Email Open Rates Best Practices


a year due to contacts’ email addresses changing as they move jobs, recipients abandoning old email addresses, and subscribers opting out of email communications. Only half of those accounts turn out to be active. Either you can manually trawl through your email list, painstakingly deleting inactive accounts, or you can use an email verification tool to quickly and efficiently weed out bad email addresses.

Data Privacy Day 2020: How to Safeguard Customer Data to Build Trust & Loyalty

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Organizations should also consider investing in a chief privacy officer (CPO) or data protection officer (DPO) who would be adept in spearheading data privacy initiatives to ensure the sustainability of the data privacy culture.

Part 2: What Demand Generation Experts Are Doing for CCPA Compliance


A point I want to make here is that B2B sellers, in particular, should make every effort to clearly distinguish their “no sell” opt-out from the data erasure request. A highly qualified CPO may well run $200,000 or more, and that individual will need support technology and staff.