How To Balance The Risks And Returns Of Your B2B Marketing Investments


If you’re a B2B marketing executive, you have to fill a number of roles: Leader. You have a million and one ways to spend your budget in attempts to move the needle, one lead at a time. How do you know when to take risks and which investments will pay off?

Venntive Adds Communities to Small Business Marketing Automation and CRM

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It has taken me some time to form a clear picture of Venntive. It is clearly “all-in-one” sales and marketing software for very small business, combining marketing automation, CRM, and ecommerce along the lines of Infusionsoft and Ontraport (formerly OfficeAutoPilot).

7 Top Crowdfunding Sites for Nonprofits and Higher-Ed Institutions


Now that you’re excited to get on the crowdfunding bandwagon , you need the tools that best fit your organization or school to execute a successful online campaign. Before evaluating these or any other platforms, remember these three things to look for: Who uses the platform?

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Sales Productivity Survey 2018 (Where Does The Time Go?)


In partnership with Kiite and LevelJump, that's what we're determined to find out. Even with new tools emerging – like Slack and SalesLoft – that are used to make day-to-day life for reps easier, you wonder how much time is spent inside these platforms versus on the phones.

4 Captured Moments From the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum

Modern Marketing

by Sarah Mena-Sturla | Tweet this Last week I had the opportunity to attend the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum. One of the most talked about subjects was storytelling, as well as core tips on how to keep your audience engaged by teaching them in a meaningful way.

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Customer Advocacy: How to Create Campaigns That Create Community


With so much emphasis on gaining new leads and new exposure, it can be easy to neglect campaigns that focus on the power of strong customer advocacy. So what’s a marketer to do? Want to start planning your new interactive content campaign?

Intent Data: A Direct Line into Prospects Ready to Buy Your Product or Service

SmartBug Media

That button, once clicked, would give you a live feed of people in your target demographic who are actively showing intent to purchase a solution that your product or service provides. Identifies who exactly is and is not ready to purchase your product or service.

The Car Shopper’s Journey – Tactics to Reach In-Market Buyers

V12 Data

The Car Shopper’s Journey – Tactics to Reach In-Market Buyers. One major concern for car dealers is peer-to-peer ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, which are continuing to grow in popularity. V12 Packages – 3 Ways to Get Started.

Confessions of a Soon-to-Be Marketing Automation Master


And I know my team can’t wait to jump in and get started. It’s 8:47am and I am waiting impatiently for our consultant to arrive. Relief washes over me as I finally get the call to come meet him on the 1 st floor. Oh I can count the ways to slice and dice the database!

Architecture Marketing: 5 Tools to Measure Success

Hinge Marketing

But it’s important to measure the success of your strategy to make sure your architecture firm is connecting with prospects and driving new business opportunities. As long as your data is portable, you will be able to migrate or update systems down the road as you grow.

How to Make Your Bland Content Strategy Delicious

Content Marketing Institute

It’s the scourge of effective marketing: content that caters to everyone and thus caters to no one. It’s plain old vanilla – ubiquitous, bland, and the default choice when you don’t really know what people want or care about and can’t be bothered to find out. Click To Tweet.

Platforming Marketing: 8 P’s of Self-Service Martech


Yet it took me a while to recognize that the patterns I see in software platforms are the same thing I now see happening with the democratization of martech within marketing organizations today. They’re both striving to harness the energy of a wider ecosystem of contributors.

What's it take to generate leads that fuel your forecast?


Just try to pass them on to your field sales team and you’ll see. Because the chances are pretty low—probably 3% to 4% at best—that any of these names are bonafide opportunities if you are a B2B company with a complex sales process. Sales won’t spend the time it takes to cull through 100 so-called leads for 3 to 4 good ones. Which means those “leads” land in a black hole, and the money spent to generate them is wasted. I'd like to hear from you.

7 Strategies for Using Content to Market Industrial Products

Industrial Marketing Today

It is heartening to see that content is at the center of most discussions about the state of B2B marketing today. However, industrial marketers face a challenge when it comes to producing a steady stream of fresh content to keep their target audience engaged.

Blog Posts I'll Never Write (With Apologies to Borges)

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This was a brilliantly efficient conceit, allowing Borges to analyze the themes and issues of these stories without going to the trouble of actually creating them. In that same spirit, here are summaries of three blog posts I doubt I’ll ever have time to actually write. This is a reaction to a blog post Do CRM Analysts Provide Value for Money? As a ‘niche’ analyst myself, I tend to agree. The goal is to make this as non-intimidating as possible.

Macro Trends Transforming the Buyer Experience

Tony Zambito

Recently, I had an engaging conversation with Lauren Carlson, a CRM Analyst with   Software Advice , as well as read her article Tailwinds for Marketing Automation Software posted on The Software Advice Blog.  Image via Wikipedia.