• VIDYARD  |  MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Hey Drift! You Forgot About Video!
    Why BDR processes need to be adjusted. Drift makes a really solid case for replacing most of the ABM process with AI and bots, using the in-person shopping analogy: “If your best lead walked into your store, would you give them a pen and a clipboard with a form to fill out before you started talking to them? Adding Video to your Sales Process. Much like adding a messaging program to your website, adding video to your sales process can seem like a daunting task.
    [CRM, Process] Sales Management Thought Leadership:  efficient effectiveness
    Ken Thoreson “operationalizes” sales management systems and processes that pull revenue out of the doldrums into the fresh zone. Sales Management Thought Leadership: efficient effectiveness. As an Eagle Scout I can discuss the topic of “Be Prepared” easily and based upon my upcoming vacation next week it could lend more credibility. Last year I had to catch two planes and a ferry to end up on an island in the Caribbean, while that sounds somewhat easy, it took planning and preparation.
    [CRM, Process] Lead Liaison Announces Highly Anticipated OneFocus™ – A Free CRM
    This is why, in 2017, the Board of Directors made it their mission to bring customers the final piece of the puzzle: a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Lead Liaison calls their new solution OneFocus™ CRM. The meaning behind OneFocus™ CRM signifies a single location for all of a company’s marketing and sales data. What makes OneFocus™ CRM completely unbeatable is the business model. It’s a free CRM! Press Releases free CRM OneFocus Press Release
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 2017
    [CRM, Process] 5 Tips for Building a High-Performance Marketing Plan
    The first tip is to recognize that you do not control the buying process ‒ your buyers do. As you better understand your buyers and their buying process, you’ll want to map the content you have or will need to create to each of those phases to help your prospects move to the next step. Also consider the other stakeholders who may be pulled into the decision-making process, such as the CFO or CTO.
    [CRM, Process] Terminus Account-Based Marketing vs. Retargeting: What’s the Difference?
    In the process, I came across a book that looked promising, but I didn’t end up buying it. Retargeting does not offer any kind of account-level attribution or CRM integration. Terminus allows marketers to automate campaigns based on criteria in their CRM, such as firmographics or stage in the sales cycle. What is Retargeting? My mom’s birthday is coming up, so I spent some time last weekend browsing the web for gift ideas.
    [CRM, Process] How to Define the Scope and Vision of Your Engagement Platform Implementation
    As you’re defining your scope and vision for an engagement platform implementation, you need to have a clear plan and change management processes in place to be successful. Sync Phase: Sync to a CRM system (if applicable), load data, and confirm data integrity. Author: Susan Sauter As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the author of the children’s classic The Little Prince, said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
    [CRM, Process] The 15 Best Screencasting and Online Presentation Tools
    Screencasting tools are great for explaining how a software application works; demonstrating how to use it; or illustrating any online process. Create interactive guides for training programs to get employees or users up to speed more quickly on software workflow processes. You can embed the widget on your web page or send your users to the “live” version of the link that will play all the steps on your actual web page…the process is so easy.
  • LEANDATA  |  MONDAY, APRIL 17, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Should Cleaning Up Database Duplicates Really Be Your Focus?
    Ask anyone who works with a CRM system or marketing automation platform about their No. It won’t matter if scrubbed sales data is sitting in the wrong CRM queue, gathering dust. But here in the real world, the smarter objective should be on developing a process that still operates effectively when data is, well, messy. 1 pain point, and you’re likely to hear the same answer. Duplicate records. They are the bane of marketing and sales teams alike.
    [CRM, Process] More Evidence that B2B Sales and Marketing Have an Alignment Problem
    The answers from respondents uncovered stark divisions between how sales and marketing pros view their lead management process. The survey results support Maxey’s belief that a root cause of misalignment is the lead management process. What traditionally has been perceived as marketers providing poor leads or sales people not following up could instead be a situation of good leads simply falling through the cracks due to a faulty process. Some goals are universal.
    [CRM, Process] THE HACKIES: 6 areas to make your martech stack work with people, processes and data
    We see day after day the need to integrate marketing with CRM, and now we see the need to make advertising technologies, feedback management, e-commerce and call centers be part of the stack. We are not talking about sales, marketing, or customer service, but processes of relationships where there is an engagement with dynamic journeys — where the customer is in control, not the enterprise. This article is a guest post by Jesus Hoyos of Solvis Consulting.
  • LEANDATA  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Survey Finds Majority of Business Leaders Struggling with Lead Management
    April 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — A survey of 527 B2B sales and marketing professionals found that a majority have serious reservations about the effectiveness of the lead routing process at their companies. About 38 percent wish they had the ability to connect leads to accounts in the Salesforce CRM. “The truth is they often miss the low-hanging fruit — their lead routing process. SUNNYVALE, Calif.,
  • I-SCOOP  |  MONDAY, APRIL 10, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Give your salespeople tools and time to sell – sales success with Nancy Nardin
    Customer-centricity rules as customer buying processes continue to change. However, has the collaboration between sales and marketing evolved since the early days of CRM and Sales Force Automation? Interviews Sales ABM account-based marketing AI BYOA BYOD channel enablement CRM Nancy Nardin sales enablement sales stack Smart Selling Tools social sellingBuying behavior has changed. Marketing has changed. Sales has changed.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Email Marketing vs. MA Solutions: Which is Right for Your Business?
