[CRM, Process] Is marketing technology entering a post-platform era?
    There may also be some processing logic in the hub that dynamically determines which pieces of that data should be sent where. For instance: send updated contact data to your CRM, add an email address to a segmented list in your marketing automation platform, and if conditions suggest this is a priority-worthy lead, fire off an email notice or Slack message to the sales team right away.
    [CRM, Process] Report: More Marketing Teams are Taking Control of Technology Purchases
    The Marketing Tech Buying Process: A Look at How Companies Purchase Technology Today” report from Target Marketing and IBM discovered that CMOs spend 3.2 The majority of CMOs are investing in email (53 percent), followed by CRM (47 percent), social media marketing (39 percent) and marketing automation (38 percent). During the marketing technology purchasing process, 78 percent of respondents said that their marketing team is typically involved.
    [CRM, Process] The Big and Small ‘T’ In Digital Marketing Transformation
    Or “Smart Insights who defined it as: A staged programme of business improvements to People, Process and Tools used for integrated digital marketing to maximize the potential business contribution of digital technology and media. Whilst definitions vary there is consistency in them addressing the factors of change: people, processes, data and technology.
    [CRM, Process] The Big and Small ‘T’ In Digital Marketing Transformation
    Or “Smart Insights who defined it as: A staged programme of business improvements to People, Process and Tools used for integrated digital marketing to maximize the potential business contribution of digital technology and media. Whilst definitions vary there is consistency in them addressing the factors of change: people, processes, data and technology.
    [CRM, Process] Ten Things Marketing Should Review with Sales When using Marketing Automation
    I’ve said many times that marketing automation is like CRM 20 years ago. Can your sales team agree on a flow for all inbound leads that help your company establish a process for managing, distributing, and nurturing inbound leads? Better define lead distribution processes with them. Most marketing automation systems can help you set up a rock solid lead distribution process. It’s a pretty slick end-to-end process.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 13, 2017
    [CRM, Process] How to Do ABM Without Selling Your Soul
    While, in the end, it’s the people that make the buying decisions, their company dynamics play a big role in the purchasing process. Sales and marketing should be in lockstep throughout the inbound process; that’s especially important in the creation of personas. The buyer’s journey is the process buyers go through to become aware of, evaluate, and purchase a new product or service. Many of these platforms even automatically update your ads as new data is added to your CRM.
  • TERMINUS  |  THURSDAY, JULY 13, 2017
    [CRM, Process] What Are the Benefits of Advertising in Account-Based Marketing?
    Account-based advertising is different than typical forms of advertising such as Google AdWords, retargeting (advertising to contacts who have visited your site), and CRM retargeting (advertising to contacts in your database). Solutions like Terminus enable B2B marketers to reach the entire buying committee in their target accounts, including the contacts that are not in your CRM and have never been to your website.
  • ENGAGIO  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 12, 2017
    [CRM, Process] 3 Reasons Why Marketing Operations and ABM are the Perfect Match
    Account-Centric Systems /Processes – Part of ABM is having an account centric organization of data, building out white space, and lead routing. By supporting these processes and managing the supporting systems, Marketing and Sales have the framework to effectively go after target accounts. The good news is processes like lead to account matching have been much more automated and streamlined. This no longer has to be a time-consuming, manual process.
  • RADIUS  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 12, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Driving Strategy, Implementation and Execution for Einstein ABM
    Most practitioners and thought leaders agree that optimized data, CRM, and Marketing Automation play a critical role in any account-based approach. The ABM transformation touches all aspects: people, process, and technology in the go-to-market organizations. Execution: Process, Data, Orchestration. Account-based marketing (ABM) is a popular and much-hyped movement in today’s B2B marketing strategy space.
  • ENGAGIO  |  MONDAY, JULY 10, 2017
    [CRM, Process] The 4 Types of Data You Need to Identify Accounts for Your ABM Program
    The most important step in the 6-step process for Account Based Marketing is choosing which target accounts will receive the focus of our resources. The kind of data inputs will vary for your organization depending on many factors, but the process will likely include these a mix of these. Ask yourself which company characteristics best predict a successful sales process. This is an excellent starting point for your account selection process, but it’s only the beginning.
  • EMEDIA  |  FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2017
    [CRM, Process] How Account-Based Marketing Metrics Are Like B2C Metrics
    It will require yet another re-engineering of sales and marketing processes. And as always, new marketing automation software, data protocols and CRM tools will rapidly fill the void. When did four P’s become eight? B2B marketers have a lot on their plate. Marketing automation used to be the new shiny object. It’s now required to manage effective campaigns and track campaign ROI.
    [CRM, Process] Avoid Blind Spots in Your Lead Scoring with Social Intent Data
    By failing to track the activities a lead performs before they engage with your brand, you’re missing out on the first half of their research process! With so many buyers involved and such a long research process before your company is even involved, isolating your lead scoring only to prospects who come to your website and fill out a form gives you very limited visibility. What type of client is the “right fit” for your business?
  • SNAPAPP  |  FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2017
    [CRM, Process] 42 Experts Explain How to Get Better Qualified Leads with Interactive Content
    To drive this home further, consider 67% of lost sales are a result of sales reps not receiving properly qualified leads before taking them through the sales process. Many times clients feel overwhelmed by the development process that can go into a traditional approach to interactive projects, and we've had better success using formats like interactive timelines, surveys & quizzes, and "lightly animated" data visualizations and CSS animations to make larger content projects "pop.".
