The Art of Creating Curated Content


Incredible value lies in curated content. Content curation: the benefits. Curated content opens up many opportunities that would otherwise not be available. Here are five tips and examples of curated content done well. Does your marketing team use curated content?

The 21 Best Content Curation Tools


Content curation offers a way to repackage and repurpose the work of others to serve the needs of your brand’s audience. Curation can take a variety of forms: Weekly “best of” compilations (example: V3*Broadsuite blog ). A social network / curation tool for images.

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Content Curation For Education: Benefits, Tips, and Use Cases You Need For Success

This is where content curation comes in. In this guide, we’ll show you how content curation is a great fit for educational projects, both if you’re a teacher and a student. Why content curation works so well for educational projects. Content curation strategy.

Five Things to Do When Your Content Curation Efforts Isn’t Driving Any Results

It is no longer news that content curation will boost your content marketing efforts. But while you’re probably finding success with content curation , others are struggling to justify the time they spend curating content. Relying solely on tools for curation.

Share Better Content by Thinking Like a Museum Curator


Trending supremacy. There are tools out there that do this, like TrendSpottr , which anticipates trending topics and articles before they go mainstream. But if you want to be seen as a thought leader and on the forefront of innovation, you need to display that you are on top of trends in this regard, and that means sharing great content before anyone else. Become a Museum Curator. Think of it like being the curator of a museum.

How to Use Content Curation to Improve Your Social Media Efficiency While Getting Results

Then you need to follow the marketing trends that guide the way people do business online. And today’s biggest market trend? Because today’s technology has a simple answer: content curation. That’s why more and more marketers are using content curation. Content Curation

The 30 Best Content Curation Resources for Marketers and Business Pros

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I use email alerts from RSS feeds, Twitter lists and a few key websites I visit every day to make sure I can stay on top of the latest trends and news in business and marketing. Adobe’s (@ CMO_com ) – covering marketing and digital trends for marketing leaders.

Is Content Curation an Easy Way for Content Marketers to Do More.

Industrial Marketing Today

Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website Is Content Curation an Easy Way for Content Marketers to Do More With Less? Heck, even MS Word kept flagging curation as a misspelled word. So curated content is not something new. What is content curation?

How to Use Content Curation to Improve Sales Enablement

Marketing teams provide sales organizations with tools and curated information. Don’t just curate sales enablement content. Providing your team with this database allows them to go through and individually curate the sales scripts for their needs on any given call.

The Top B2B Marketing Trends for 2018 – A Meta-Analysis


Yet another post about 2018 B2B marketing trends? Most “top trends” posts either tell what the blogger thinks (good), or curate the opinions of multiple experts (better). Here we go… Content Marketing Trends. Marketing Technology Trends.

How to Think About Your Curated Content: Key Dimensions to Consider

Curated content is the best way to keep your social channels and newsletters stocked with some of the best-written and most engaging articles on the internet. But curating content isn’t about mindlessly sharing the works of others. Content Curation

How to Make B2B Content Curation a Win-Win [Podcast]


This is a great listen for anyone interested in B2B content marketing trends and guidance for 2016. Tom and Tony also offer advice on how to use tried-and-true aggregation tactics to generate visibility and business, such as their new B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 e-book.”

Amplify Your Top-Performing Assets With This 3-Step Curation Process

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If you are familiar with content curation , you know it typically involves third-party content – taking great insights you’ve discovered and putting your brand’s spin on it (making sure you credit the original source, of course) to create something new and useful for your audience.

Top 10 marketing trends to watch for in 2020


We’re moving beyond basic automation to greet a buyer by name to digging into personal shopping habits and browsing trends to leverage behavior, wants, and needs to maximize conversions. In fact, none of the first three trends listed here would be possible without sweeping advances in AI.

Curated vs. Created Content for Social Strategy


The two most common content variations are curated and created content. So, how will your curated or created content be found? Here’s how to balance curated and created content into your social strategy. Discover what’s trending in your industry. .

Curation: Add Value and Pass It Along

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Among all the topics that seem to rile journalists and publishers these days, perhaps the most contentious is curation. How can you distinguish between good curation and bad curation? Though he dislikes the term curation , he approves of the activity as it was originally practiced. Ethics New-Media Models aggregation blogging Business Insider curation Huffington Post Rex Hammock

T-Mobile Curates Web Content


Dennis was kind enough to consent to an interview that includes his innovative approach to curating social media and other Web content. MM: How would you describe the concept of curating content? I think with Web and digital content, the consumer was the first one to curate content.

8 SaaS Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

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8 SaaS Marketing Trends You Can't Ignore in 2020. As a SaaS business owner, you need to plan ahead and leverage these marketing trends to gain an edge over your competitors. The top SaaS marketing trends you should keep an eye on in 2020 are: Feature marketing will rise in popularity.

5 Ways to Engage Readers Through Curated Content


Curated content – content written by other people, which you then organize and share – is a great way to show off your subject matter expertise. “Best of” lists, trend highlights, and news round-ups can all be completely curated, but still appeal to your readership.

The Biggest Mobile Marketing Trends of 2016

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Been a few weeks, but it's Friday Five time - a curated collection of five recent articles on one topic. Top Mobile Marketing Trends for 2016. With mobile devices an ever-present fixture of modern life, keeping up on mobile marketing trends is more important than ever.

