7 Steps to Effective Brand Storytelling

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Storytelling is a human pastime, something we’ve been doing for thousands of years. With brand storytelling, you can create an emotional connection with your audience. So, how do you effectively implement and scale brand storytelling into your content strategy ?

How Empathetic Storytelling Drives Success

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In 2004, a Carnegie Mellon University study looked at the impact of empathetic storytelling. The second took a more narrative, storytelling approach where they profiled the children and told the story of their suffering. What makes storytelling so effective.


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‘Branding Moments’: What Can a Gorilla Playing the Drums Teach Us About Great Storytelling?


When Juan Cabral, Fallon London’s creative director, and Phil Rumbol, Cadbury’s marketing director, initially showed the ad to Cadbury’s leadership, they were told the ad would never see the light of day. Storytelling advertising UK video

What is Storytelling? Why Does Storytelling Work? What are Good Examples? [UML]

Sword and the Script

Like many in PR, I’ve had debated many times over the years, and the reason is that storytelling works. 1) What is storytelling? To understand storytelling, you have to understand what makes a good story. 2) Why storytelling works: The Angel’s Cocktail.

Storytelling in B2B Marketing


That’s why emotions play a big role in storytelling. Video is an excellent medium to explain or demonstrate a process. Add your own creative ways to tell stories that resonate with B2B buyers. The post Storytelling in B2B Marketing appeared first on Content4Demand.

How to use long-form storytelling in your marketing strategy


Storytelling appears as a fundamental instrument to engage the leads in a narrative and direct them to the bottom of the funnel. Recently, for example, the trend is to use long-form storytelling. In this text, we will discuss: What is long-form storytelling?

The Role of Emotion and Storytelling For Brand Building


Storytelling is a tried-and-true technique for building a brand, but it doesn’t go far without some type of emotional connection. This is a feeling of achieving one’s own potential, and it often includes creative needs. Brand storytelling should also be an intimate affair.

7 Examples of Storytelling Content You Can Use in Your Marketing Campaigns

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The best marketers in the world leverage the power of storytelling to improve branding and conversion rates. Well, people remember stories 22x more than facts and figures alone and, thus, storytelling can boost conversion rates by a significant 30%. In this article, I'll help you understand what storytelling is, why it’s important for marketing and what some of the best ways to market your business via brilliant storytelling campaigns looks like. What Is Storytelling?

4 Secrets of Great Storytellers

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Great storytellers come from all sorts of places. And they’re telling stories in so many new ways that each day seems to add proof to Daniel Pink’s dramatic 2006 assertion : The future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind: artists, inventors, storytellerscreative and holistic ‘right-brain’ thinkers whose abilities mark the fault line between who gets ahead and who doesn’t. storytelling Click To Tweet. What’s your story?

Publish Or Perish – The Future Of Storytelling [Video]

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Earlier this I had the pleasure to kick off the 2015 NewsCred Content Marketing Summit with a presentation on the Future of Storytelling. I opened my talk with a video montage that took us back to the beginning of storytelling (watch the video below at 0:50 mark). What’s so cool to me is that the video was created by Dan Rudy on my team, a young and extremely talented designer. In his book, “Creativity, Inc.,”

Video Storytelling: How to Drive Connection Through Narrative


Along with videos announcing big news and stories that are of interest to your subscribers, your video library should showcase—in an indirect or fun way—how you fit into their daily challenges. Cvent does this really well their video, Don’t be a Meetings Dinosaur. The lesson: Weave your target market’s everyday scenarios into your videos. Build Video Stories Around Emotion 3. Video Storytelling Tips 3.1 Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative 3.3

Create Easy, Festive, Holiday Videos In Minutes


That’s why we are making it easy than ever to create easy, festive holiday videos to get your marketing messages across in minutes. You have some fresh new marketing videos to upload to social media in minutes. Make this video your own here. We’ve got videos.

Video 72

B2B Reads: Business Storytelling, Human Touch, and Video Lead Scoring

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Why Business Storytelling is a Necessary Tool for 2020 and Beyond. Everyone knows by now that they should be incorporating storytelling in their business strategies, but how exactly do you do that? How HubSpot Marketers Stay Creative Under Pressure.

