-office reply and your signature could spark prospects' interests and lead to a sale down the road. Here’s how to get two undervalued email assets, your signature and out-of-office replies, to work for you -- even when you’re not working.

5 B2B Content Marketing Mistakes and How To Fix Them

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Your goals may include brand awareness , launching a new product , lead nurturing, customer engagement or customer upselling. Creating and publishing content without an editorial calendar. Don’t feel as though you need to publish content multiple times each day or week.

4 Content Promotion Strategies to Increase Engagement


Your prospects and customers don’t want to be targeted with disruptive and annoying advertisements. Businesses are investing more in content marketing , which focuses on creating valuable content to guide buyers through the customer journey.

9 Viral Change.org Petitions Nonprofits Can Learn From


Since 2007, the online petition platform Change.org has had more than 224 million online signatures in 196 countries to support and drive change in national, state, and local government legislation and corporate policies. This particular petition gained almost 56,000 signatures.

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Top 10 Tips for Building Effective ABM Plays


An Account Based strategy requires coordinating personalized Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success efforts to open doors and deepen engagement at specific accounts. That’s why we’ve published The Engagio Playbook. Create a global signature for your team to use.

The Definitive List of Black Friday SaaS Deals


There is no better option for product optimisation than solving real customer problems. Setting up custom application forms 3. Valid for Cyber Monday StoryChief - Create, Publish, Analyze Stats and manage your stories in one place with StoryChief! Cyber Monday is over.

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The Definitive List of Cyber Monday SaaS Deals


There is no better option for product optimisation than solving real customer problems. Setting up custom application forms 3. Valid for Cyber Monday StoryChief - Create, Publish, Analyze Stats and manage your stories in one place with StoryChief!

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Four cool ecommerce offerings from Pinterest and how brands use them


And as more brands publish print magazines, the Swedish furniture giant is integrating its signature catalogs onto Pinterest. During the holidays, Pinterest helped Etsy used its massive presence on the platform to help customers out there.

5 Simple Ways to Write Better Emails


Unless you’re publishing a long-form e-zine-type of newsletter (something like The Hustle), keep your emails short. The signature lines tell me a lot about who he is. Customize it based on the receiver. How much time do you spend on emails every week?

The Entrepreneur Interview Series #15: Adam Hempenstall, Better Proposals


It combines pre-built templates with integrated signature and payment features, and integrates with popular CRM and project management tools to accelerate the development of attractive, professional proposals. Within a year, we’d done exactly that and had our first 300 customers.

Lightbox Popups For Shopify: How to Make Them Boost Your Sales


Or are you like most people and blindly hoping your customers click through to checkout? But the truth is that if you’re not using an exit popup on Shopify with Exit-Intent® technology, you’re missing out on one of your best chances to convert your store’s visitors into customers. Our customers have used our signature Exit-Intent® technology to: Grow their email list 900% each month. Publish the Campaign to Shopify.

14 Ways to Get Free Advertising for Your Business


Publish Content on LinkedIn. Promote Your Website on Your Email Signature. The more places your business is listed online, the better your chances of showing up in search results, and the easier it is for potential customers to find you. Publish Content on LinkedIn.

Are You in a Boring, All-the-Same Industry? Your Content Doesn’t Have to Be

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With Door 1, you get to tell customer stories about the Apple Watch, iPhone, and Apple TV. ” If there’s a customer need for your product or service, then boredom is relative. If there’s a customer need for your product, then boredom is relative, says @jonkranz.?

10 Online Marketing Shortcuts To Increase Productivity

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From Instagram to email signatures to increasing site traffic inexpensively, this list is going to help you save time, resources, and lots of headaches. Maximize Your Email Signature. To make this technique even more effective and stop people from ignoring the signature, periodically change up what you link to, the font, or the font color. Let’s face it, our collective attention spans are either at zero or hovering right around it.

The most common mistake in campaign tracking (and how to fix it)


You’ve just written an awesome piece, and it’s time to publish it for the world to see. As the Customer Support manager here at Parse.ly, I answer questions about our campaign tracking at least weekly (if not more often). LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, my email signature).