    Yet, while email continues to be a powerful tool for these companies, a range of other technologies have established themselves in the marketing arsenal, such as web analytics, landing page hosting, paid search, CRM, and social media. Customer relationship management (CRM) is largely a tool for sales. The disparity of the tools and accompanying business processes has traditionally divided marketing and sales functions in many, if not most organizations.
    [CRM, Process] A Website Design Process that Works: How to Get the Professional Services Website You Want
    You’ll need three things: 1) the will to make it happen; 2) a talented team to carry it out; and 3) a website design process that will get you to your goal. The third binds the first two together and drives the process forward. But with the right process in place, you can avoid the pitfalls and misadventures that plague so many web projects. Informed by research and validated by years of experience and analytics , this is a process that works.
    [CRM, Process] THE HACKIES: How a marketing automation company hacked their own marketing org
    The demand team, in turn, used marketing automation in conjunction with a CRM to identify opportunities by title and function (businesses adopting MA for awareness, versus businesses needing MA for demand, or businesses relying on MA for renewals), and to nurture prospects with custom content accordingly (assets tailored to their use case). This article is a guest post by Linda West and Hari Raghavan of Act-On Software.
    [CRM, Process] The Eight Best Social CRM Tools
    Social customer relationship management (CRM) was being written about as a distinct product category as far back as 2008, but market interest really began to take off the following year. According to Google Trends , the average number of monthly web searches for the phrase “social CRM” quadrupled from June 2009 to June 2011. How does social CRM differ from traditional CRM? Sample review: “Infusionsoft is a CRM designed to cater to small businesses.
    [CRM, Process] THE HACKIES: Pairing multi-channel attribution with lead scoring to improve marketing ROI
    Salesforce , a CRM software platform. To support advertising and lead-nurturing management, we integrated predictive analytics and multi-channel attribution tools (Infer and Bizible) with a content management system (DNN Evoq) and CRM systems (Salesforce and Marketo). Today, we have the capability to: Connect our CMS and CRM system to the best-in-class predictive marketing tools. Accelerate the sales process by engaging buyers at the right moment.
    [CRM, Process] Are Agencies missing the inbound opportunity?
    However, for the time poor (and that’s half the problem), here’s my top five take-outs of the talk: Clients contact agency suppliers much later in the buying process, many are 50-60% of the way into the buying cycle before they will even make contact with an agency. You need structure, tools and processes to manage an effective agency marketing program. Once the brand works is done you need: personas, an editorial plan, content, workflows an inbound platform, a CRM.
    [CRM, Process] Identifying the Best Lead-to-Account Matching Solution
    More and more vendors are rushing out solutions that can match leads and accounts within the popular Salesforce CRM. 1 technical challenge in Salesforce is the lack of a natural connection between leads and accounts in the popular CRM’s architecture. Businesses trust the CRM for good reason. Hopefully, the answers to these questions can help guide your evaluation process so you make the best decision for your business.
    [CRM, Process] Email Marketing Automation Gives Creative Writers Something to Be Excited About
    Even basic familiarity with your brand’s social listening and CRM platforms can yield an immense amount of information in this way, but hold off and take a step back before doing anything technical with their email marketing platform. Salesforce Marketing Cloud, one of the more popular CRM/automation combos in the space today, coined the term “journey builder” for a tool in their email suite.
    [CRM, Process] THE HACKIES: A CMO’s guide to integrating marketing technologies
    We have consulted with clients that use Salesforce.com (SFDC) for their CRM, and we were tasked with integrating their newly-purchased marketing automation platform (MAP) with it. Some clients had lead and opportunity management processes that required them to customize the data models and functionality in their CRMs. Others made changes to their processes to align with the use cases supported by the native integration. They may be doing the same task between the MAP and CRM.
  • RADIUS  |  MONDAY, APRIL 3, 2017
    [CRM, Process] 3 Things Your Team Must Do To Prepare For Account Based Marketing Success
    Review processes, the new Account Based Marketing metrics , and progress weekly. A major factor to the success of your Account-Based-Everything strategy is your ability to find appropriate contacts for each of your target accounts and map them to their related account object in your CRM. Most CRM tools and Marketing Automation systems often fail to tie the right contacts to the right companies, causing organizational chaos and stunting the potential of any account-based strategy.
  • ENGAGIO  |  MONDAY, APRIL 3, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Here’s The Difference Between Sales Spam and Human Connections
    And then new sales email tools emerged to automate the process of sending lots of these sales messages. Maria Pergolino tells of a sales rep she heard about who kept not-so-nice personal notes about the buyer in Notes field in their CRM. Ten years ago, our inboxes were flooded with marketing spam. Fortunately, technology (in the form of spam filters) and the law (in the form of email regulation) caught up, and now our inboxes are mostly clean from marketing spam.
    [CRM, Process] THE HACKIES: Beacons & Bacon: 8-step data strategy to hack any customer experience
    Our annual user conference was a perfect venue to hone a new process and see how we could bring together a seamless customer experience, bridging online and offline, built on an expansive cross-channel, cross-device data foundation. If the experience of visiting sponsor booths was more of a game, we thought we could inject some fun in the process, encourage some conversations that otherwise wouldn’t happen, and thereby please both attendees and our sponsors.
