Curation Principles in Content Marketing for eCommerce Brands

Meticulously selected and creatively presented, curated pieces can enrich the content strategy of every online retailer. It goes without saying that content curation can save a large amount of time and money for your marketing team. So, ASOS still needs to work out its curated content.

Why and how you should organize your curated content

You already know the impact curated content can have on your business. From marketing efforts to employee advocacy and hiring, content curation is a company’s superpower across the board. But curated content is only useful if you can navigate your way through it.


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Employee advocacy & content curation: how you can boost engagement

Content curation adds diversity to your employee advocacy approach and it’s most effective when it: Relates to your employees’ specialties. To make this happen, content curation needs to be as easy as possible for your employees to execute—this guide will show you how. Why employee advocacy works with content curation. So what is the current role of content curation in employee advocacy? Where your employee advocacy and content curation can make the most impact.

How to Use Content Curation to Improve Your Social Media Efficiency While Getting Results

Because today’s technology has a simple answer: content curation. Today, you’ll learn how to use content curation to speed up your social media strategy while reaping all the same results. The secret isn’t to create new content: it’s to curate and share the best content that others are writing. That’s why more and more marketers are using content curation. By curating the best content and sharing it on social media. How curation improves your efficiency.

6 Common Content Curation Mistakes (and How to Correct Them)


In a prior post, I wrote about four tools to make you a content curating master. In this post, I cover common mistakes people make in content curation and how to solve them. 6) Tagging Mistake: Your Forgot to Tag. How to Correct : Give the author and site a shout-out in the post by tagging them. On Twitter, tagging also includes the use of hashtags: add 1-2 hashtags related to the topic (e.g.

Facebook Enables Brands To Tag Photos. Proceed With Caution.


Not sure if you heard, but last week Facebook made some changes to its photo tagging feature. Makes sense, especially since tagging a photo is innately more intimate than simply liking a page on Facebook. If the person who posted the photo set it to be seen by “everyone”, then brands themselves (or fans of the brands can do the tagging) in the photo and it will show up on that brand’s page. But before marketers go on a tagging spree there are some key concerns to consider.

5 Actually Free Tools to Help You Curate Content Like a Pro


When most of us hear the word curation we immediately conjure up the image of a fabulous art curator tirelessly searching for the perfect painting to complete a collection or the perfect piece for a space. So what is content curation? Content curation is thoughtfully choosing content from other brands or individuals that serves your audience’s broader needs or provides value through various marketing channels, most commonly social media or email newsletters.

11 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs


For the uninitiated, content curation is finding information relevant to your audience from a variety of sources and sharing it strategically through your communication channels. The need for great content curators has never been more urgent. Without trusted content curators, how else are you going to stay on top of your industry’s latest trends AND make sure you don’t miss the latest viral video of a cat, in a shark costume , riding a Roomba ? Content Curation For Beginners.

Why Web Accessibility is an Important Ingredient to your Content Curation Strategy

Content curation isn’t merely about plotting out various audiences or researching about your users’ interests. There’s a ton more to content curation. As such, infusing elements accessibility into your content curation strategy can go a long way in helping you reduce bounce rates.

How to optimize your content publication process in

These are the center of your content curation strategy. Enrich your curated content with insights. Select the topic you’re curating to. If you’re curating a lot of content all at once, you may want to stagger it throughout the week.

Solving the Biggest Struggle of Your Employee Advocacy Program

Meta: Simplifying your content curation streamlines your employee advocacy program and takes the heavy-lift off your social media team, too. One of the hardest parts of executing a successful social media strategy and employee advocacy program is content curation. So how can you simplify the content curation process? Don’t Skip Out on Content Curation. Content curation for your social media presence differs a bit from your employees’ social presence.

7 key roles in digital marketing


The antidote to content shock is content strategy, which helps you audit, revise, and curate existing content rather than creating duplicate content all the time. I recently had the opportunity to speak at a Fairfield County, CT, AMA event. It was a lot of fun presenting Outside-In Marketing to local executives and students at UConn Stamford, which hosted the event. In the lively discussion that followed, the best question was about talent.

