Friend or Frenemy: the Synergy Between SEO and PPC


When it comes to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) programs, the question of the synergy between SEO and PPC eventually comes into play. Here’s everything you need to know about the relationship between SEO and PPC. What is SEO and PPC? PPC, or Pay-Per-Click , is a type of paid search engine marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time a prospect clicks their ad. See the RED box in Figure 1 for examples of PPC results. Does SEO help PPC?

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Are You Making These PPC Mistakes? 10+ Bizible PPC Fails… And How We Fixed Them


We recently went through and audited our paid media (mostly PPC) and found that there were many ways in which we could improve. Promoting content based on persona -- e.g. blog posts targeted at CMOs only go to CMO audience -- greatly increases ad relevance and CTR, which results in more conversions and lower CPC. Starting with a more narrow keyword strategy will also improve relevancy, which will improve your CTR and quality score, which will make your clicks cheaper.

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Social PPC: 17 Tips for Successful Ads on Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook

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It seems only yesterday that “PPC advertising” was synonymous with Google AdWords. Ready to take the plunge into Social PPC? Using Keyword Targeting typically produces a higher click-through rate (CTR), since users are searching for a term directly related to your ad/offer, but volume is harder to come by, and so attaining meaningful volume can require an extensive list of keywords, which may dilute the campaign’s effectiveness.

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13 More Bing Ads Secrets to Broaden Your SEM Coverage


Once considered a soft option for PPC advertising, Bing Ads now offers a wide array of opportunities for advertisers to reach their desired audiences and drive meaningful revenue. Last year we published some tips and secrets on how to expand your SEM strategy using Bing Ads. If you want to maximize the value of Bing Ads for SEM in 2020, here are 13 new tips and strategies to consider.

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How to Avoid Underspending and Overspending Your SEM Budget


Balancing your SEM budget is one of the major challenges of marketing management today. You put a lot of effort into PPC budget forecasting to secure the funds you need and so the last thing you want is to mismanage it through overspending or underspending. It can also frustrate the leaders who put you in charge of SEM in the first place. Numerous factors can contribute to poor SEM budget spend. PPC Budget Forecasting.

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11 Expert PPC Guides, Tips and Techniques (and One Rant)


With all of the hype surrounding inbound and content marketing, it’s easy to underrate the continued importance of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, a.k.a. SEM changes take effect in a matter of minutes. • Given that PPC advertising is likely to play an important role in your online marketing mix , how can you most effectively target your ads? ABC’s of PPC – A Guide for the Basics! by PPC Hero. PPC Myth Busting!

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17 (of the) Best AdWords and SEM Guides of 2011


Discover the answers to these questions and many more here in 17 of the best AdWords and SEM guides of the past year. Finally there is call to action (the URL),” Paras Chopra discusses the attributes of an effective PPC ad and how to create one by optimizing each element of the ad. 2 Little Known Ways To Increasing CTR And Quality Score by Certified Knowledge. AdWords and PPC Guides from PPC Hero. PPC Ad Copy Writing For Beginners.

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How to Solve PPC Keyword Cannibalization


Optimizing your ROI is a challenging, seemingly endless, process in the highly competitive world of search engine marketing (SEM). That of course includes implementing best practices around keywords, as well as staying on top of any unanticipated PPC roadblocks — like keyword cannibalization. . A costly, oftentimes unrecognized, consequence of this can be keyword cannibalization across entire PPC programs. PPC keyword cannibalization PPC campaign SEM

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PPC Budget Forecasting on the Fly


We have extra budget and would love to see what the numbers would look like if we spent it in PPC. From here, use the following formulas for the rest of the potentials: Potential clicks: potential impressions*CTR. The post PPC Budget Forecasting on the Fly appeared first on Fathom. Online Advertising / SEM / Display AdWords Online Marketing optimization Paid Search ppc

What is PPC? A Guide to the Basics


Consequently, it’s more important than ever that you’re employing pay per click advertising, or PPC, to maximize value, profitability and ROI on your campaigns. So what is PPC? What is PPC? So, then, what is PPC? While the field has matured and grown increasingly complex in recent years, at its core, PPC is a model of internet marketing by which advertisers pay a fee each time a user clicks on one of their ads that appear online. The post What is PPC?