    [CRM, Process] THE HACKIES: MarDev = DevOps for Marketing
    It was also a very manual process of working on creative content and briefings with these influencers. This is both a marketing and technology issue, and a special kind of process management was required. DevOps brought changes, not only at the organizational level, but also at the process level, with the development of the DevOps toolchain and with a continuous cycle of development and IT operations. This is a process that should be conducted jointly by the two teams.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Two Must-Haves that Predict Success for Your Marketing Automation Investment
    Integration with CRM software … The list goes on and on. Instead of focusing on the shiny trappings in a program, evaluate the two key measures during your selection process to help ensure future marketing automation success. Search “must-haves for marketing automation” on the web, and you’ll receive a laundry list of answers. Email distribution. Lead management and scoring. Multi-channel integration. Automated alerts. Content marketing and management. Social media management.
    [CRM, Process] Is inbound vs. outbound antiquated in an ABM world?
    These days, the typical B2B marketing team has at least a dozen tools in their #MarTech stack: a CRM, marketing automation, a CMS, several social media applications, video, webinars, a creative suite, and so on. At my own company, our B2B marketing and sales team recently went through the process of switching to allbound. Essentially, allbound refers to existing accounts that are owned and flagged in your CRM that haven’t had activity in the last 60 days.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 2017
    [CRM, Process] 12 Ways to Boost Your Website’s Lead Generation Performance
    And basically, they introduce a huge dump of friction into the conversion process. If you’ve got a nice CRM system set up already, great. If you’re in digital marketing, there’s probably one metric you’re more focused on than anything else: leads. Your goal might be to get more leads, or maybe better leads, or leads that convert faster, or leads that give a higher value. But any way you cut it, it’s still all about lead generation. The question is, how do you get those leads?
  • ENGAGIO  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 2017
    [CRM, Process] The One Hack All Marketing Operations Leaders Need
    Because CRM systems haven’t adapted well to marketing and sales’s practice of selling to accounts and not leads. The truth is that leads that exist in the CRM double as people and accounts and this throws off more than just your modeling. In a typical CRM setup, you have leads that are created that are not associated with any account. That’s a lot of leads to treat separately in your CRM.
  • BIZIBLE  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Best Practices for Revenue Ops: Data & Analytics
    As outlined in the ebook, The Rise of Revenue Ops , there are four key pillars to revenue ops: Management & Strategy, Process Optimization, Technology & Project Management, and Data & Analytics. The first action ops should take to ensure proper data governance is to assemble key stakeholders across the marketing and sales teams during key planning phases of building the marketing and sales technology stack and organizational process.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 2017
    [CRM, Process] How to Create Facebook Lead Ads: A Beginner's Guide
    For marketers, this means bounce-rates at every point along the process. Optionally, you can "select a CRM" to collect submission information in the Leads Setup section. If you're like most marketers, you're always on the search for ways to reach new audiences and generate leads. But did you know that according to BrightTALK, 80% of marketers report their current lead generation efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective?
  • TERMINUS  |  MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2017
    [CRM, Process] 7 Steps to Getting Started with Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
    It allows you to personalize your marketing based on personas, sales stages, campaigns, or activity in your CRM. To assist in the identification process, you can use any number of predictive ABM technologies and data tools to help pinpoint companies that fit your ICP. In late summer of 2016, I set up a Google Alert for the term account-based marketing. At the time, plenty of people were talking about account-based marketing.
    [CRM, Process] THE HACKIES: How leading marketing executives tackle martech
    Strategy shapes the decision-making process. Once you are beyond the core platforms (marketing automation, CRM, CMS, etc.), Rather than having one vetting process for all solutions, they vary their approaches by solution and purpose. A consumer products company similarly bucketed technologies into enterprise platforms, tactical tools, and innovation — and they had a different decision process and time horizon for each.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2017
    [CRM, Process] What Can You Do with Marketing Automation: Surprise! Its more than you think.
    – Press Release Attribution & Corporate Communication: Create trackable URLs for press releases to tie PR activity back to the lead-to-revenue process. Integrate a CRM, so that as soon as leads qualify or take some action that indicates sales-readiness, they flow to your sales team for follow up. – Enable Better Conversations: Integrate your marketing automation into your CRM , if you use one.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 2017
    [CRM, Process] How Customer-Driven Copy Helped HubSpot Increase Conversions by Nearly 100%
    These kinds of false hopes (and complete lack of a process) are why so many conversion copywriting projects fail, and so many new sites perform worse than the old ones. In this post, I'll share the exact process we used to fine-tune the messaging and nearly double the site's conversion rate. The HubSpot Growth Stack consists of HubSpot's marketing, sales, and CRM software. New copy isn't better just because it's new.
  • PUREB2B  |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22, 2017
    [CRM, Process] How to Nurture Leads with Email Marketing
    Since marketers need to determine where ROI is coming from, there is a need to establish a good CRM model or system that will identify which campaigns are effective and which are not. Marketers should have a full understanding of how the marketing automation system and the CRM system work to help them predict which leads are the most qualified. The bottom line on marketing automation is that it allows you to scale processes without removing the ability to segment and personalize.
