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ZoomInfo Enrich and HubSpot: Make the Most of Your Data


The ZoomInfo integration provides HubSpot CRM users with the real-time data they need to get their jobs done, regardless of the data’s original source. Enable hyper-targeted segmentation efforts in marketing, sales, and advertising campaigns. That’s where technology like the ZoomInfo Inbound Enrich integration with HubSpot comes in.

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7 Common Types of Dirty Data and How to Clean Them


Data impacts critical go-to-market functions such as developing your ideal customer profile (ICP ), territory planning , segmentation , lead routing, and sales prospecting. Just like duplicate records exist in various places within your database, multiple versions of the same data elements can exist across different records in your system.


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What’s New with Albacross in April


Now, you can build Segments based on technology insights from HG Insights, the global leader in technographic intelligence. Build better account prioritization and segments : use technographic insights to determine the value of prospects and accounts. The new record matching mechanism eliminates duplicates and ensures data accuracy.

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List Of Best 5 Database Cleansing Tools To Know In 2021

Only B2B

You could have gigantic overhead from duplicated records, incorrect salutations, incorrect addresses, you may lose out on sales because of mediocre or poor customer experience. . Feature: All types of datasets, from within your CRM, to Excel sheets to web apps can be managed easily. It is compatible with the CRM marketing platform.

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27 RevOps best practices for driving revenue growth


CRM, marketing automation platform or data warehouse) for data tracking and analysis so that all teams can easily access the same key performance indicators and data points. Align sales and marketing processes to avoid duplication of efforts and ensure a cohesive end-to-end customer experience.

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The B2B Marketer’s Quick Start Guide: ABM Orchestration

Heinz Marketing

I.e., the ability to route accounts from the ABM platform into your CRM system based on a certain stage or action. Most companies have poor CRM data hygiene, and DemandBase has struggled to sync data back to accounts in cases with duplicate accounts or accounts with inaccurate/incomplete information. ABM Orchestration Platforms.

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The Best Marketo Add-Ons for SMB

SmartBug Media

Sales Insights helps your sales team see Marketo data without leaving your CRM. De-duplicate your leads. If the same person is recorded in your CRM multiple times, Marketo will score those records separately. ABM pulls account information from your CRM into Marketo. Sales Insights.

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