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8 Ways to Improve PPC Campaign Management


You might often hear marketers tell you to take the time to carefully execute PPC campaign management for optimal performance, then you can simply “set it and forget it.” But experienced marketing managers know that PPC campaign management and optimization aren’t static disciplines. Reviewing how your audience reacts to and interacts with your PPC ads can also provide you with new insights that make your campaigns even more effective.

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SEO vs. PPC: When to Optimize and When to Pay for Traffic


There are two popular search strategies by which organizations solve this problem -- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Here, we've explored what each of these two acquisition strategies do and provided some descriptive statistics to help you decide whether you're business is best suited for SEO or PPC -- or both. What is PPC? SEO vs PPC Statistics. This data supports the PPC method as it involves buying ad space at the top of the SERP.

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Data-Driven Attribution and SEM [ebook]


With this in mind, we’re proud to announce our new ebook: Data-Driven Attribution and SEM: A Practical Guide for Using Deep Funnel Data to Drive Profitable Acquisition , designed to help marketers use data beyond acquisition to improve volume, quality, and efficiency of lead capture. In this ebook, we show marketers how to leverage deep funnel data to improve SEM acquisition and attribution by: Integrating deep funnel data into your advertising campaigns.

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How to Perfectly Manage a PPC Campaign [Template]


In the world of search engine marketing (SEM), more and more marketers are buying into PPC campaigns. Marketers know that properly investing in PPC can result in nearly guaranteed ad placement in search engine result pages. As you prepare to create a PPC campaign, it's important to get a rundown of what a successful campaign entails, and identify management misssteps that you'll want to avoid. PPC Plan Template. Step 1: Understand PPC Campaign Structure.

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Baidu Limits PPC Ad Space: What This Means for B2B Marketers

KoMarketing Associates

The top four paid ads will stand out, which could improve CTR and overall ad performance. As we mentioned previously, it remains to be seen how Baidu’s changes will impact SEM long-term, but there are a few immediate actions B2B marketers should take. From a PPC and SEO perspective, websites will need to update their strategies and try new tactics in order to remain visible on Baidu.

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Best Practices to Successfully Prepare and Optimize Your B2B PPC Campaigns

Launch Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a form of online marketing in which advertisers pays a fee each time a user clicks one of their ads and is one of the most effective methods for businesses to amplify their brand’s reach and find new customers. Whether you’re just getting started or already have fully-developed paid search campaigns in place, consider the following best practices to include in your strategy: Planning and developing your PPC campaigns.

Why SKAGs Are No Longer a PPC Best Practice (and How to Respond)


You’re studying PPC best practices, looking for ways to level up your SEM campaigns and boost ROI from Search. You look at how the industry has changed, and begin to wonder, “are SKAGs still a best practice to get the most from my SEM strategies? Read about why PPC experts sometimes use this strategy here. How PPC has changed its view of match types. Overall, this made life easier for SEM advertisers by rendering a majority of keywords obsolete.

B2B PPC Optimization: Thought Leadership with Terry Whalen of CPC Search


The next interview in the B2B Marketing thought leader interview series is with Terry Whalen, a partner at CPC Search , a full-service SEM agency that optimizes PPC campaigns on behalf of its clients. How is B2B PPC campaign management different from B2C? In my experience, PPC programs for B2B companies are less straightforward than for consumer-focused companies. Yet the AdWords default is to rotate the ad with the highest CTR more often.

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Seven Expert Search Engine Marketing Guides


SEM, paid search, PPC) is a powerful complement to SEO and an effective tactic on its own. SEM enables enterprises to rank for specific search terms immediately (including terms for which it would difficult to rank organically), target traffic to specific landing pages, test everything (keywords, bid levels, ad copy, landing page design), and precisely quantify ROI based on sales or leads generated. Dynamic Landing Pages by PPC Hero.