    [CRM, Process] Customer Marketing: The Missing Piece of the Account-Based Marketing Puzzle
    84% of #B2B businesses begin the buying process with a referral, says @EdelmanPR Click To Tweet. Then, go into your CRM and pull a list customer accounts that pay for lower tiers and match these characteristics. What is Customer Marketing? Customer marketing is built around activities designed to drive retention, loyalty, advocacy, growth, and community participation for current customers.” – Influitive. Customer marketing tactics include: Onboarding email drip programs.
    [CRM, Process] THE HACKIES: A customer-centric approach to building marketing and sales stacks
    A lot has changed in the B2B buying process over the years. The B2B buying process is broken. Easy: The Holy Grail of funnel marketing — steering prospects effortlessly through the awareness, consideration, and purchase phases — is misguided because the buying process is hardly linear. Ask around and you’re unlikely to find a single salesperson that would turn away a purchase order on the very first call, saying, “I haven’t gone through my sales process yet.
    [CRM, Process] 4 Ways to Use Audio in B2B Marketing
    The Listening Process. The process starts when we receive auditory stimuli, which our brains then have to interpret. It’s that third step in the process -- recalling -- that might be the most important one for marketers. Because HubSpot’s marketing, sales, and CRM software comprise a growth stack, we use our podcast to discuss related topics with business leaders who have accomplished notable growth, and who have good stories.
  • KAON  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Kaon Interactive Incorporates Augmented Reality Into 3D Marketing Platform
    Using AR-enabled mobile devices such as Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, users can explore product functions and features, view integrated marketing messages, see the item from any angle, and demonstrate product workflow and process, helping prospective customers develop a deeper understanding of the product, its dimensions and how it fits in their actual workspace. Kaon AR (Augmented Reality).
  • INFER  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Interview with Infer on Predictive and ABM
    Here are a few key use cases for predictive that we’ve seen at early stages of the Martech Maturity Model: Stage 0 (Marketing Transformation): Most companies don’t start building their sales and marketing stack by selecting a MAP vendor — their first step is usually to purchase a CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce to store sales data. Josh Hill’s interview with Infer’s Director of Product Marketing, Nikhil Balaraman, originally appeared on Marketing Rockstar Guides.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 2017
    [CRM, Process] How Redesigning HubSpot.com Doubled Conversion Rates
    This gave an idea for how these conversion paths were playing out for actual users, and it helped shine a light on areas where the process was confusing. In particular, many were struggling to understand how HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Sales worked together. I didn't continue the process because your website is too damn cluttered. You can see an example of this process here: Wireframes and mockups. At INBOUND, we launched a major iteration of HubSpot.com.
  • BIZIBLE  |  MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Are You Measuring Event Marketing The Right Way?
    Many marketers are already taking the next step towards down-funnel measurement by uploading their event leads into campaigns in either their CRM our marketing automation system—turning these offline leads “online.”. Of course, that’s just the first step in the process of measuring event marketing the same way you measure all of your other channels. For many B2B marketing departments, event marketing takes up a significant portion of the budget.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Are You Ready for Marketing Automation?
    Most marketing automation platforms (MAPs): automate manual tasks and multi-step processes such as email and social media campaigns; integrate common marketing tasks and multiple tools into a single dashboard, making management easier; gather and consolidate data on campaign performance, website visitor behaviors, and other key metrics; and. Do you use a CRM?
  • PUREB2B  |  MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2017
    [CRM, Process] 7 Benefits of Closed-Loop Reporting
    It means to “close the loop” between data collected from marketing analytics software and customer relationship management (CRM) systems or sales teams. While on the other hand, your sales team and CRM systems provide details on which strategies resulted in sales and the value of each sale. With closed-loop reporting, you can see the path that every user goes through until they make the actual purchase so you can better understand their buying journey and process.
    [CRM, Process] Straight from the Champions’ Mouths: What to Look Forward to at Summit 2017
    Courtney Grimes , Senior Marketing, Automation and CRM Consultant at DemandLab. After networking with the best-of-best at Summit, you will be able to quote users (aka Josh Hill) and well-known companies to justify your processes, budget, and even make a case for additional headcount.— Courtney Grimes , Senior Marketing, Automation and CRM Consultant at DemandLab. Courtney Grimes , Senior Marketing, Automation and CRM Consultant at DemandLab.
    [CRM, Process] Marketing’s Like Love: How Rejection Leads to Success
    Ideally, BDRs should be able to select a rejection code from a dropdown menu in their CRM software. (A Failure is a part of the process. Imagine you’re having a night on the town with someone special. Both of you have just met, but your vibes click and you think you like each other. At the end of the evening, you promise to meet again and put your numbers in each other’s phone. You even make plans for that all-important “next time.”
    [CRM, Process] 21 Stats You Need to Know About Marketing Automation
    The most commonly used marketing automation features are email marketing (89%), lead nurturing (84%), integrations with other software (CRM, mobile, social media, etc.) 89% of respondents who have deployed marketing automation systems have integrated it with their CRM systems. Because automation can tie in with the sales team’s lead scoring efforts, both parties need to be part of the decision-making process when getting automated tools setup.
