Data Privacy Day 2020: How to Safeguard Customer Data to Build Trust & Loyalty

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January 28 is celebrated as Data Privacy Day to raise awareness about the importance of data privacy and security. “Consumer privacy is a key pillar in the digital advertising ecosystem and all consumers have a right to choose how their data is utilized. All parties within the advertising ecosystem must work together to support industry-wide privacy regulations and ensure consumer choices are respected throughout the entire supply chain.

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Many companies are expanding their C-Suite with new roles like CAO (Chief Automation Officer), CUEO (Chief User Experience Officer), CDO (Chief Data Officer), and CPO (Chief Privacy Officer).

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Part 2: What Demand Generation Experts Are Doing for CCPA Compliance


I’ll get to some details on privacy policies and the like in the next section.) If you, as a demand generation expert, have a telemarketing team, each contact needs to have privacy and consent statements built into the call notes. Updates to privacy policies and disclaimers that every demand generation expert should be making. Leaving this data lying around only creates risk and encumbrance under CCPA – or any privacy regulation, for that matter.

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Just like a Valentine’s Day gift, the way you treat a customer needs to be thoughtful and personal, demonstrating how much you value them while respecting their privacy preferences. Darren Guarnaccia , CPO at Crownpeak, exclusively to MarTech Advisor. Brands have started to look beyond love and romance for their Valentine's Day marketing.

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The Chief Privacy Officer, who is concerned about access, encryption and other critical data security issues. You’re also likely to have to connect with the CPO on these issues later.) Simply note that your solution is compliant with all prevailing privacy standards, and that your team can work with a customer to fine-tune specific details later. By Kay Kienast, Chief Marketing Officer, True Influence.

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