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Validate. Actors: deciders, customers, and the “mom test” Unlike a typical Design Sprint, the Hack Day team captains became the deciders for each team, and the CEO and CPO met with each team as experts during exercises geared towards understanding the problem & opportunities. This is another area that we will review for future Hack Days, but overall, the feedback collected during those interviews did provide useful validation.

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How to work with a content marketing agency to create kick-ass content

Tomorrow People

If your CPO and CMO are arguing endlessly over every draft, decide whose views better represent your offer and communicate your final word to them. Just make sure you do your best to collect all feedback from your content committee, validate it, ask us to act on it, and approve it. Our way with words can’t be compared with the likes of Shakespeare, but it can deliver qualified sales and marketing leads that bring greater revenue to your business. Ah, writing.

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Integrate Acquires Akkroo Upgrading B2B Events


Akkroo’s team of over 50 employees will be joining Integrate which include Chris Wickson as general manager, events and Andy, co-founder and CPO of Akkroo, as vice president, event products. Integrate customers will now be able to collect and process qualified leads at events in real-time and perform an automatic validation, standardization and improve upon this data before it gets sent to their marketing automation or CRM systems.

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How Do I Grow My Database Responsibly with Third-Party Data?

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Recently, Dave Scott , Founder & CEO of Marketfish and author of “The New Rules for Lead Generation: Proven Strategies to Improve Marketing ROI,” joined Act-On CPO David Fowler for a discussion about how to grow a database responsibly with third-party data. For instance, it’s unlikely that one organization has 500 million valid email addresses, so a list that large is probably compiled of several smaller ones.

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Reflecting on 10 Years of Building Buffer

Buffer Social

I employed many of T he L ean S tartup techniques in order to validate the problem and the existence of an audience before launching. Today marks ten years since I launched the first version of Buffer.

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Cut Through the Confusion and Successfully Move Buying Groups Through Your Account-Based Marketing Programs


If you aren’t engaged from the outset with the Influencers who are doing the research to validate your solution, the odds are going to be stacked against you when it comes time for the account to set its final vendor list. You’re also likely to have to connect with the CPO on these issues later.) By Kay Kienast, Chief Marketing Officer, True Influence.

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