    [CRM, Process] Let’s Celebrate the 2017 Markie Awards Finalists!
    Digital marketing integration can often enhance processes or improve analytics. These organizations have created an integrated ecosystem with CRM, third-party cloud apps, or other applications to automate, streamline, and enhance their marketing efforts. In this award, people, process and technology all come into play.
    [CRM, Process] Mastering modern marketing technology leadership over 2 intense days
    They’ll reveal real use cases examples of how to marry your CRM data (first-party data) with targeted ads to connect with those same people on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn — delivering personalized individual-level advertising that can done with existing marketing automation campaigns. to discuss: How marketers use first-party CRM data to target lookalike customers on Facebook.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, MARCH 13, 2017
    [CRM, Process] What Is Customer Marketing?
    By using a marketing automation workspace, like Act-On , marketers are able to grow their customer relationships after the sell in a number of ways, from automating the customer onboarding process through nurture emails, to sending emails about product adoption, new features or training opportunities. By leveraging your marketing automation, CRM and ERP data, you can also better understand when a customer is ready for an upsell or cross-sell.
    [CRM, Process] Reboot Buyer Insights To Drive B2B Growth
    The advent of CRM, Sales Automation, and Marketing Automation has produced voluminous data. It is a mapping of all the internal processes taking place with a view of buyers having internal interactions with an organization. Illustration by Gregory Cresnar. B2B companies are faced with the most transformative era in business history.
  • RADIUS  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Top 2017 Takeaways From Product Executives
    Arguably one of the most common issues plaguing most marketing and sales teams is the prevalence of inaccurate, stale, and incomplete data across CRM and marketing automation technologies (MAT). Rise in natural language processing tools for more scalable content. Lastly, the entire panel resonated the increase in natural language processing tools which would allow companies to create personalized messaging at scale.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2017
    [CRM, Process] What Does the Future Hold for Agencies? 3 Leaders Weigh In
    Meaning there is going to be a movement of "lead generation" agencies that will move closer into the CRM implementation/usage space; basically they will move into Sales Enablement. Investing in 1) processes and structure around documented systems and 2) tools to automate these manual processes will help make it scalable. -- Josh Harcus, Director of Channel at PandaDoc. Do you remember what agencies looked like five years ago?
    [CRM, Process] How Document Analytics Became Our Secret Weapon
    In the past, when a salesperson sent downloadable collateral to a prospect, that was the end of the process. That’s why Document Analytics has been such a valuable resource that impacts our ideation process. Document Analytics makes that easy with our CRM integrations. Twenty-three years ago, the PDF, or portable document format, was released. In the digital timeline, that’s practically the age of dinosaurs.
    [CRM, Process] One Year as a Terminus SDR
    I went through the initial phone screen process and was asked to come do an in-person interview the next day. I didn’t even know what a CRM was. Sometimes they didn’t work and sometimes they did, but the process of learning every day became the backbone to my success, as it can be for you when stepping into a new role. That’s why it’s important to have a schedule for your process because it will help you get more structured and be more successful.
    [CRM, Process] In Praise of the Automaton: How Humans Can Stay Relevant in the Face of Marketing Automation
    Case in point: programmatic ad buying, which automates the cumbersome-yet-critical process of bidding for ad space and maximizing value. Because the software syncs with your team’s CRM, you can personalize emails in seconds. It happened to the auto industry, when robots and other machinery automated steps in the car manufacturing process, thereby allowing those companies to cut their workforces and bolster their own profits.
  • THE ROI GUY  |  MONDAY, MARCH 6, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Business Value Summit Interview – Getting The Most from your Business Value Program
    When it came time to get a second meeting or advance the sales process, it just wasn’t happening at the rate ADP needed it to to achieve their growth goals. CRM systems such as Salesforce. We see more companies integrating value selling tools into the CRM workflow, rather than it residing stand alone, as yet another tool.
    [CRM, Process] Laying the Groundwork for a Successful Account Based Marketing Strategy
    What you’re going to find is that at a bare minimum, your CRM needs to reflect your ICP and target personas clearly and accurately. In practice, underlying CRM data (e.g. Now that you have your segments defined, configured in your CRM, and easily accessible by your marketing automation system, you’re ready to get up and running with your ABM strategy. So, you’re in the big leagues now with ABM, and you’re looking to hit the ground running.
    [CRM, Process] CaliberMind Offers B2B Orchestration with a Twist
    The system uses natural language processing to analyze these and build a profile of what they have in common. Because the language processor can understand things like level of interest, buyer role, and stage in the purchasing process, it can identify new and generate alerts about important events. These can be loaded into the CRM database or displayed in a window on the CRM desktop. I spent quite a bit of time debating with myself how to classify CaliberMind.
    [CRM, Process] 5 Useful Lead Nurturing Tactics to Get More Opportunities
    Your top of the funnel lead generation becomes a multi-touch process when you use more than one channel. Sales is an essential part of building your lead nurturing process. Here’s an example of involving Sales in the lead nurturing process. Larger companies with marketing teams will likely have tools such as marketing automation and CRM software that help automate parts of lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is one of those things that’s easy to talk about but hard to do.