    [CRM, Process] How to do lead management that improves conversion
    Focusing on contact leads rather than unifying leads under correct accounts in their CRM. Lack of sales and marketing collaboration on the approach and process. Lead management is a multi-step process that handles the conversion of sales leads to customers. It’s the process of managing and tracking customer touchpoints throughout buying journey, from the first contact to close. Specific Processes. Process to map contact leads below the correct accounts in CRM.
    [CRM, Process] Learn How To Use Quora Ads for B2B User Acquisition
    They sell CRM products, right? So at the very basic level, you could include Salesforce like the topic itself, CRM, things like that in your broader-based Ad Set that has these very large audiences but also not super highly targeted. So, again, I would say that the approach you take is your research is the same process you’d be taking to engage with the Quora organically.
    [CRM, Process] The Paid Marketing Metrics You Must Measure
    Use your CRM to track leads back to your campaigns. As a result, your conversion rates may also suffer, which brings us nicely to the next step in the optimization process. When measuring the effectiveness of paid advertising , you’re often presented with an overwhelming array of choices. Where do you start, and which metrics should you focus on? What is your true north? In this article, I segment key paid marketing metrics into three different categories.
    [CRM, Process] Show Me the Money: Proving ROI With the SharpSpring CRM
    Well, here at SharpSpring, we get just as excited about this request as Jerry Maguire, and that’s why we’ve designed the SharpSpring CRM with your revenue goals in mind. One of the easiest ways to show the ROI of each customer is to accurately track them in your CRM, starting with the very first time they interact with you, and following them all the way to a closed sale. To top it off, the SharpSpring CRM includes unlimited users. SharpSpring CRM Reports.
    [CRM, Process] 3 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Helping Demand Gen Marketers Right Now
    The reason for this epidemic of data-overload is simple: in an age of “big data” , B2B marketing databases are simply too large to manage and process manually. AI can process the data for you in a fraction of the time, and score your database against models that look like your ideal customers. CRM vs. Marketing Automation).
  • PUREB2B  |  MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2017
    [CRM, Process] The True Power of Contextual Marketing
    This means setting up customer data collection and retrieval via a CRM tool. There are even CRM options for small businesses on restrictive budgets. Your CRM tool will be vital in setting up segments that can help you determine the context from which to base your strategy. Think of each persona as a real person with specific daily routines or work processes, challenges, problems, needs, wants, and plans. Again, some CRM tools can provide page performance metrics.
    [CRM, Process] How Account-Based Marketing Changes the Business Developer’s Role
    Adding predictive analytics to your lead qualification process can substantially improve your results. Some data services provide contact information, which you can import into your customer relationship management (CRM) system. “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” ” — Charles Darwin. A Shift from Inbound Marketing.
  • LEADSPACE  |  MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2017
    [CRM, Process] What’s the Difference Between a Persona Score and a Predictive Score?
    In the age of big data , B2B marketing and sales need a clear, effective way to make sense of the enormous volumes of data in their Marketing Automation and CRM platforms. One particularly effective way to turn that indigestible mass of raw information into actionable intelligence is via lead scoring. It just isn’t humanly possible to quickly, efficiently and consistently know which leads or accounts to prioritize without an effective scoring system.
  • NUSPARK  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Facebook for Lead Generation: An Overview of Lead Ads
    If you’re able to gather user data from B2B prospects who have already converted, you can discern which designs worked well previously and use that to guide your development process. When you’re running a lead generation campaign, integrating the lead ads into a CRM system enables your team to respond in real time and optimizes the value of your adspend. Facebook’s foray into Lead Ads has been around for 18 months now, but new developments occur frequently.
    [CRM, Process] The Four Temperaments of Organizational Alignment
    ” “Why should other teams see what I’ve entered in the CRM?” How to move this phase along: Accept and embrace the initiative; understand and buy-in to the goal of placing the customer at the center of the CRM and conceptually have all organizations revolve around them. Is the data suggesting that your existing processes are not working as you had hoped. It seems to be an unwritten rule.
    [CRM, Process] 5 helpful hacks to go above & beyond your sales goals
    Instead, write a list that looks like this: 8AM – 9AM: Process and respond to incoming emails. The hack: Get a CRM or project management software with lead management tools , and spend your valuable time on warm, pre-qualified leads with the best chance of panning out. Work smarter, not harder. You’ve heard it a million times, and it’s never been truer than it is today. Distractions are a fact of life.
    [CRM, Process] Is Lead Flow to the Reps Too Slow or Gridlocked?
    One finding stood out: 85% to 90% of all inquiries and leads were in a qualification and nurture process that was out of control. Those that were not ready to buy within the following 60 days were kept in the nurture process. In all, there were about 40 inside people in two departments working on the qualification and nurture process. Twenty percent of the savings obtained from cutting the two departments went to an outside qualification service tied into the CRM system.
  • HG DATA  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Driving Engagement and Sales Conversion
    But to date, the tools available to the sales force have been limited to phones, their laptop and CRM software – with none of the automation and message synchronization needed to meet the challenge. With FrontSpin and its sales communication technology, we’re really entering a greenfield opportunity where our biggest competitors are CRM systems and the phone. So, instead of saying “we can make your CRM more effective,” I can say, “I see you are using Salesforce.com and Marketo.
