Getting Familiar with Intent Data

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This is intent data. You may have heard about intent data, but maybe you’re not quite sure what that is or why its beneficial. So, what are intent data providers? Another important note about intent data – it is not intended to be used alone. intent signals?

How do you combine intent data with ABM?


In last week’s blog post we covered what intent data is, why marketers should use it, and the different types of intent data (1st & 3rd party intent data). This week, we’ll cover one of the top-of-funnel use cases our CEO Andre Yee mentioned in his webinar on ABM+Intent.

The Truth About Intent Data


When I first heard about third-party intent data five years ago, I loved the idea. To be sure, intent data should be one of many signals marketers use to identify when companies are in market. First, what is intent data? The Intent Data You Already Use.

3 Ways Quality Intent Data Improves Your Demand Gen Strategies


Intent data is the key to doing just that. With quality intent data at your disposal, there are 3 key ways you can improve your demand gen strategies. Intent data helps you build out account profiles beyond the first-party information that’s in your CRM.

10 Ways to Crush the Competition Using Intent Signals


Intent represents one of the most significant paradigms shifts from the past few decades. Intent signals let us know when it is appropriate to send valuable mid-funnel content to prospects in a given target organization and differentiate ourselves from the competition.

How Intent Data Unlocks the True Potential of Email Personalization


You could dig into your CRM data and send a single message to a single customer to address a problem. From your contact information to intent data , search data, purchase history, and beyond, you need the full context of individual relationships to properly personalize emails in larger volumes. Solving Email Personalization with Intent Data. Working with a third-party provider can give you the intent data necessary to fuel email personalization.

CRM: 20 Years Later—Still Hated


The main reason that the results from CRM initiatives are suboptimal in most organizations with a field sales force is that the main stakeholder, the sales rep, doesn’t get the “WIIFM” (“What’s in it for me?”).

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What is B2B Purchase Intent Data?


The B2B marketing world is abuzz with “purchase intent data.”. I write about it often enough, so to make sure my proselytizing is accurate, I often reference a super-handy guide Aberdeen produced, “Demystifying B2B Purchase Intent Data: Understanding the Basics.”.

Ready or Not? 5 Types of Buyer Intent Data to Gauge B2B Engagement

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Think about all that digital buyer intent data and micro-signals each user leaves behind – how can piecing that knowledge together help improve the performance of your B2B Content Marketing and Demand Generation activities? Next pages they visited – looking at intent behaviour flow.

Buyer Intent and Predictive Analytics – Unified Through Data Science


When the concept of buyer intent was first introduced, the mathematics behind it were fairly basic. Predictive Analytics, often misunderstood as an alternative to buyer intent, commonly had the exact opposite problem. Today’s buyer intent analytics have come a long way.

Why Intent Data is the Future of B2B Marketing


This is where intent data comes in. The combination of customer signals and intent data can create a better bird’s eye view to help leverage customer insights to companies advantage. What is Intent Data? Why Intent Data is the Future of B2B Marketing. B2B Intent Data

HubSpot Jumps into the CRM Marketplace

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Hell probably didn’t freeze over today but there might have been a light frost: after years of rejecting the option, HubSpot today announced it will offer a CRM system. Audience response was predictably enthusiastic, since CRM features have been much desired by HubSpot users and resellers for years. HubSpot hopes this will encourage adoption of CRM by sales reps who have rejected it because it took too much work for too little value.

Intent Data Is Just One Piece Of The Predictive Puzzle


Intent data is one of the latest buzzworthy trends in predictive marketing, yet many companies in the predictive space have very different viewpoints about the pros and cons of leveraging intent data. The Rundown On Intent Data. How Marketers Should Use Intent Data.

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Are You Properly Using Intent Data?

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One idea that is gaining an enormous amount of traction – with good reason – is intent data. Intent data, is at its core, a tool for marketers that closely resembles big data. Intent data takes big data one step further. Intent Data as Context.

CRM Evolution Conference: Social CRM Takes Center Stage

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I caught an all-star panel on social CRM today at the CRMEvolution conference in New York. Up on the dais were Jim Berkowitz of CRM Mastery, Esteban Kolsky of ThinkJar, Brent Leary of CRM Essentials, Ray Want of Constellation Group, and Denis Pombriant of Beagle Research Group. Yet my final impression was that social CRM is a problem in search of a solution. Of course this is sound advice, for social CRM or anything else.

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How to Leverage the Power of Intent Data to Drive your Marketing ROI?

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Often under-utilized, intent data is ripe with possibilities, especially when it comes to raising your business’ marketing ROI. Combining both first and third party intent data for a well-informed marketing strategy is one of the biggest learnings for B2B marketing 2019. Introduction.

True Influence InsightBASE Simplifies Use of B2B Intent Data

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Intent data is one of hottest topics in marketing today – see, for example, Oracle’s recent purchase of AddThis. But while the promise of intent data is irresistible – “reach prospects with demonstrated interest in your product!” – the reality is less appealing. Even setting aside issues of accuracy and coverage , there are problems with both advertising and email, the two primary applications for intent data.