SMX Advanced Day 1 – Google + Bing Keynotes, Conversion Optimization, Audience Targeting and Social + PPC


Day 1 of #SMX Advanced includes keynote addresses from Google and Bing, conversion optimization best practices, audience targeting tips and social + PPC discussion. Here’s our list of the quick hits: Day 1 Keynote – Welcome & SEM Keynote Conversation: Google & SEM. Day 1 Keynote – Welcome & SEM Keynote Conversation: Bing & SEM . These campaigns tend to show higher CTR and average CVR.

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5 PPC Mistakes You’re Probably Making in Your Campaigns


What’s one thing that all PPC marketers have in common? Most common PPC campaign mistakes can be easily rectified. With some changes to the way you approach your PPC activities as a whole, you can fine-tune your funnel and get higher-quality conversions. PPC marketers are only human, after all, but by avoiding some common campaign mistakes, you can become a number-crunching PPC machine. Want to know if you make the PPC grade? Recap: 5 common PPC mistakes.

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Hero Conference 2014: Key Learnings in Paid Search


I have attended several conferences in the past including SES and SMX Advanced; however, this was the first event that I’ve attended which was 100% PPC. The sessions contained various topics including lead gen PPC, eCommerce PPC, attribution, live audits (keyword research, ad copy, account audits), and much more. One thing is for sure, PPC is only going to get more and more time-intensive if you want to be better than your competition.

17 Best Paid Media Tools for Marketers

Single Grain

As opposed to organic media , such as SEO, content marketing and social media posts (but not sponsored posts), or earned media , such as publicity, reviews and word of mouth, paid media refers to any content placed outside of your own real estate that you pay for, like PPC ads, display ads and search ads. For instance, the Audience Targeting report can be used by PPC managers and brand strategists to refine their ads strategy for a targeted audience. PPC best practices.

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Best AdWords Tips and Tactics of 2009, Part 2


Click-through rate (CTR) is the single most important factor in determining Quality Score, which is as important as bid level in determining how highly an ad will appear in search results. Setting up PPC Campaigns 101, Part 1 by Search Engine Watch. Craig Danuloff provides a detailed discussion of Quality Score: its importance (high), its ability to function as either a discount mechanism or a tax, why CTR is critical, and why landing page design isn’t.

How Even YOU Can Master PPC Campaign Management [TEMPLATE]


But in the world of search engine marketing (SEM), using paid search (PPC) to rank on a search engine results page (SERP) for a given term comes pretty close. That’s why PPC is such good business for Google, which still generates 96% of its revenue through advertising -- because marketers know when they invest in PPC properly, they can get pretty close to guaranteed placement in the SERPs and help you generate leads. Step 1: Understand PPC Campaign Structure.

The Right Way To Spend Millions on Senior-Living Advertising


Case #1: Google call-out extensions increased click-thru rate (CTR) as high as 79% after implementation: Case #2: Google review extensions increased CTR as high as 160% after implementation: Case #3: Google seller ratings (extremely popular in this space) contributed to an increased CTR as high as 30% after implementation: 9. Healthcare Online Advertising / SEM / Display ppc senior living

Paid Search & The Truven 15 Top Health Systems


As a follow-up to our recent publication, Social Media Benchmarks for Health Systems , we wanted to take a look at how the same health systems are using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. To take this analysis a step further, we wanted to take a look at a couple of the top spending health systems to see how well some of them are following PPC best practices. Call extensions have also been found to increase click-thru rate (CTR) by 8% on average.

Higher Ed Advertising: Using Bing Yahoo! Network Extensions


In the graph above you can see the bars to the right show what your CTR could look like if you add extensions. The green bar shows what your average CTR could be without utilizing more extensions. provided and shows how much of a CTR lift you could see from these by vertical. Higher Education Online Advertising / SEM / Display Bing Ads education marketing heroconf higher ed Paid Search ppc hero Yahoo

An Expert’s Thoughts On How To Scale ‘Single Keyword Ad Groups’ (SKAGs)

This approach allows us to have the benefit of giving a unique ad to every keyword, with the keyword itself in the ad copy, which increases CTR. Here are some reasons to use actual data: Your CTR might be higher or lower than the average predicted by Google. The post An Expert’s Thoughts On How To Scale ‘Single Keyword Ad Groups’ (SKAGs) appeared first on LADDER Marketing Blog | PPC, SEO, CRO, Growth Hacks and more.