    [CRM, Process] THE HACKIES: Conquering Middle Earth with marketing technology
    Soldiers are actually at war with other leaders’ forces who are after the same treasure, and will often times use evil methods to extract the treasure, harming the people of Middle Earth in the process. Sales persons prepare by planning out their missions by using something called a “CRM” or “SFA.” This article is a guest post by Anthony Lombardo of Commvault. It was entered into The Hackies essay contest for the upcoming MarTech conference. Like it?
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 2, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Rethink Podcast #13: What It Means To Become An Advocate Marketer
    Marketing plays a role in the entire process. And that means process and technology to transform the sales organization. And ensuring that your marketing automation system is well-coordinated with your CRM system, so that you do have that closed loop in understanding from brand to demand to expand to advocacy, that you can analyze those metrics.
    [CRM, Process] THE HACKIES: Full-path ROI — aligning attribution models with the buyer’s journey
    Integrating both web analytics and CRM account data will connect the dots and close the loop in longer sales cycles. Without the insights of data analysis and channel experts, it is easy to misinterpret or misplace proper attribution from data generated by marketing automation and CRM systems. This two-step process is often best left for the experts – those with the time, talent, and experience to provide actionable data-driven analysis and proper correlations.
    [CRM, Process] Leveraging Video to Get More Sales Meetings [Podcast]
    After we started using video in our sales process, Scott Ingram, host of the Sales Success Stories Podcast took notice. A big piece of the puzzle for us is understanding what type of marketing automation system and what sort of CRM platform the company is using. Editor’s note: If you’re looking for free tools to accelerate your sales process, check out 11 of them in this post !).
    [CRM, Process] 9 Client Reporting Tools That Will Save Your Agency Time
    You'd save almost $5,000 per month if you automated this process. Databox enables agencies automate the client reporting process by compiling data from many popular marketing software and services -- including HubSpot Marketing , HubSpot CRM , Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter, Linkedin Company Pages and Instagram. You love data. Nothing makes you -- and your client -- happier than a chart that shows just how great a campaign is performing.
    [CRM, Process] How to Start a Business in 2017: A Complete Guide for Startup Entrepreneurs
    We’re here to guide you through that process. Sales Process Template. A simple, easy-to-follow sales process template to help managers coach their inside sales reps into following a proven, standardized process from discovery to close. The Best CRM. HubSpot CRM is the only free CRM that lets you manage your pipeline, automate the most tedious sales tasks, and make it easier to close deals quickly.
  • INFER  |  TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Can predictive bring sales and marketing together?
    Not only does Infer look at a contact in terms of their interactions with your company (by looking at your CRM and marketing automation), it also mines the Web and other third party data looking at potentially thousands of data points, each weighted specific to the company’s requirements. One way Infer does this is by populating a field in your CRM and using it to show similar accounts. Is it possible to over-automate your sales and marketing processes?
    [CRM, Process] The 14 Best Personal Productivity Tools
    Despite the proliferation of “labor saving” devices and process automation software, marketers (along with their colleagues in pretty much every other business function) are busier than ever. An integration platform to help connect on-premises and cloud applications, automate workflow processes, and create microservices.
    [CRM, Process] Marketing Automation Apprehension
    They are apprehensive about moving from manual processes to automated marketing systems. So too is integrating CRM systems with marketing automation systems. Sirius Decisions reported that market leading companies, employing strong lead nurturing processes supported by marketing automation solutions, close over 4 times the number of deals of average firms. Follow the processes and programs you currently have running, and build on your success over time.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2017
    [CRM, Process] What is Brand Marketing?
    Whether it’s a virtual event or a customer workshop, marketing automation allows you to manage the process and track engagement from email invitations to reminders to post-event follow ups. She said you can manage your press lists just like you would your lead lists and do segmentation off both the behavioral intelligence that your marketing automation collects, as well as the demographic data from the CRM. There is a lot of confusion around brand.
    [CRM, Process] Top Webinars You Should Watch For Marketing Success in 2017
    Bring direct mail into the digital age by leveraging your CRM. The recurring problem, however, is that marketers are taking a shallow approach to evaluating predictive vendors – adopting a simple and quick process based on short-term gains, rather than using a well-thought-out long-term strategy as their barometer. Buying processes can vary based on your goals.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2017
    [CRM, Process] How Marketing Automation Technology Makes Businesses Smarter
    Customers engage with brands across multiple digital touch points — from the first interaction to the buying process to ongoing customer care — and they expect a more personalized experience throughout. When integrated with a company’s website, social media accounts, CRM and a host of other application infrastructures, marketing automation platforms can become enterprises’ de facto engagement database of record.
    [CRM, Process] What Is Adaptive Analytics? And Why Does It Matter For B2B Marketers?
    Because adaptive analytics leverage prospect and customer data, it’s important for orgs to have accurate CRM and multi-touch attribution data before adaptive analytics can really be effective. Adaptive analytics requires the continuous processing of a ton of data, which until recently, was unfeasible for most organizations. With the growth of machine learning and the ability to process more data faster, adaptive analytics is increasingly a reality.