  • CONTENTLY  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017
    [CRM, Process] 3 European Martech Trends Affecting Brands in 2017
    But as smartphones and tablets become the primary means of accessing the internet, understanding how users move from device to device during the purchase process is a significant issue right now. Identity resolution is the process of linking fragments of personal data from different sources to gather a complete picture of a customer. Across the UK, automation is taking over.
    [CRM, Process] Strategic ROI vs Attribution: CMOs Must Know the Difference
    Beyond that, Attribution is reliant on sales process and detailed CRM data (think contact roles that sales reps must assign manually in the CRM or marketing and sales operations must be automated with even more technology) to be accurate and up to date. For CMOs, and all marketers tasked with driving revenue, the constantly-looming question we try to answer is, “where should I spend my next marketing dollar to drive the most impact?”
  • PUREB2B  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017
    [CRM, Process] 5 Types of Marketing Automation for Businesses to Consider
    a customer management company, developed the first ever database marketing software, basically a primitive CRM platform. As a matter of fact, if you’re not making use of a modern marketing automation tool, you’re probably missing out on a huge opportunity to make your internal processes quicker and more efficient. Timely customer service is good customer service, which is why businesses are increasingly looking to CRM software to help provide a better customer experience.
    [CRM, Process] What is ABM: Account Based Marketing
    Successful B2B marketers utilize a six-step process for account based marketing. On a basic level, they go through these stages of the ABM journey: Align with sales on the process and decide which high-value accounts you want to target. Customer relationship management (CRM) software to ensure that sales feedback is incorporated into the campaign in a timely fashion. ABM account based marketing is the strategy of choice for B2B marketers in 2017.
    [CRM, Process] 3 Ways to Maximize Event ROI with Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
    I’ve often heard marketers express their uncertainty about the event marketing process as a whole. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can use account-based marketing (ABM) to get more from your event investment by creating awareness before the event and by improving your follow-up process. You can use: Your CRM to identify prospects and customers in the region the event is taking place. Think about the last party you threw.
    [CRM, Process] A Sales Managers Recipe: What Cooking in 2017
    Once a week; review your sales teams CRM system to ensure they are using it properly and casually ask each team member about their certain activities within their key accounts. Ken Thoreson operationalizes sales management systems and processes that pull revenue out of the doldrums into the fresh zone. A Sales Manager’s Recipe: What’s Cooking in 2017?
  • HG DATA  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 2017
    [CRM, Process] A Customer-Centric Approach to Sales Intelligence
    Third, we want to save our customers time because the sales and account management process is extremely inefficient and time-consuming. Finally, we’re adding further workflow integration hooks with CRM and other productivity tools that customers are using on a daily basis. Technically Speaking: An Interview with Martin Wise, CEO and Founder, RelPro .
  • ENGAGIO  |  MONDAY, JUNE 5, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Here’s How to Manage the Change that Comes with ABM
    Instead, you’ll need to integrate it with your core marketing platforms – chiefly your CRM and Marketing Automation tool – and possibly with systems such as digital advertising, social listening and business intelligence. Robust account selection process. Change is hard. . Human beings inherently reject change, as the fear of the unknown is real – and a powerful motivator to maintain “the way things are.”
    [CRM, Process] Marketing Planning Process for Professional Services
    However, the marketing planning process that works well for consumer products, industrial goods or not-for-profits is not well suited for professional services. You need to follow a specific process — one that produces a plan custom-tailored to your needs. Before we get into that process, however, let’s clarify a few key marketing planning concepts. Marketing Planning Process Defined. Benefits of the Marketing Planning Process.
    [CRM, Process] Your Company Needs a MarTech Stack. Here’s How to Build One
    The two other main hubs are your CRM solution and marketing automation solution. Ultimately, the goal is that by the end of this process, you will have organized your technologies into a stack that your teams and employees can easily understand. Once you’ve successfully installed a technology, you can look at taking the next step of this ongoing process.
    [CRM, Process] How to Pitch Marketing Automation to Your Boss
    And yet another system for your sales CRM. With a system like Sharpspring, you can create a synergistic love triangle between all of these processes. And we’re going to continue this process week in and week out until we achieve our marketing and sales goals. Change is hard for some companies. Some would rather go with an executive’s gut than use data to back their decisions. Some still have paper files.
  • TERMINUS  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Display Advertising 101: The Impact of Digital Ads on Account-Based Marketing
    Display ads have the ability to integrate with various marketing platforms, such as account-based marketing tools , your CRM, and your marketing automation platform. Display allows B2B marketers to impact objectives throughout the buyer’s journey, whether it’s improving brand awareness and engagement, driving conversions, or nurturing contacts that are in your CRM. Display advertising can be used in different ways depending on where your prospects are in the buying process.
  • ACT-ON  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2017
    [CRM, Process] The Importance of Personalization in the B2B Buying Journey
    Now imagine that after visiting one vendor’s homepage — in the process of simply gathering information — you’re immediately hit with a message that says, “Fill out this form to speak to one of our salespeople!”. Dynamically create lists of engaged contacts by any combination of factors, whether that data is brought in from the CRM, captured via web form, or behavior insights that Act-On tracks; these segments can automatically adapt as new information is provided.