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Tools to Master the New Content Workflow


Tagging: The creator then organizes their content with applicable tags to make sure it shows up in all the right places on the site. Content creation has never been static. Since the early days of social, the relationship between publishers and readers has blurred and warped into what's now the state of digital publishing in 2018. At RebelMouse, we. started out as a social feeds aggregator and subsequently went viral as the "social front page."

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How can you edit and organize your content with

You already know that content curation can empower not just your content marketing , but all of your marketing efforts across the board. Some of the biggest challenges that come with content curation include questions like: How can I find the right content to curate?

Computer vision brings shoppable video to life


These products can be automatically recognized within video content without retailers having to spend hours tagging or assigning them manually. It is already widely used in a variety of applications such as facial recognition software and photo tagging features on social media platforms.

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Software Considerations for a Taxonomy Implementation


Automate tagging for information. The value of a taxonomy comes from the accurate tagging of information. To tag accurately, users need to remember the complete taxonomy and be willing to make additional manual efforts for tagging.

Eight ways to increase Instagram engagement in 2021


Online humor that revolves around tagging people (like in the example below) can be great for expanding your audience. A specialized photo-editing app can streamline the process so that curating your gallery need not be a challenge.

Video Interactivity and Personalization for Effective Content Engagement


Hyper-personalized content can make a good introduction piece to open the way for further nurture activities or introduce you to a prospect, followed by a selection of curated content. Curated Content. One of the easiest and value-rich ways to send the right content to the right people is through curated content. Add your interactive video to an offering of like content, and have your sales team send the curated content to high value leads.

Social Media Attribution with Oktopost & Bizible


Curated content typically accounts for up to half of the links shared by B2B companies on social media. You can then set up attribution touchpoints in Bizible to follow your Oktopost URL tagging convention – and track social content without spending any of your valuable time on building links.

Four cool ecommerce offerings from Pinterest and how brands use them


Brands have always been able to curate boards to reflect their personalities and product lines. Here are four examples and how brands have used them: Curated catalogs: IKEA. Sophisticated tagging: Home Depot. Using Pinterest’s tagging tool, Shop the Look allows fashion and home decor brands to call out individual items within a Pin. Shop the Look’s combination of computer vision technology and human curation makes the perfect fit for Home Depot.

What is Sales Enablement, Anyway?


But, at a sales technology level, sales enablement usually refers to a solution for managing sales-focused content assets using tagging and meta-data to organize and recommend content based on sales stage and other sales activities.

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How Mckinsey & Co. Is Managing Information and Transforming It Into Value for Its Clients


Use technology to augment the power of human curation. The objective being to provide users with “better curation and search”. . According to Mike, we should use artificial intelligence, machine learning and other tools to augment the power of human curation. Mike said that in McKinsey’s knowledge repository, data is held in relational and graph databases with very good tagging and semantic search capabilities.

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How to Adopt a Customer-Centric Strategy for Your Content

Content Marketing Institute

The team discovered loads of diverse content that was hard to find, disorganized, difficult to reuse, and, most importantly, not customer-centric , says Red Hat’s marketing content curator and librarian Anna McHugh. They created a framework around the audience’s challenges, reorganizing and tagging the content accordingly. As Anna explains: Adding the new tags to all our existing content meant tagging a lot of pages and a lot of collateral.

Digital Innovation – 5 Conclusions From The NYTimes Digital Innovation Report

Marketing Insider Group

The implication is to think about curating from your own archives, experimenting and re-purposing in new ways. ” 222222 ;">The Times report mentions how the company is “woefully behind in its tagging and structured data practices.” ” 222222 ;"> Take-away: use data, tagging and solid technology to serve up the best possible user experience. By now, you’ve likely heard about the New York Times Digital Innovation Report.

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All Intent Data Is the Same, Right? WRONG!