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11 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs


For the uninitiated, content curation is finding information relevant to your audience from a variety of sources and sharing it strategically through your communication channels. The need for great content curators has never been more urgent. Using Social Media for Content Curation.

9 Trends That Will Upset Your Marketing in 2013

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As the former Managing Editor of DemandGen Report, Amanda covered the latest technology, trends and development in the marketing automation technology space, as well as the sales and marketing strategies central to demand generation. We showed three trends that shaped marketing in 2012.

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7 Quick Ways to Curate Industry Content for Your Blog


But for marketers to pull back, assess current industry events, and provide a unique, helpful, practical take, it requires a certain amount of content curation. With that goal in mind, here are several quick ways to curate content for your industry blog.

Mobile Marketing Trends for 2016

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Welcome back to another installment of The Friday Five, your weekly curated content roundup of five articles related to one specific topic. Top 10 mobile marketing trends for 2016. Five Mobile Marketing Trends for Emerging Markets in 2016.

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Content Marketing Trends & Examples: March Roundup


Your success as a freelancer or as a content marketer depends in many ways on your ability to stay informed about the most current content marketing trends and examples. The post Content Marketing Trends & Examples: March Roundup appeared first on ClearVoice.

Enterprise analytics trends to watch in 2020

HG Data

Research – HG Insights looks at 10 enterprise analytics trends to watch this year. We’re thrilled to unveil our annual report on the top enterprise analytic trends to watch in 2020. The post Enterprise analytics trends to watch in 2020 appeared first on HG Insights.

2016 Cross Channel Marketing Trends

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It's time once again for The Friday Five , our weekly curated roundup of five stories on one topic. Top 10 Omni-Channel retail trends for 2016. This week it's omni-channel, multi-channel and cross-channel marketing.

Top 10 Sales Tech Trends for 2020

Martech Advisor

The recent Sales Tech Benchmark survey revealed much about usage and growth trends, and we’ve compiled the ten most notable points in this report, specially curated from a chat between Nancy Nardin from Smart Selling Tools and MarTech Advisor editor-in-chief Chitra Iyer.

Trends 101

Four Digital Marketing Trends to Use This Holiday Season


Keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends often feels like a chore for marketers and brands. As a small business owner, it’s good to be aware of the latest trends that will shape the marketing strategies this holiday season and moving forward. Curate Content that Engages.

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How a Knowledge Discovery Program Elevates Your Content Curation


The problem; however, is that curating that content takes a lot of time — and if you’re manually searching the web for new ideas, it’s likely that you’re missing some impactful gems. Not only will this help you keep up with current trends, but it will help you gain a competitive advantage.

Hottest B2B Event Trends Alert for 2020


Trends come and trends go and every event professional worth their weight in salt will have their own take on what is to be expected for the upcoming year. Trend #1 – Personalization. Trend #2 – Sustainability is here to stay. Trend #4 – Rise of AI/VR/AR.

How to Select Shareable Curated Content


One option is to curate carefully selected content from third parties that will interest your audience. Often, the links will fall under the same theme, like “Paleo recipes” or “design trends”. What is your approach to curated content?

6 Social Media Trends To Follow In 2020

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Which means that you need to keep up with all the latest social media trends. With that in mind, the following are six social media trends in 2020 worth implementing yourself: 1. Curate Customer Created Content. Articles Directors Social Media Trending

10 Marketing Trends That Should Influence Your Content Strategy

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As a B2B content marketer, staying on top of the latest news and trends that impact my clients and the B2B marketing space as a whole has become a daily part of my life and a critical factor in allowing me to do my job effectively. Content Curation can be Beneficial during the Sales Process

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Top marketing automation tools you can boost revenue with tomorrow


With this easy-to-use and comprehensive automation tool you can schedule posts, discover content, find out what’s trending, and expand your reach on the top visual marketing social media platforms. The key to an effective social media presence is content curation. Time is money.

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B2B Industry Round-Up Curated by CMA’s B2B Council #1

Canadian Marketing Association

CMA’s B2B Council has rounded up some interesting articles, trends and insights from the B2B industry. Digital Transformation Trends in 2019: What Can CMOs Expect? Synergy and disruption: Ten trends shaping fintech A great read for those working or interested in the fintech space.

9 Internet Trends Charts You Need To See

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I have covered Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends charts for a couple of years, starting in 2010 when she talked about the commercial impact of the developing world getting on the internet. But now Mary is back at it again with 117 internet trends charts covering the digital age we now live in.

SEO Is Making a Comeback. Here Are Our Thoughts


Facebook was in the headlines again recently after an executive at the company said CEO Mark Zuckerberg "doesn't care about publishers." A story that Facebook has since. denied. But since January's sweeping friends-and-family algorithm update, publishers have seen a dramatic decline on the platform.

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Google Wants Your Ads to Work Smarter, Not Harder: What This Means for Publishers


Search is getting smarter. During the Google Marketing Live keynote on July 10, 2018, the leading search engine announced new marketing features available on its platform. All of the new updates leverage machine learning to automate ad placement and further eliminate guesswork from ad strategy.

How CMO Trends Drive the Industry

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For today’s CMO, the need to keep up with fast-changing market trends and stay ahead of competitors has driven a focus on optimizing efficiency, most often via adopting advanced technologies — factors named as two of the top three priorities this year in research by Forbes Insights.

CMO 94