  • NUSPARK  |  SATURDAY, MAY 27, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Building a Marketing Technology Stack for Your Demand Generation Efforts
    Generating demand in the account-based marketing environment isn’t a process you should leave to chance, but one that requires a concerted, coordinated effort to optimize available data and insights. Customer relationship management (CRM). Once you have your framework for guidance, identify and assign tools based on each step of the process. B2B Lead to Sale Process Marketing Strategy
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Inside Act-On: 10-Step Guide to Rebuilding Your Lead-to-Revenue Funnel
    Through the process, we’ve learned an incredible amount about what works and doesn’t work when it comes to lead-to-revenue funnels and enabling your sales and marketing teams to be successful. Here’s a best practice tried-and-true (by us) process to get you there. Our CFT was quite sizeable, and it was important for us to maintain regular communication throughout the process in order to ensure we had buy in from all parties.
    [CRM, Process] Debating the Role of the CMO: Watching a Transition in Action
    Think about automation tools, data analytics, CRM, social listening platforms, SEO, location-based marketing—you get the idea. There are plenty of technological processes, departments, and teams that the CMO has no business affecting. Marketing automation, CRM, and other technologies can help you manage your customer-centric marketing on multiple fronts, keeping up with changing consumer demands faster than any one person can.
  • VIDYARD  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 2017
    [CRM, Process] 6 Mega Trends in Sales, SaaS, and Video from HubSpot’s Chief Sales Officer
    Marketing automation + CRM + video = a win, win, win! How video impacts the sales cycle from a process perspective. Recently, Hunter Madeley, Chief Sales Officer at HubSpot, sat down with our CEO, Michael Litt to discuss all things sales, SaaS, and video! They bantered for nearly an hour by the toasty fire, but since everyone likes things short and sweet these days, we figured we’d wrap up six of the biggest takeaways.
  • RADIUS  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Future Of B2B Marketing And Sales: 20 Experts Share Their 2017 Predictions
    Success comes down to the right people, processes, and technologies. Auto-discovery and population of relevant prospect, customer and sales information into CRM is nearly a given today. Revenue, that’s the name of the game in 2017. And has been for a long time. We’ve heard a lot this year about AI, machine learning, and the like. But regardless of what lens you approach the revenue problem, there’s one constant.
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Chalk Talks: Using Video Analytics for Smarter Selling
    Two Top Ways to Track Video Consumption in Your Sales Process. Tracking Marketing Videos in your CRM. When you use a tool like Vidyard, you’re actually able to automate all this and then pass this information into your marketing automation platform and CRM so that you’re effectively building a history of that lead’s viewership behavior. You can also use videos in your sales process by creating playlists of custom content or existing video content.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017
    [CRM, Process] 9 Reasons Your Marketing Agency's Retainers Aren't Bigger
    Not process. Not only does our efficiency allow us to beat the competition on price, but we're continuously investing in our processes and systems around this type of work.". According to a survey we ran at Databox , most agencies use data in their sales process sometimes, but only 30% require their clients to give them access to data every time. Offer down-funnel services like CRM setup and sales enablement in order to deliver and prove ROI more easily and more convincingly.
  • ENGAGIO  |  MONDAY, MAY 22, 2017
    [CRM, Process] SiriusDecisions’ New Waterfall and How to Operationalize it to Drive Demand at Key Accounts
    The Predictive Marketing companies (like EverString and Lattice) and Intent vendors (such as Bombora) can help you with measuring Target Demand and Active Demand — or you can do this yourself as part of your account selection process. Lead-to-account matching maps all leads in your CRM and marketing automation platform to their respective accounts so your information is clean, organized, and current.
  • EMEDIA  |  THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Channel Campaign Timing: The 4th Dimension of Demand Generation
    Push your offer by email to your list, then have an inside sales or business development rep (BDR) follow-up by phone as part of the overall nurture process. B2B companies frequently broaden this multi-channel outreach plan into a full-fledged lead nurturing process for all but the hottest leads. Beyond these scenarios, telequalification teams are ideal for identifying hot in-market leads from the other quality leads going through the lead nurture process.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017
    [CRM, Process] The Modern Marketer’s New Executive Dashboard with Matt Heinz
    Because once I get an opportunity priced, based on our process, I know what my conversion rate is on those priced opportunities. I think the technology content process is really the fundamental ingredient that helps us do that. But instead of saying, ‘Well, this technology is cool,’ what companies do is say, ‘What’s our sales process? This is Part 2 of our conversation with Matt Heinz. Read & listen to the first part of the podcast interview.
  • LEADSPACE  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [CRM, Process] How To See Through Your Sea Of Data — And Find Your Ideal Customers
    This can include first-party data from their CRM, Marketing Automation Platform and event forms; and third-party and unstructured data from sources as varied as data vendors, social media and Google searches. It’s time to move on from this rudimentary, frankly rather backward way of processing data. To do that, you need to draw upon a truly vast range of data sources — but the information must all be processed together, on a single platform.
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Chalk Talks: Personalizing Video for Your Sales Outreach
    With ViewedIt, you can create, send, and track video content directly within your email platform as well as your existing sales cadence management tools and CRM. By standardizing video in your sales cadence, you’re building a repeatable process that you can then reiterate on in the future, and I think there’s a lot to be said about reiteration. Salespeople need every advantage they can get.
