How to Write a Creative Brief for Your Next Video Project (with Template)


Having a creative brief can make or break your next video marketing project. Content Marketing Video creative brief video video content video marketing video projectsHere are 13 questions to guide your next project, and a handy template.

Digital display ad creative: size matters


At Choozle, we think the saying “size matters” is especially true re: digital advertising creative assets, and we pulled a ton of data from our own platform to prove it. Native ( creative sizes vary ). 640×360 (16:9 Video). Top Creative Sizes.

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Branded Videos | What Non-Creatives Need to Worry About


More so than most areas of marketing, video marketing takes a village. A manager has to corral the creative team. Between the two, there’s an almost endless number of places for branded videos to go wrong. Brands create video content for different reasons.

What is programmatic creative?


Programmatic creative is so much more than presenting the right offer at the right time. Performed correctly, programmatic creative enables marketers to easily produce sophisticated and targeted display advertising. Why use programmatic creative? Dynamic creative.

5 Examples of Creative Healthcare Content Marketing


It’s a smart goal for marketers because providing an audience with creative, reliable content will help these firms stand out in a sector constrained by regulations and misleading information. Could it include videos of underwater research and vintage Air Jordan sneakers collections?

How B2B Video Marketing Is Creatively Engaging Audiences

Content Standard

Video content is becoming fundamentally central to the way brands engage buyers online. According to Cisco , a hefty 82 percent of global internet traffic—both business and consumer—will be video-based by 2022 (it already clocked in at 75 percent in 2017). Video Marketing Marketing

Create Easy, Festive, Holiday Videos In Minutes


That’s why we are making it easy than ever to create easy, festive holiday videos to get your marketing messages across in minutes. You have some fresh new marketing videos to upload to social media in minutes. Make this video your own here. We’ve got videos.

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Five Secrets of Engaging Video Content


As online marketing becomes more about storytelling, video content has a crucial role to play. Video can add drama, comedy, poignancy and other aspects to a message that is challenging to convey in other content formats. Modern web videos still need to play by the rules of websites.

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Six Creative Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event


What you need is a little creative engagement and some wow factor to brighten up the proceedings. Here are six of the best creative ideas for your business event. Set up picture booths or video stations with different backgrounds and props for people to get take memorable photos.

Announcing Visually’s New and Improved Creative Brief


Mastering the Creative Brief. Shocking as it may seem, many creative marketing projects get kicked off without strong strategy to back its execution. The outcome – an arduous and expensive creative development process with too many iterations and depleted momentum.

30 Creative Ideas for Your B2B Video Marketing

B2B Marketing Traction

According to eMarketer , adults spend (on average) five and a half hours on video content every day. It’s time to produce some videos to help your prospective customers learn about what you do. It seems easy to come up with ideas for videos for consumer products.

3 innovative ways to structure video content to support sales engagement


Add video to non-video assets. You can skim video too, if it’s interactive or offered in bite-size chunks. (I But most video content for sales engagement (or any other purpose) is not skim-able. And most people don’t watch marketing videos all the way through.

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Shutterstock Custom now offers an intelligent creative brief-making tool


Shutterstock Custom, one of the photo archive’s services, is out with Smart Brief , which the company says helps improve the creation of creative briefs. Additionally, team members can now collaborate in real time on the same creative brief, with changes updated immediately.

2019 Video Trends Watch


I’m not going to do that, but I will share a few “trends” noted by others that I think could be video trends of interest to technology solution providers. Get more out of the videos you’ve already made. 6-Second Video Ads. Using Video to Scale Corporate Training.

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Creative Studio: Introducing Bannerflow’s next generation ad creator


Ad tech is constantly evolving but quite often the creative part is left behind. Bannerflow’s newest ad creator, Creative Studio, is designed to resolve this. Introducing Creative Studio by Bannerflow – The future of ad design from Bannerflow on Vimeo.

75 Creative Facebook and Instagram Video Tips


It's no surprise to any marketer that video is critical to growing a business. But how many times have you sat at your desk with a free hour and said to yourself, "let me just create this quick video to use in our next event registration email.".

In stream vs. in banner video advertising


How do in stream and in banner video ads stack up against each other, what are the differences, and how can you better serve your target consumer with engaging video advertising? In stream vs. in banner video advertising: Which is better? In banner video. In stream video.

7 of the Most Creative Interactive Videos We've Ever Seen


In December 2018, Netflix’s Black Mirror released Bandersnatch , an interactive film about a young programmer named Stefan who adapts his favorite choose your own adventure novel into a video game for a major gaming company. 7 of the Most Creative Interactive Videos We’ve Ever Seen.

Facebook’s New Creative Customization Product Is Changing the Way Advertisers Buy Media


The post Facebook’s New Creative Customization Product Is Changing the Way Advertisers Buy Media appeared first on Adaptly. Blog advertising asset customization creative creative asset creative customization Facebook facebook ads facebook creative fb how to instagram ads instagram creative marketing media paid social segment asset customization social ads social marketing social media social media ads social media creative video ads video creative

Reinventing the Fathom Website with Creative Conversion


The solution was simple: focus on conversion-centered design (CCD) with a total creative redesign of the website. Moving the “about us” video above the fold to increase engagement/time on site. The post Reinventing the Fathom Website with Creative Conversion appeared first on Fathom.

