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Strategies to Optimize for Zero Click Searches

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Search engine marketers now have to get traffic to their website while Google is pushing more brands to provide specific excerpts of information for the SERPs. In this post, we will explore effective strategies and best practices for optimizing zero click searches and increasing click-through rates (CTRs) for your brand’s website.

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Click-Through-Rate: How to Improve CTR

It’s not often that we can show you one small, simple change that can help you get more traffic to your site almost instantly. Now it should be acknowledged up front, that by optimizing your meta description, you aren’t going to get an increase in your search rankings. The Traffic-Conversion Relationship.


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What Is Click Through Rate? How Do I Maintain A High CTR?


3 min read Click through rate, or CTR, is a performance metric that helps you understand your audience and what content resonates. However, a good CTR doesn’t always mean higher conversions or better engagement with your site. How to get a good CTR? There are several ways you can increase your CTR. Optimize for local SEO.

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Ecommerce SEO for Product Pages: 15-Point Checklist to Boost Traffic and Sales

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consumers research products online when contemplating a purchase: Yet you’d be surprised by the number of online store owners and marketers who overlook the optimization of their product pages (except maybe Amazon!). As an ecommerce business, optimizing your product pages goes a long way in getting organic traffic from search engines.

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What is CTR and 7 Things You Must Know to Improve It


CTR, or clickthrough rate, is a pretty simple calculation of how many people clicked on an ad (clicks) divided by the number of times the ad was shown (impressions). Anyone who’s ever even dipped a toe in the performance marketing ocean has heard of CTR. So, what is CTR? What’s a “good” CTR? Does CTR affect your SEO?

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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website’s Landing Pages (2021 Guide)


Unfortunately, it can be an uphill battle to capture some of that traffic unless you know your target audience as well as you know your product. When you can confidently identify these traffic sources, you can double down on the messaging to promote your landing page via the appropriate digital channels. Paid search ads.

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What Is Organic Traffic and How Does It Work?

Organic Traffic 101. + Why Is Organic Traffic Valuable? Organic Traffic as Part of SEO. + How to Measure Organic Traffic. Position and Click-Through Rate (CTR). + Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular online marketing strategies for a reason: it’s incredibly efficient. The Caveats.