  • RADIUS  |  MONDAY, MAY 15, 2017
    [CRM, Process] 5 Reasons You Should Not Visit The Radius Booth At SiriusDecisions Summit
    If all of your customer data in your CRM and marketing automation platform is completely up to date, fresh, and accurate, you may not want to stop by our booth. How adding insights, security, and ease to the co-marketing process can help unlock true partner potential. We hope you’re ready for some interesting conversations that drive revenue growth because the SiriusDecisions Summit is underway this week!
    [CRM, Process] Personal Branding Strategy: A Roadmap for Professionals, Experts and Executives
    But if you focus on the process of getting there — taking one small step at a time — you’ll find yourself looking down with amazement at the world you left behind. Whether you are a solopreneur or work at a Fortune 100 firm, the process I lay out is the same. In some cases, clients will seek out an expert — cutting out the competitive proposal process entirely. There are techniques you can learn that will make this process more efficient and successful.
    [CRM, Process] The 12 Best Special-Purpose Business Software Tools
    But there’s virtually no business process, no matter how narrow, that can’t be improved by technology—as demonstrated by the tools here. Here are a dozen tools worth evaluating that cover business functions ranging from the common—word processing, spreadsheets, and business operations—to specific processes such as accepting online payments, shipping, package tracking, online fax and document management, copyright protection, and crowdfunding.
  • ACT-ON  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 10, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Six Key Components of a High Performance Marketing Plan
    With so many choices and access to endless amounts of information empowering them to make their own decisions, buyers are now in complete control of the purchasing process. Most midmarket companies and larger companies will have a marketing automation platform (MAP) and a CRM, or will at least investigate getting both of those platforms in place. Additionally, use marketing operations platforms to manage internal processes, data, and reporting.
    [CRM, Process] 57 marketing stacks and 21 essays from the 2017 Stackies & Hackies
    How to hack your CRM for ABM, switching from leads to contacts and accounts. 6 areas to make your martech stack work with people, processes and data. Here at the MarTech conference in San Francisco , we just celebrated the 2017 Stackies & Hackies Awards. Marketers contributed an incredible 57 marketing stack illustrations and 21 “marketing hack” essays to the community.
    [CRM, Process] How Are Marketers Capitalizing on Content Personalization? [Interview]
    Marketers are also leveraging marketing automation platforms and CRM solutions. What we’re starting to see is the integration of these systems, to gather and analyze data from all of these sources and process it through machine-learning algorithms for a relevant, personalized experience across channels (web, mobile, email and even in person), all along the customer journey.”.
  • INFER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 9, 2017
    [CRM, Process] AI 101, Part II: How to Deal with Data Preparation
    In this next post, I’ll dig deeper into key considerations surrounding this process, namely related to data volume and data quality. In the case of historical customer data for lead or account scoring, this would be how many total opportunities or closed/won deals you have in your CRM database. This article was originally published on MarTech Series by Sean Zinsmeister , Vice President of Product Marketing at Infer.
    [CRM, Process] Lead Liaison Reveals Its Secret Sauce for Managing Leads
    It’s not every day that a company pulls back the curtain and unveils the processes that make them successful. Their Automated Lead Flow Management Process , including a sample Qualified Lead Flow, lays the foundation for an ultra-successful nurture track intended to be carried out using marketing automation systems like their own. Once the lead or inquiry comes in, that person will be sent through the Qualified Lead Flow process.
    [CRM, Process] The Eight Best Online Tools for Sales Professionals
    A CRM system is usually the starting point, but the technology available to support sales+marketing alignment go well beyond a common platform for customer and prospect contact information. Sales software that provides prospect activity tracking across email, web, and documents; a high-deliverability email service; email sales campaign automation; calendaring/scheduling; integration with popular email programs and CRM systems; and reporting. 39: The Eight Best Social CRM Tools. #40:
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, MAY 9, 2017
    [CRM, Process] How to Drive Sales Effectiveness with Automation
    Effectiveness demands a formal, dynamic, optimized sales process, quality training and coaching, the right technology, good leadership, and the right people in the right places at the right times. Many sales organizations invest in customer relationship managerment (CRM) tools hoping that it will all of their sales effectiveness problems. At its heart, a CRM is simply a database with a user interface and some tools attached.
  • LEANDATA  |  FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2017
    [CRM, Process] LeanData Named One of Favorite Apps on Salesforce AppExchange
    The solutions were chosen by Salesforce MVPs and AppExchange All Stars, who are recognized for their knowledge of the Salesforce CRM and vendors in the AppExchange ecosystem. “We’re The power-users who best understand the intricacies of the cloud-based CRM have highlighted LeanData as an indispensable tool. 1 CRM provider globally and one of the world’s Top 5 enterprise software companies, empowers businesses to connect with their customers. SUNNYVALE, Calif.,
  • VIEWPOINT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Is AI impacting Inside Sales Rep Revenue? Mike Plante of InsideSales Says it Is.
    Because of this, CRM Radio and the sister program SLMA Radio, have been interviewing executives on the subjects of the marketing and sales uses of Artificial Intelligence. About CRM Radio Guest Mike Plante, Chief Marketing Officer. Sales Process B2B Sales Guest BlogsWhy it’s Important: “The companies that lag behind in adopting new ways of selling and marketing are slated for the trash heaps of failed businesses.”.