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2017
    [CRM, Process] 5 Smart Ways to Automate Your Marketing
    Which processes would most benefit from automation? Have all forms automatically transfer information to your CRM software. This might seem beginner-ish to some of you… but if you’ve been around the block with marketing automation or CRM, you know that marketing programs live and die by the quality of their data. So even if you’ve got your CRM hooked up to your marketing automation program, ask yourself: How much do you trust your data? Need to do more with less?
    [CRM, Process] Zaius Offers Mid-Market Customer Data Platform Plus Analytics and Campaigns
    I probably wasn’t helped by Zaius’ Web site, which calls it a “B2C CRM” and then lists single customer view, real-time marketing automation, and cross-channel attribution as its main features. In fact, CRM and marketing automation are feeder systems to CDPs, so you could argue it’s logically impossible for the same system to be both. The data loading process also includes sessionization, which associates events that occurred around the same time.
    [CRM, Process] Lead Nurturing’s Biggest Challenges
    Technology has allowed marketers to scale their lead nurturing campaigns with readily available automation tools and easy-to-use CRM software. It can be tedious and time-consuming to conduct comprehensive analyses and even more so with A/B tests, but the effort you expend will pay off when you can optimize processes to improve conversion and response rates in your next campaign.
  • INFER  |  TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2017
    [CRM, Process] In the next 5 years, we are going to see a reimagining of automation through AI: An Interview with Sean Zinsmeister
    Where do you see this process heading in the next five years? Does that mean they are incapable of finding new opportunities as the world changes beyond your CRM? In these outbound cases, companies need help not only with prioritizing the best accounts from their CRM, but also with discovering new ones to go after. They might capture the “whale account” they were chasing, but to the detriment of the rest of the business opportunities that they ignored in the process.
    [CRM, Process] THE HACKIES: How to hack your CRM for ABM, switching from leads to contacts and accounts
    While the process is involved and complex, it’s incredibly rewarding and highly effective if done properly. Technical “Hacks” when Switching your CRM to ABM. There are two categories of hacks involved in the process — technical and strategic. These decisions will inform the rest of the process. Some companies create custom solutions for this process or higher an outside consultant. Strategic “Hacks” when Switching your CRM to ABM.
    [CRM, Process] Lead Genius Adds a Dash of Artificial Intelligence to Account Based Marketing
    It has since expanded from list gathering to all stages in the Account Based Marketing process, sprinkling in dashes of artificial intelligence at every step along the way. Nearly every vendor who does this applies some form of natural language processing to extract information from unstructured sources. To find the right targets, Lead Genius loads a client's current CRM lists. Messages through other channels would have to be executed through marketing automation or CRM.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2017
    [CRM, Process] 7 Steps to Achieving Optimal Sales & Marketing Alignment
    Companies with “dynamic, adaptable sales and marketing processes” reported an average of 10% more sales people on-quota compared to other companies, according to CSO Insights. True alignment involves many things: shared goals, common milestones and metrics, smooth business processes, and smart technology investments. In the process, it’s likely that you’ll discover “lost” assets that could be valuable to other parts of your sales and marketing organization. Oil and water.
    [CRM, Process] 4 Easy Tactics for Infusing AI and Predictive Analytics Into Sales Processes
    Rather than relying on human intuition to inform their processes, these early adopters are leading the arms race for data by reinventing how their businesses operate based on intelligence that’s generated by AI and other related data science techniques. The post 4 Easy Tactics for Infusing AI and Predictive Analytics Into Sales Processes appeared first on Infer: Predictive Sales and Marketing Platform.
    [CRM, Process] 4 Easy Tactics for Infusing AI and Predictive Analytics Into Sales Processes
    Rather than relying on human intuition to inform their processes, these early adopters are leading the arms race for data by reinventing how their businesses operate based on intelligence that’s generated by AI and other related data science techniques. The post 4 Easy Tactics for Infusing AI and Predictive Analytics Into Sales Processes appeared first on Infer: Predictive Sales and Marketing Platform.
    [CRM, Process] The Unsung Heroes of the Sales Process
    They are the architects of an efficient, repeatable and scalable process. The emergence of the CRM — especially cloud-based Salesforce — as a singular source of truth has put Sales Ops squarely at the forefront of understanding what really is happening in the sales cycle. The domain of Sales Ops is incorporating this brave new world of technology into a process that makes teams more productive. They work quietly in the shadows.
    [CRM, Process] Why Video Should Play a Big Role in Your Account Based Marketing Tactics
    That’s because lead generation, which focuses on marketing to individual leads, doesn’t typically account for how the decision-making process in enterprises works; the average B2B process now requires 5.4 So many people can influence the decision-making process in a company, so if you’re focused on just one or two people, you may be talking to the wrong people rather than the decision-makers. For many marketing organizations, ABM is a powerful acronym these days.
    [CRM, Process] 3 Account-Based Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make
    Regardless of which inputs you use to select accounts, all stakeholders should be part of the account selection process. This will ensure everyone is on the same page and each group feels ownership of the process. Here are some key metrics, which can be found in your engagement platform or CRM system, that are instrumental in determining the success of ABM: Early-Stage Metrics.
    [CRM, Process] How to Run LinkedIn Ad Campaigns: A Beginner's Guide
    This process is the same for both text ads and sponsored content. Connect that lead capture form to your customer relationship management (CRM) software, so that once the information is imported, your sales team can act upon them. But pay close attention to your ad campaigns, alongside the landing page form data in your CRM. LinkedIn is a highly valuable tool to network with like-minded professionals.