5 Examples of Creative Healthcare Content Marketing


It’s a smart goal for marketers because providing an audience with creative, reliable content will help these firms stand out in a sector constrained by regulations and misleading information. The audience can find an abundance of videos from day-in-the-life vignettes to lectures from current nurses. Could it include videos of underwater research and vintage Air Jordan sneakers collections? Storytelling content marketing examples healthcare medicine science strategy

Video Storytelling Secrets From an Award-Winning Series

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Research showing rise in women traveling solo led to award-winning #video series. From these early conversations was born a video series called Solo Traveller. The series followed the travels of three women through Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, and Singapore … then seeded those videos through Visa’s social channels as well as the women’s social networks. Each journey was released as a three-part video. Tell real stories in your videos.

How to Generate More Leads Using Video and Other Digital Content


Explainer Videos. Video marketing is valuable throughout the sales funnel. Among the different types of marketing videos , well-made explainer videos can be effective at multiple stages. Ideally, each video takes your prospects on a brief, fun, and entertaining journey.

Video 191

6 Creative Tips to Optimize Your Digital Audio Advertising


Whether display, video, or audio, differentiating your brand from your competitors with a timely, interactive, and personal advertisement is essential in today’s market. 6 Creative Tips to Optimize your Digital Audio Advertising. Innovative Digital Audio Creative Types to Try Today.

The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling


Storytelling is described as an art … the “art” of storytelling. And — like art — it requires creativity, vision, skill, and practice. Storytelling isn’t something you can grasp in one sitting, after one course. It is, and rightfully so because storytelling has become a crucial component of the most successful marketing campaigns. Storytelling is an incredibly valuable tool for you to add to your proverbial marketing tool belt. The Storytelling Process.

17 Engaging Video Content Types that People Love to Watch

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This post about the best types of video content that keeps people engaged has been updated for 2020. In 2020, consumers are watching more video content than ever before. watch video content. The truth is, video marketing isn’t as complex as it seems. Video Emails.

Video 112

Video Content Marketing: The Three Es of Success


This is the story of two videos I created during my tenure at DNS Made Easy, and how changing our approach translated directly into more eyeballs on our content, and a big spike in our brand awareness overall. When I joined DNS Made Easy’s team in 2009, I did so with the simple request to create animated videos in the vein of the “Erin Esurance” spots that were very popular at the time. A video like DNS Explained isn’t lightning in a bottle.

Video 217

Five Secrets of Engaging Video Content


As online marketing becomes more about storytelling, video content has a crucial role to play. Video can add drama, comedy, poignancy and other aspects to a message that is challenging to convey in other content formats. From simple animation to Hollywood-budget efforts, if a video isn’t part of your message, you could be missing out. Instead, we are accustomed to being told a story, according to the storytelling animators from Spiel.

Video 154

Video Storytelling: How to Drive Connection Through Narrative


A really great story can communicate the entire character of a brand in less than three minutes, and video storytelling can be especially persuasive. Whether it’s in a cute animation or a documentary-style video, brands are presenting powerful themes we can all rally behind and share.

7 Books That’ll Turn Your Marketing Team Into Better Storytellers


My gifts are also self-serving— marketing is all about empathy and storytelling, and great stories are proven to make us more empathetic and creative. The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human | Jonathan Gottschall. Storytelling books empathy

10 Creative Types You Need To Build A Killer Content Marketing Team

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Having a dream team in place to create not only the social posts, blog pieces, and video snippets, but the strategy, big picture campaigns and creative long-term vision should be a top priority for marketers. The Storyteller. Visual content, verbal content, video content.

Create Easy, Festive, Holiday Videos In Minutes


That’s why we are making it easy to create festive holiday themed videos to get your marketing messages across in minutes. . Check out the PLETHORA of new creative options including templates, and editing styles our team has created to have save you time and energy this holiday season. You have some new marketing videos to upload to social media in minutes. Upload all of your photos and videos, select one of these editing styles, and a soundtrack = BAM!

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Storytelling for ephemeral media

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“It’s all about the storytelling – everything we do. Storytelling is at the centre.” Stefano Marrone, Creative Partner. It was the idea of storytelling that Nucco Brain was founded on almost six years ago – that brands could communicate better with people by finding their story and telling it well than with fancy taglines and flashy TVCs. And quality storytelling through ephemeral content is an opportunity for brands to connect more effectively.