Intent data providers leveraging publisher co-ops typically use artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and natural language processing to contextualize the content being consumed by users to develop highly sophisticated, curated topics that capture dozens of related intent signals.

10 B2B social media post ideas to stand out in a crowded social landscape

Sprout Social

Curate third-party thought leadership. And finally, curating third-party content reduces the burden on your creative teams to always create new content. If you’re not tagging, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on additional social impressions and reach.

Keeping a travel blog afloat during a global pandemic


She started a newsletter to curate funded travel opportunities. People started talking about her email newsletter on social media, tagging her, and telling friends. Gabby Beckford joins our pre-scheduled Zoom call from Dubai. Behind her are two suitcases—one to check, one to carry.

A B2B Social Media Strategy to Connect with Prospects & Clients

BOP Design

What if partners or vendors start tagging your company in posts? Share Owned and Curated Content. For B2B companies, sharing owned and curated content is a winning strategy. Social media can be both a polarizing and connecting medium. At its core, however, social media founders intended it to be a platform that connects people, be it college students with their peers, professionals with other professionals, or small businesses with local customers.

Managing and Organizing Your Growing Video Library


Tagging Your Content For Easy Reference. Tagging isn’t a new concept, your blog probably has categories and tags so that readers can easily find related content, and your blogging software may actually use these tags to offer recommend content to readers already. Many companies don’t put this same effort towards tagging their video content, as video frequently lives within a blog post anyway, so why bother? Consider tagging your content by type: Webinar.

How to Turn Brand Monitoring Into Content Assets

Content Marketing Institute

Tweeted these mentions the last Thursday of every month using the brand hashtag and tagging the article authors (and other tools included in those articles alongside our brand). Apart from grouping those mentions by importance, schedule social media promotion of all articles mentioning your brand (using proper tagging). A Proven Process to Curate Content and Publish a Roundup of Industry Influencers. Monitoring your brand’s mentions is not an option these days.

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October Marketing Updates: losing likes, a less creepy ‘gram and an awesome acquisition… mazel!


Marketers are always looking for new ways to engage and depending on your audience a well-curated Spotify playlist may be something to add to your repertoire. This could lead to podcast promotion with clips, event-centric playlist promotion and tagging to further expand your brand’s reach. There is just over a week left in October, and the kickoff month to Q4 has been a good one so far. Here at Oktopost, we’ve seen some interesting marketing updates in the digital and social spaces.

13 of the Best Social Media Management Tools


It’s important to plan your posts—both created and curated—in a social media content calendar. Curate compelling content to share with your followers. Message tagging and assigning tool. Use a message tagging tool to assign messages or streams to specific team members and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Content curation tool. In addition to finding conversations about your brand, you can use streams as a powerful content curation tool.

How a Small Company with Little Budget Can Rank #1 Through Consistent Blog Publishing

Marketing Insider Group

In other words, the more users interact with your blog post or social media update (whether that be by spending more time on your site or tagging their friends in a comment), the more new users will see it. Curate Your Keywords.

5 ways to boost your business with an online reputation monitoring system

One survey uncovered that employees are largely sharing company driven content, including company achievements, company events, and promotional messages: This means there’s lots of room to stand out with exceptional content you’ve curated through your online reputation management and monitoring.

Are the Videos you Watch Dictated by AI?


Marketers had to tag videos the same way they did images and tagging often couldn’t capture even a fraction of the detail. Nor does tagging and curation scale well for large enterprises with thousands of videos. But curation by AI does. AI isn’t a far off dream—it’s a present reality.

How to create, manage and report on social media campaigns in Sprout

Sprout Social

Soliciting and curating user-generated content. Marketers continue to struggle to measure the ever-elusive ROI of social campaigns, but Sprout’s tagging toolset can help. Being intentional about your tagging and URL tracking will help later when it comes time to report your results.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Resharing Content on Instagram


In addition to creating new content, it’s also important to curate content. Most individuals will agree to allow you to share their post with “photo credit” by tagging them in the photo and in the copy description of the post.

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