  • SNAPAPP  |  THURSDAY, MAY 4, 2017
    [CRM, Process] What to Look for in an Interactive Content Creation Platform
    We’ll even provide a free tool for you to use in order to help the shopping process for yourself. . Will the data collected be sent to a marketing automation platform and/or CRM? Now identify your marketing technology resources like marketing automation, CRM tools, and design resources. . If you use a marketing automation and/or CRM, you’ll want a solution that hooks into it. . Here, they are broken down to better understand the creation process.
  • HG DATA  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 3, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Intelliverse® Integrates HG Focus to Help Companies Accelerate Sales
    For 30 years, Intelliverse® has worked with companies of all sizes and industries to increase and accelerate sales, while also improving the predictability of their sales process. From this experience, the company has developed its Sales Acceleration enterprise software, helping it become a global leader in sales process automation. We provide the platform to do this easily and give managers transparency and predictability in this process.
    [CRM, Process] Does Your Email Marketing Strategy Get the Most out of Your Email Addresses?
    Automate some of the process to save overhead. For marketers with automation and CRM enabled, you can use newsletters and other content-related emails to automatically create interest-based segments out of your audience. You, a weary content marketing manager, walk out of an email marketing strategy meeting with your director on a Thursday afternoon.
    [CRM, Process] The 11 Best Content Marketing, SMO, and Marketing Performance Management Tools
    Cloud software that helps CMOs and marketing teams create marketing plans and forecast ROI and revenue impact; manage global marketing budgets; and analyze performance and CRM data to optimize decisions about spending and budget allocation. A “content creation, workflow and experience platform” that helps marketing teams strategize, plan, and produce content; collaborate on projects and content calendars; set up and manage approval processes; and manage campaigns.
    [CRM, Process] No Challenge, No Change
    update CRM, improve the sales process, prospect…. Ken Thoreson “operationalizes” sales management systems and processes that pull revenue out of the doldrums into the fresh zone. No Challenge, No Change.
  • NUSPARK  |  SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 2017
    [CRM, Process] How to Implement an Account-Based Marketing Program in Your Firm
    Formalizing the process by implementing an official ABM program helps you to make it part of the corporate culture, obtain executive buy-in (and the budget that goes with it) and set performance parameters for its success. These predictive analytics tools help find companies in your CRM that resemble established clients, and model your marketing activities on what worked previously. #6: Account Based Marketing B2B Lead to Sale Process
    [CRM, Process] Understanding The Difference Between a CRM and MAP
    CRM and MAP : Similar on the Surface Only. This is relevant to modern day marketing, since among some of the most noteworthy ‘confused-as-being-the-same’ examples are the concepts of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and MAP (Marketing Automation Platform) software. CRM and MAP software each play their role at stages of the funnel. Another way of visualizing the processes is as follows: Deeper Into MAP – The Marketing Tool.
  • BIZIBLE  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017
    [CRM, Process] 7 B2B Marketing Principles For CMOs and Directors
    Using multiple marketing automation systems and CRM instances is a major issue for mid to large size companies. It’s being proactive in the planning process. Time and resources are always lacking for big initiatives. Yet, this is common reality for B2B marketing leaders. What’s not lacking is data. But marketing organizations struggle with understanding how to use that data to make decisions.
    [CRM, Process] How Panasas Does ABM with Terminus Account-Based Advertising & 6sense Predictive Intelligence
    There are three things you need to know about Aditi Karandikar , Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Ops at Panasas : She is on the cutting edge of B2B marketing process and technology, including account-based and lead-based marketing. From a process standpoint, all our sales executives are free to pursue “whales” in their territories — the wish list of ten to 15 accounts they wanted to closing.
    [CRM, Process] Marketing Teams Struggle to Deliver ‘Reasonable’ Number of Qualified Sales Opportunities
    In comparison, only 22 percent of companies with a MAP and no CRM or SLA integration said the same. Approximately 68 percent of respondents who use a MAP made the investment to automate the lead nurturing process. B2B marketers strive to deliver new sales opportunities to their organizations, but new research suggests that some of them are missing the mark.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Want Better Marketing Automation Results? Think Outside the Inbox
    I tend to think that marketing automation is really more suited to lead nurturing, simply because the word “automation” implies a process. Lead nurturing is more of a process. is to give your sales staff a method to tell your CRM what they learned when they placed the call. Connect with prospects via personalized or narrowly segmented content designed just for them (or for just where they are in the buying process).
    [CRM, Process] Congratulations to the 2017 Markie Award Winners!
    Digital marketing integration can often enhance processes or improve analytics. These organizations have created an integrated ecosystem with CRM, third-party cloud apps, or other applications to automate, streamline, and enhance their marketing efforts. In this award, people, process and technology all come into play. Last night was. well it was amazing! We celebrated our 11th Annual Markie Awards in front of a raucous crowd at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.
  • BIZIBLE  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 2017
    [CRM, Process] 5 Signs the Gap Between Sales and Marketing is Closing
    The introduction of the internet and the digitalization of many businesses and their processes have also acted as a force of attraction between sales and marketing. Communication, data collection, customer overview, marketing campaigns, customer follow-up and many other processes have been modernized thanks to digital technologies. Qualifying leads as marketing or sales-ready has been a complicated business process for many years.