2019 Video Trends Watch


I’m not going to do that, but I will share a few “trends” noted by others that I think could be video trends of interest to technology solution providers. Get more out of the videos you’ve already made. This my favorite, from a Vidyard blog post titled “ Three exciting B2B video trends for 2019.” There are lots of ways to re-use a video: edit it, send a personalized link to it, make it interactive, and so forth. 6-Second Video Ads.

Video 101

ABC: How Storytelling Can Impact Lives


The entire staff of ABC13 was at the station for days – not at home with their families, not knowing the condition of their own homes, which in some cases were damaged or totally destroyed,” said Rachel Schwartz, manager of Digital Creative Content at Disney ABC Television Group. We’ve been using your Community Content in various iterations for the past eight years … to enable our audience to be part of the storytelling process.”.

9 Great Examples of B2B Brand Storytelling


In the marketing world, brand storytelling refers to campaigns that use creative narratives to showcase a brand or product. Effective storytelling provides human context to your brand and allows you to connect with your audience on a more emotional level. Brand storytelling is a staple of B2C content marketing, but it’s less common in the B2B world. Storytelling may seem more difficult to pull off in the B2B world, but it’s no less effective.

Storytelling Lessons From Kevin Spacey And House Of Cards

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3 Crucial Principles Of Storytelling You Can Learn From Kevin Spacey + House of Cards. It is no secret that storytelling has become the pinnacle practice of 2015. In Kevin Spacey’s keynote from Content Marketing World 2014 , he told a half hour story about the importance of storytelling using his own career as a vehicle and the stories of the actors he’s played along the way as the gasoline. So what advice does Francis Underwood have to dish on storytelling?

Going global and staying local – How Storytel cuts through the noise


Storytel is a remarkable success story, one where adaptation and best in class localisation plays a starring role. And in terms of display campaigns, Storytel is a brand at the forefront of multi-market, multi-channel advertising. How is Storytel overcoming these challenges?

Video Marketing Best Practices

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Video marketing is one of the strongest ways to give a visual introduction or demonstration of your products or services—and it allows you to capture the attention of your buyer personas at the right stage of the Buyer’s Journey. Make Your Videos Search-Engine Friendly. Video Brewery.

Creativity, Technology, And The Future Of Storytelling

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Here is the 18 minute video of my presentation:). Because he understood that marketing is about storytelling. You can check out the slides I presented at last year’s conference here: Creativity, Technology and Storytelling. The theme for this year’s content marketing summit is creativity, technology and storytelling. The Future of Storytelling. So what does the future of storytelling hold?

8 Exceptional Examples of Customer-Led Storytelling


Customer-led storytelling is a creative strategy that’s buzzing in industry blogs as a top trend , but though it can be deployed to great effect, it’s hardly new. The infomercials of the ’80s, before-and-after photo sets used by dentists and doctors (and all B2B customer case studies), are examples of customer-led storytelling. Here are eight brands that get customer-led storytelling right: 1. storytelling #marketing Click To Tweet.

Scaling Your Video Storytelling Without Selling Your Soul


For most of us, video exploded across our personal lives 5 or more years ago. But now it’s our company’s turn with videos being created for our customers, partners, resellers, analysts, investors, our sales teams, other employees and of course every one of our executives. It’s just too easy to fall into the trap of converting presentations into animated videos or to simply have someone read a document in front of a camera. Is this video about us or about our audience?

8 Impressive Examples of Employee-Led Storytelling


We recently did a feature on brands that are doing outstanding work in customer-led storytelling , but a related strategy is to tap employees to do the storytelling. For this roundup, we are looking at brands that have utilized employees of all kinds to be the spotlight storytellers and share their diverse points of view. Our fave brands doing employee-led #storytelling include @Sephora, @Salesforce, @Macys and. Articles Branding Creation Storytelling

[Storytellers Interview | Complex ] “Audience development has really become marketing.”


We thought this information was too valuable to keep to ourselves, so we decided to create our new series, The Storytellers, as a way to share some of their insights and expertise with the rest of the publishing community. At Complex, our team is involved in all kinds of marketing activities – everything from using paid media to spark a brand campaign to building up social channels for a new video series. Distribution is now the key for effective storytelling.