Creativity, Technology, And The Future Of Storytelling

Marketing Insider Group

Here is the 18 minute video of my presentation:). You can check out the slides I presented at last year’s conference here: Creativity, Technology and Storytelling. The theme for this year’s content marketing summit is creativity, technology and storytelling.

Getting Started With Adobe Creative Cloud


In college, I took a semester-long video editing course which required me to work in Adobe Premiere Pro. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a video editing software for TV, film, and web. So, what is Adobe Creative Cloud? 15 Things You Can Do With Adobe Creative Cloud.

5 Creative Re-Engagement Emails

SmartBug Media

SimpliSafe does a good job of engaging people by adding a sense of urgency to their copy: “Order in the next four hours and you’ll receive a free video Doorbell with your purchase.” Remember the honeymoon stage with your email subscriber list?

Onsite DCO: The next step for dynamic creative optimisation and e-commerce?


Onsite dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) is set to become a must-have for e-commerce and retail brands in 2020. What is onsite dynamic creative optimisation? Why use a creative management platform (CMP) for your onsite DCO? Firstly, why should you use dynamic creative optimisation as part of your onsite strategy? DCO ad tech offers the unique ability to personalise creative advertising at scale, with the right message, at the right time.

Debunking myths around sales videos for business


In this Biznology webinar recording, Robert Weiss gives tips for creating videos for all different types of situations. How to budget and plan for a business video content marketing strategy . What makes up the cost of a video . Ways to distribute your videos and track results.

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Create Easy, Festive, Holiday Videos In Minutes


That’s why we are making it easy to create festive holiday themed videos to get your marketing messages across in minutes. . Check out the PLETHORA of new creative options including templates, and editing styles our team has created to have save you time and energy this holiday season.

Video 79

How to Plan Your Video Marketing Strategy


You got the necessary approvals, budget, and executive buy-in to start with video marketing for your brand. Video is going to be the game-changing tactic you use to capture the attention of your target audience, become more visible in search, and convert prospects throughout the funnel.

Video 171

The 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Product Video (Learned the Hard Way)


Let’s move on to why we’re here: the biggest mistakes to avoid when making a product video. I can say that without a doubt, I am the utmost “mistake making” expert in the art of product videos. Click Here to See My Latest Product Video, for ScribbleLive, for Context.

Contently Network Now Has 100,000 Freelance Creatives


While artificial intelligence is already transporting beer and diagnosing cancer patients , in order to tell creative stories brands still need creative people. Spread across more than 1,000 cities in 60 countries, our creatives’ locales are as diverse as our customers.

5 Ways To Entice Customers To Be In Your Video Marketing Campaigns


With that in mind, we decided to create a fun video marketing campaign to get people talking—or shall I say, “singing”—about vain marketers. B2B marketers can be pretty vain. All they usually do is talk about how great their products or services are… instead of letting their customers say it for them. Everyone knows Carly.

Video Marketing: Video Killed the Content Star?


Once upon a time on August 1, 1981, a video music channel called MTV was born. Ironically, the first music video ever played was “Video Killed the Radio Star.” When this first video was broadcasted, it marked a significant turn in the consumption of content.

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Hey PR: make way for content and creativity


Just a few months ago, I took a stand on the side of writers and creative professionals (“ Calling All Creatives “). I argued that content is the new PR and creative talent is becoming increasingly scarce – especially as demand for content rises.

Dynamic creative optimisation (DCO): what you need to know


Dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) is next level programmatic creative. For some, dynamic creative optimisation offers the only way to do true personalised messaging at scale. Dynamic creative optimisation (DCO): what is it? There is no limit to your creative ambition.

Why you need a creative brief for every project


That’s what makes the visual portion of your creative process so important. You need to think it through, and have the visuals (picture, graphic, infographic, video, slide deck, and so forth) be an integral part of the planning process. This evolution is why a creative brief is so critical. What is a creative brief? A creative brief is essentially a mini project plan with a creative bent. Note: a cousin to a creative brief is a project brief.

Why Marketers Are Embracing Live Videos


Nowadays, a great variety of brands are trying to gain the upper hand over their competitors by using a new marketing platform – live online videos. What is the reason for the popularity of these online videos in various industries? What are the benefits of using live videos?

Video 157

Creativity Meets Technology


We recently attended MarketingTO where our team had the opportunity to listen and connect with industry leaders focusing on what happens when creativity meets technology. Shrink the creative: Content is shrinking!

5 Ways to Wow and Boost Conversions with Creative Video Experiences


Video, on the other hand, gives you that exact opportunity. You have a chance to stand out, be super creative, show your brand, have some fun, and to ultimately invoke a more emotional reaction and build trust and empathy with your audience. 5 Culture Videos.