  • INFER  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Getting Started with Machine Learning: 3 Things Marketers Need to Know
    At the same time, mainstream cloud adoption and ever-increasing computing power in the form of new solutions like Google Spanner are accelerating the development, accuracy and speed of AI’s underlying foundations, from data availability and spam detection, to machine learning, predictive analytics and natural language processing. This article was originally published on CMSWire by Sean Zinsmeister , Vice President of Product Marketing at Infer.
    [CRM, Process] Live from Marketing Nation Summit: The Engagement Economy, Buyer Empowerment, and Authenticity
    Sorry to break the news, but Joe shared that success is often an 18-24 month process. To provide actionable data, we’re also rolling out Auto-Synced Account lists that are in sync whenever changed within your CRM. Author: Ellen Gomes As 6500+ marketers descended on Moscone in San Francisco, it could only mean one thing. Marketing Nation Summit has arrived.
  • VIDYARD  |  MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Hey Drift! You Forgot About Video!
    Why BDR processes need to be adjusted. Drift makes a really solid case for replacing most of the ABM process with AI and bots, using the in-person shopping analogy: “If your best lead walked into your store, would you give them a pen and a clipboard with a form to fill out before you started talking to them? Adding Video to your Sales Process. Much like adding a messaging program to your website, adding video to your sales process can seem like a daunting task.
    [CRM, Process] SharpSpring Onboarding Part 4: Tracking Your Performance
    Email analytics are your best friend when it comes to understanding the types of content you need to include (or exclude) in your automated processes. How Effective Is My Sales Process? Keeping track of your sales processes is easy in SharpSpring. With SharpSpring’s CRM reporting , you can: Easily export reports on sales performance over a specific time period. See which stages in your sales process are producing the most conversion.
    [CRM, Process] Sales Management Thought Leadership:  efficient effectiveness
    Ken Thoreson “operationalizes” sales management systems and processes that pull revenue out of the doldrums into the fresh zone. Sales Management Thought Leadership: efficient effectiveness. As an Eagle Scout I can discuss the topic of “Be Prepared” easily and based upon my upcoming vacation next week it could lend more credibility. Last year I had to catch two planes and a ferry to end up on an island in the Caribbean, while that sounds somewhat easy, it took planning and preparation.
    [CRM, Process] Lead Liaison Announces Highly Anticipated OneFocus™ – A Free CRM
    This is why, in 2017, the Board of Directors made it their mission to bring customers the final piece of the puzzle: a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Lead Liaison calls their new solution OneFocus™ CRM. The meaning behind OneFocus™ CRM signifies a single location for all of a company’s marketing and sales data. What makes OneFocus™ CRM completely unbeatable is the business model. It’s a free CRM! Press Releases free CRM OneFocus Press Release
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 2017
    [CRM, Process] 5 Tips for Building a High-Performance Marketing Plan
    The first tip is to recognize that you do not control the buying process ‒ your buyers do. As you better understand your buyers and their buying process, you’ll want to map the content you have or will need to create to each of those phases to help your prospects move to the next step. Also consider the other stakeholders who may be pulled into the decision-making process, such as the CFO or CTO.
    [CRM, Process] Terminus Account-Based Marketing vs. Retargeting: What’s the Difference?
    In the process, I came across a book that looked promising, but I didn’t end up buying it. Retargeting does not offer any kind of account-level attribution or CRM integration. Terminus allows marketers to automate campaigns based on criteria in their CRM, such as firmographics or stage in the sales cycle. What is Retargeting? My mom’s birthday is coming up, so I spent some time last weekend browsing the web for gift ideas.
    [CRM, Process] How to Define the Scope and Vision of Your Engagement Platform Implementation
    As you’re defining your scope and vision for an engagement platform implementation, you need to have a clear plan and change management processes in place to be successful. Sync Phase: Sync to a CRM system (if applicable), load data, and confirm data integrity. Author: Susan Sauter As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the author of the children’s classic The Little Prince, said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
    [CRM, Process] The 15 Best Screencasting and Online Presentation Tools
    Screencasting tools are great for explaining how a software application works; demonstrating how to use it; or illustrating any online process. Create interactive guides for training programs to get employees or users up to speed more quickly on software workflow processes. You can embed the widget on your web page or send your users to the “live” version of the link that will play all the steps on your actual web page…the process is so easy.
  • LEANDATA  |  MONDAY, APRIL 17, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Should Cleaning Up Database Duplicates Really Be Your Focus?
    Ask anyone who works with a CRM system or marketing automation platform about their No. It won’t matter if scrubbed sales data is sitting in the wrong CRM queue, gathering dust. But here in the real world, the smarter objective should be on developing a process that still operates effectively when data is, well, messy. 1 pain point, and you’re likely to hear the same answer. Duplicate records. They are the bane of marketing and sales teams alike.
  • LEANDATA  |  MONDAY, APRIL 17, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Should Cleaning Up Database Duplicates Really Be Your Focus?
    Ask anyone who works with a CRM system or marketing automation platform about their No. It won’t matter if scrubbed sales data is sitting in the wrong CRM queue, gathering dust. But here in the real world, the smarter objective should be on developing a process that still operates effectively when data is, well, messy. 1 pain point, and you’re likely to hear the same answer. Duplicate records. They are the bane of marketing and sales teams alike.