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Intent Data: The Secret to Creating Killer Lead Generation Campaigns


Demand Generation Powered By Intent. As one of the initial architects of intent data technology , True Influence uses intent monitoring to target in-market contacts. Big Data, and Predictive Analytics and Intent Data, Oh My. The cynical among us may be tempted to ask, “Is intent data a marketing fad?” What makes intent data different? In a nutshell, that’s exactly what the promise of intent data delivers. Intent Data 4-1-1.

3 Tips to Getting Real Value From Intent Data


Having covering the basic definitions of intent data, together with its key uses and limitations for B2B Sales and Marketing, one thing should be clear by now: intent holds great potential — but only if used as part of a much wider data intelligence strategy.

How to Use Intent Data in Account Based Marketing


The Rise of Intent Data. There are four key types of data used to create target account lists for Account Based Marketing: firmographic, technographic, intent, and engagement data. Intent data captures this digital research and activity from individuals at your target accounts.

CRM Remarketing Explained: An Exploration of Modern Marketing and Masculinity


So, how does CRM remarketing work on the LiveIntent platform, in quasi-plain language that, because its quasi-plain language and this industry is insane, will probably miss some nuances? It’s connecting intent to identity and ensuring that connection is (people) verified.

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Benefits Of Using Intent Data For B2B Marketing


This is where intent data comes into play. Because intent data is a relatively recent invention, few B2B marketers are fully acquainted with its uses and benefits. Read on, and find out how to leverage intent data to its full extent. Defining Intent Data.

3 Steps to go from Total Addressable Market to ABM with Intent Data


One of the many benefits of an ABM program is that it keeps you from blindly pursuing every single lead that enters your CRM. Use Intent Data to See Total Active Demand. The most important step of this process is when you use intent data to narrow the focus of your total addressable market. Quality intent data gives you specific insight into which target accounts are actively in your market. The term “total addressable market” is a bit misleading.

Can You Trust Third-Party Intent Data to Improve ABM?


Except if it was so easy to focus only on accounts that have shown purchase intent , everyone would do it. The Problem with Third-Party Intent Data. Third-party data providers give you an opportunity to fill in contact information, identify new decision makers within a target account, improve insight into purchase intent, and more. Rather than falling into that trap, you have to know what exactly you’re hoping to get out of third-party intent data.

Destination CRM article about True Influence


True Influence, a provider of intent-based marketing and lead generation solutions, has launched OpportunityBASE as part of its InsightBASE API-layered platform that produces content syndication leads from 490 million B2B decision-makers around the world. CRM Magazine.

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Destination CRM article about True Influence


True Influence, a provider of intent-based marketing and lead generation solutions, has launched OpportunityBASE as part of its InsightBASE API-layered platform that produces content syndication leads from 490 million B2B decision-makers around the world. CRM Magazine.

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How HubSpot's Paid Team Leverages Their CRM


But when people ask me, "What tool has the biggest impact on your ads strategy?" -- without a doubt, it’s our CRM. Why Advertisers Should Leverage Their CRM. This is where a CRM comes into play. A CRM is vital for helping ensure each of those three components are working in sync.

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How You Can Use Intent Data to Overcome These 4 Common ABM Challenges


The role of intent data in Account Based Marketing . Intent data is any time-based information that give you clues about individuals’ and organizations’ interests and impending purchases. Broadly speaking, there are two type of intent data.

Oracle Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management 2017

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One of the most strategic technology investments made by marketing and sales teams today is a marketing automation platform that is sophisticated enough for their unique needs, but flexible enough to easily integrate with their customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Beyond the Data, Part 3: Turning Family Trees into Fortune


In this series of articles, we’re exploring how to turn your CRM data into a strategic advantage. And we’re defining data as both the data you enter into CRM and external […].

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How is Intent Data Collected, and How Can It Enhance B2B Campaigns?


Intent data enables the pinpoint clarity needed to resonate with accounts and prospects in market for your solutions. But how is intent data collected? But just like footprints in the snow, not all intent data is the same. Related: Different Types of Intent Data.

Beyond the Data, Part 1: Turning News into Sales


The article below is an excerpt from the original piece published on on April 26, 2019. Click here to read the full content. You’ve heard it said that data is the new currency in business.

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Solving the Bad Data Problem in Marketing


The right approach to intent data can get you the results you need. Whether it’s duplicate data complicating your CRM, data missing from contact profiles, data that was incorrectly entered in your CRM, or data that’s just plain inaccurate, bad data will hold your business back.

How to Assess the Relevancy of 3rd Party Intent Data

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Now, savvy marketers are turning to intent data to listen to their target audience. What is Intent Data? Intent data is time-based, information collected about a person’s activities which tell you the topics they are showing interest in or researching.

CRM Evolution Conference: Mobile Really Does Change Everything About Marketing

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I snuck down to Washington DC yesterday for a few hours at the CRM Evolution conference, where a critical mass of industry experts triggered a chain reaction of interesting thoughts. Customers who haven’t bought yet (okay, they’re really prospects) still have some intention when interacting with us – presumably to learn something about our company or products so they can decide whether they want to do business.

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