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Report: Most Marketers Only ‘Somewhat Satisfied’ with Existing CRM Solutions

KoMarketing Associates

Many marketers utilize a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to provide an optimal experience to their target audience. However, new research suggests that the majority are not satisfied with the CRM solution they are currently using. Refining the Customer Experience with Marketing Data.

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5 Things Your Financial Services CRM Needs to Have

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

What if your financial services team could find the perfect tool to acquire new customers, deliver exceptional service, and drive growth? Rated as a leader by The Forrester Wave Report™: Financial Services CRM , Salesforce knows service — of any kind. Get the report 2.


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Bringing Your CRM to Life: 3 Pillars of a Data-Backed Go-to-Market Strategy


Nearly 25 years after the introduction of cloud-based customer relationship management systems, go-to-market teams are equipped with more tools and more signals than their predecessors could dream of. A living data-powered CRM that can take your GTM strategy to unmatched heights. Fortunately, this is a solvable problem.

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The Best 10 CRM Software for Small Business


As a small business owner, you toggle between marketing, sales, operations, and customer service daily — and sometimes within the same hour. To serve your customers without dropping the ball, you need a tool to help you track and manage all of your relationships. What you need is customer relationship management (CRM) software.

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CRM Vs Email Marketing: Which Is More Suitable For My Business?


Marketing tools easily come to mind when you think of how to scale your business. CRM and email marketing tools are popular choices. While some compare to settle for the best, others dig deep to identify a CRM email marketing tool that'll offer both solutions. An email marketing tool feeds data to the CRM.

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CRM Software Selection Guide?

TrustRadius Marketing

The hardest part of choosing a CRM is knowing what to look for and consider. It’s surprisingly easy to go through the whole selection process and buy the wrong software (many reviewers have said as much). Companies often forget about team input, review sentiment, and research the vendor’s reputation. What is a CRM?

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5-Star Reviews or Customer Rants: Why Your Contact Center CRM Matters

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Think about your last frustrating customer service experience. Yes, and contact center CRM software can make it happen. Yes, and contact center CRM software can make it happen. As poor service is the #1 reason consumers stop purchasing from a company, getting customer service right has never been more important.

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