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4 Reasons Chatbots Will Improve UX in 2018 & Beyond

Modern B2B Marketing

By the year 2020, the consumer experience is expected to surpass cost and product as the primary differentiator among different brands. Faster Response Rate. Chatbots can provide a higher level of responsiveness that surpasses human output.

Why Video Should Play a Big Role in Your Account Based Marketing Tactics


This leads to more opportunity to up-sell, cross-sell, gain referrals, and build a long-term loyal customer base. That’s key with ABM programs, where you need to get attention, hold it, and invoke an emotional response: you need them to want to do business with you.

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5 “Digital Breadcrumbs” Customers Leave for You to Follow


Sometimes customers shut down, without telling you why they stopped using your products, and marketers are left trying to put together the pieces to determine what went wrong. 1: Why customers stop purchasing. Higher conversion rates.

Mastering Direct Mail Marketing: How To Build A High-Converting Campaign


Direct mail has some of the highest response rates and competitive cost-per-acquisition across most marketing channels including digital ones like email, social, and display advertising. From the DMA Response Rate Report 2015. response rate with a house list and a 1.0%


Best Practices for Buying Marketing Technology: David Raab and Atri Chatterjee Discuss

Marketing Action

ATRI : David, in our last two meetings we talked about why it was hard for people trained as marketers to make the right technology purchasing decisions, and the most common mistakes people make. So David, tell us: How best can we make this purchasing decision?

Best Practices for Marketing Automation and Demand Generation Campaigns

Customer Experience Matrix

leads, promotions, responses, orders: these are the traditional data sources used in most marketing systems. near real-time updates: fast access to information about lead behaviors allows quick response, particularly in the form of event-triggered messages. cross sell, up sell and retention campaigns: demand generation focuses primarily on campaigns to acquire new leads.