2017 AdWords Industry Benchmark Report: An Agency’s Perspective


In July, we released our third annual AdWords Industry Benchmark Report and had Lucia Rodas-Estrada, SEM Team Manager at DWA , a media agency with a predominant focus in B2B technology, join us for a webinar to discuss them. The average CPO we see for our clients is $1,200.

How Machine Learning Is transforming Video Advertising

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In spite of most of these technologies being vastly overhyped, one technology has stood along in truly redefining the way we advertise: Machine Learning, says, Chris Graham, CPO/GM, TONIK+.

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Video Intelligence Trends 2020 & 2019 Year in Review

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TONIK+ is excited to be part of such a dynamic ecosystem, and we hope you’ll join us on the journey to better content, writes, Chris Graham,CPO/GM,TONIK+. Measurement platforms and tools continuing to enhance cross-device and platform measurement for optimal media allocation.

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