  • PROSPECTR  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2017
    [CRM, Process] How We Generate An Avalanche of B2B Leads on LinkedIn™ (6 Easy Steps)
    It’s a simple process. Adding a link to a calendar scheduling app like Calendly, which allows your prospects to schedule a time to meet with you, makes the process painless for them too. We show you all the tools you need including the free gmail plugin that turns your gmail account into a mini-sales CRM. The exact process we use to generate an avalanche of leads on LinkedIn. “LinkedIn is Dead!”
    [CRM, Process] More Evidence that B2B Sales and Marketing Have an Alignment Problem
    The answers from respondents uncovered stark divisions between how sales and marketing pros view their lead management process. The survey results support Maxey’s belief that a root cause of misalignment is the lead management process. What traditionally has been perceived as marketers providing poor leads or sales people not following up could instead be a situation of good leads simply falling through the cracks due to a faulty process. Some goals are universal.
    [CRM, Process] More Evidence that B2B Sales and Marketing Have an Alignment Problem
    The answers from respondents uncovered stark divisions between how sales and marketing pros view their lead management process. The survey results support Maxey’s belief that a root cause of misalignment is the lead management process. What traditionally has been perceived as marketers providing poor leads or sales people not following up could instead be a situation of good leads simply falling through the cracks due to a faulty process. Some goals are universal.
    [CRM, Process] THE HACKIES: 6 areas to make your martech stack work with people, processes and data
    We see day after day the need to integrate marketing with CRM, and now we see the need to make advertising technologies, feedback management, e-commerce and call centers be part of the stack. We are not talking about sales, marketing, or customer service, but processes of relationships where there is an engagement with dynamic journeys — where the customer is in control, not the enterprise. This article is a guest post by Jesus Hoyos of Solvis Consulting.
  • LEANDATA  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Survey Finds Majority of Business Leaders Struggling with Lead Management
    April 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — A survey of 527 B2B sales and marketing professionals found that a majority have serious reservations about the effectiveness of the lead routing process at their companies. About 38 percent wish they had the ability to connect leads to accounts in the Salesforce CRM. “The truth is they often miss the low-hanging fruit — their lead routing process. SUNNYVALE, Calif.,
  • LEANDATA  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Survey Finds Majority of Business Leaders Struggling with Lead Management
    April 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — A survey of 527 B2B sales and marketing professionals found that a majority have serious reservations about the effectiveness of the lead routing process at their companies. About 38 percent wish they had the ability to connect leads to accounts in the Salesforce CRM. “The truth is they often miss the low-hanging fruit — their lead routing process. SUNNYVALE, Calif.,
  • LEANDATA  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Survey Finds Majority of Business Leaders Struggling with Lead Management
    April 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — A survey of 527 B2B sales and marketing professionals found that a majority have serious reservations about the effectiveness of the lead routing process at their companies. About 38 percent wish they had the ability to connect leads to accounts in the Salesforce CRM. “The truth is they often miss the low-hanging fruit — their lead routing process. SUNNYVALE, Calif.,
  • I-SCOOP  |  MONDAY, APRIL 10, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Give your salespeople tools and time to sell – sales success with Nancy Nardin
    Customer-centricity rules as customer buying processes continue to change. However, has the collaboration between sales and marketing evolved since the early days of CRM and Sales Force Automation? Interviews Sales ABM account-based marketing AI BYOA BYOD channel enablement CRM Nancy Nardin sales enablement sales stack Smart Selling Tools social sellingBuying behavior has changed. Marketing has changed. Sales has changed.
    [CRM, Process] How ‘Big Data’ Left B2B Marketers Behind
    The B2C marketing industry was relatively quick to respond to the advent of “big data”, by using end-to-end data solutions like audience management platforms to collect, verify and process all the right data, and then execute marketing campaigns over any channel. That means combining the first-party data from your CRM and Marketing Automation Platform, with third-party data, contact databases, social profiles, intent data , and data from the open web.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 2017
    [CRM, Process] Email Marketing vs. MA Solutions: Which is Right for Your Business?
    Yet, while email continues to be a powerful tool for these companies, a range of other technologies have established themselves in the marketing arsenal, such as web analytics, landing page hosting, paid search, CRM, and social media. Customer relationship management (CRM) is largely a tool for sales. The disparity of the tools and accompanying business processes has traditionally divided marketing and sales functions in many, if not most organizations.
    [CRM, Process] A Website Design Process that Works: How to Get the Professional Services Website You Want
    You’ll need three things: 1) the will to make it happen; 2) a talented team to carry it out; and 3) a website design process that will get you to your goal. The third binds the first two together and drives the process forward. But with the right process in place, you can avoid the pitfalls and misadventures that plague so many web projects. Informed by research and validated by years of experience and analytics , this is a process that works.
    [CRM, Process] THE HACKIES: How a marketing automation company hacked their own marketing org
    The demand team, in turn, used marketing automation in conjunction with a CRM to identify opportunities by title and function (businesses adopting MA for awareness, versus businesses needing MA for demand, or businesses relying on MA for renewals), and to nurture prospects with custom content accordingly (assets tailored to their use case). This article is a guest post by Linda West and Hari Raghavan of Act-On Software.
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