10 Shopping Feed Optimization Techniques for Better Retail Advertising


They appear prominently in search results and can have a huge impact on click-through rate, or CTR. Create and optimize your Merchant Promotions so you can drive conversions, boost CTR, and attract more traffic. Google Ads / AdWords PPC Search Engine Marketing / SEM Shopping and Ecommerce google shopping google shopping campaigns shopping feed optimization tachniques

SMX East 2016 Day 3 – Mobile PPC, Retargeting & Remarketing, Conversion Rates & Metrics


And now, the quick hits of Day 3: Mobile PPC suggestions from “Your Mobile PPC Sucks (But It Doesn’t Have to)”. Granular location segmentation can often provide performance lifts in search engine marketing (SEM). Pay-per-click (PPC) paid search ads face challenges today they didn’t face 15 years ago: Paid search CPC is at an all-time high in established markets. PPC bid adjustments Campaign Strategy Campaign Structure Mobile Optimization Search Targeting

Performance and testing split – how to do it right?

Research each of them and base your decision on this data, i.e. keywords in SEM, what are your audiences on LinkedIn and Facebook, or checking the e-mail addresses of your clients in CRM. CTR, CPC, conversion rate) for each test you want to do. There will always be a need for growth.

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Are You Advertising Your Urgent Care Clinics Online?


One of the newest paid advertising trends Fathom Healthcare has noticed is the investment in advertising of urgent care centers online using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Average click-through rate (CTR) was significantly higher for mobile (3.11%) and tablets (2.96%); where desktop CTR was 1.95%. Healthcare Online Advertising / SEM / Display urgent care advertising urgent care digital marketing urgent care online

6 Tactics For Overcoming The High Cost Of Clicks In B2B PPC

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Home Members Only News Features Columns SEM SEO PPC Social Media How To Google & Search First Time Here? MEMBER LOGIN > | BECOME A MEMBER > Column: Strictly Business 6 Tactics For Overcoming The High Cost Of Clicks In B2B PPC Jun 8, 2010 at 9:05am ET by Andy Komack For anyone involved in marketing their B2B companies via paid search, it’s painfully obvious that the cost of clicks can be prohibitively high.

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How to Solve the Biggest New Problem in Search Engine Marketing


How can you solve SEM’s biggest new challenge? In fact, if you’re a paid search professional who works on PPC campaigns for a living, you’re probably already tracking a huge amount of mission-critical information: your cost-per-click (CPC) bid levels, your click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates (CVR) on various ad campaigns you’re running. Search Engine Marketing / SEM bid adjustments Bidding Search

SMX East 2017 Day 1 – Online-to-Offline, Shopping, Display


8 Hidden PPC Reports to Find Out” by Aaron Levy. O2O: “Offline Attribution in SEM: Getting From Good To Great” by Aaron Levy. A recent case study showed one merchant recorded +71% clickthrough rate (CTR), +76% conversion rate (CVR) and +22% return on ad spend (ROAS). Last year, the Carousel extension went through a limited holiday beta, and participating merchants saw a 10-13% CTR lift with no observed cost-per-click (CPC) increase.

Is Machine Learning the Future of Marketing? Experts Weigh in.


Thought leaders in PPC, social and mobile marketing explain in this in-depth survey. “We use natural language processing to create new SEM campaigns based on keywords that come from the user-generated content on our site. keywords on SEM, email addresses in re-marketing campaigns) but will not be able to create target segments by itself. Artificial Intelligence Customer Engagement Search Engine Marketing / SEM Data Science Digital Marketing Machine Learning Social