    [CRM, Process] Going All-In and Adapting Salesforce to Do Better ABM
    While it’s possible to dip your toes in the account-based marketing water without making major changes to your martech stack, to fully commit to an ABM strategy, there are technical changes that need to be made in the CRM centered around switching from leads to contacts. If you’re thinking about making the switch to ABM or are currently going through the process, I hope you check it out
    [CRM, Process] How to Write a Case Study: The Ultimate Guide & Template
    Kick off the process with an email that runs through exactly what they can expect from you, as well as what is expected of them. As noted in the sample email, this document serves as an outline for the entire case study process. What did your decision-making process look like? The Decision Process. Exploring how the customer arrived at the decision to work with you helps to guide potential customers through their own decision-making processes.
    [CRM, Process] 7 Myths about Account-Based Marketing for the Unconvinced
    However, the difference is how that process is accomplished -- what the outreach and engagement looks like and how those interactions are tracked and reported. It’s nearly impossible to run both types of reporting simultaneously because both require a specific CRM configuration. When sales works in a lead-based system, each lead is an isolated entity, separate from his/her company and his/her interactions with their coworkers during the buying process.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 30, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Customer Lifecycle Metrics, Part 3: Nurture, Score, Repeat
    These do more than provide instant insight into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns – they also make it possible to uncover gaps in the process, forecast sales, and determine which campaigns are driving revenue. Customer relationship management (CRM) integration is also key to lead nurturing success. Connectivity between marketing automation and CRM makes it possible for marketing to pass qualified leads to sales in a timely way, and that’s obviously important.
    [CRM, Process] 2016’s Must-Read List for B2B Marketers
    Whether you have a MAP or are in the selection process, you’ll learn: how to assess and build on your current capabilities. how to think about integration with other systems (your CRM for example) and maximize the feature set and utility of your current investments. Successful marketers are well-rounded. But staying informed about so many digital disciplines is challenging.
    [CRM, Process] 2016’s Must-Read List for B2B Marketers
    Whether you have a MAP or are in the selection process, you’ll learn: how to assess and build on your current capabilities. how to think about integration with other systems (your CRM for example) and maximize the feature set and utility of your current investments. Successful marketers are well-rounded. But staying informed about so many digital disciplines is challenging.
  • INFER  |  THURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Why Atlassian will be a $50+ billion company in 10 years
    So much so that companies now use this platform for all types of use cases – at my company, we even use it to support our human resources and recruiting processes. And this powerful platform could be even more useful with seamless bi-directional integrations that sync and push tasks and updates back into CRM and marketing automation systems. CRM In the News Marketing Automation Thought Leadership Uncategorized
    [CRM, Process] How to Build a Social Media Dream Team
    This blog will look at three essentials of a social media dream team, from the team members you may want to hire to processes you should put in place. . Social CRM segmentation. Your governance board should meet on a monthly or quarterly basis to reassess and innovate on processes and strategies. Ensure that your team and processes drive toward departmental and organizational goals while upholding the standards set forth by the channel.
  • PUREB2B  |  TUESDAY, JANUARY 24, 2017
    [CRM, Process] How to Improve Your Email Open Rates
    Virtually every company with any kind of CRM system was emailing their contact list on a regular basis. Despite the fact that email marketing has been utilized for over two decades, many brands still aren’t optimizing their processes to maximize exposure and engagement. Email marketing was a huge piece of the marketing puzzle in 2016. And who can blame them? It’s hard to ignore a marketing channel that averages a 3800% return.
    [CRM, Process] More Sales Less Time
    In my opinion it is the essence first that in today’s crazy busy sales world, there are many distractions (CRM/Social Media/Internet, sales calls….) What you will gain by buying this book is a process to create a new time saving methodology for you! Ken Thoreson “operationalizes” sales management systems and processes that pull revenue out of the doldrums into the fresh zone. More Sales/Less Time. -A A book review-.
    [CRM, Process] How to Leverage Intent Data to Drive More Revenue
    For example, if the person reading this blog is a marketing professional, it’s possible they are in the process of evaluating a product that leverages intent data. As a result, very few companies possess the budget or expertise to integrate such data into their existing marketing and sales processes. company, person, and topic attributes) used in your modeling process so I can use the information in my existing lead and account scoring workflows?
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 23, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Why Facebook Ads Will Make You Successful in 2017 & Beyond
    Most marketers start by targeting Friends of your existing users, visitors of your website, or people in your CRM lists. Lookalike Audiences uses machine learning to help find you valuable potential customers who are similar to those who visit your site or are already in your CRM. So you can upload a list of your most valued customers from your CRM and have Facebook hunt down similar users based on their rich data.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Rethinking the Role of Marketing in B2B Customer Engagement
    Together with Gleanster Research we surveyed 750 mid-size B2B companies to investigate how the most successful organizations approach CRM and customer engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. In order to understand how marketing perceives and supports customer relationship management (CRM), we grouped customer engagement into a series of activities and outcomes. Our processes are inefficient – 58%. Organizations must align CRM efforts with measurable objectives.
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