Measure Your Content Marketing ROI With These 10 Steps


In the graphic, you’ll notice there’s only one measurement step in the fly stage— multi-touch content attribution —because it’s incredibly hard to do right, and if anyone else tells you different … well, frankly, they’re lying. Single-Touch Content Attribution.

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How To Measure Paid Media ROI (ROAS)


Cost Per Lead (CPL). If they are being held to a lead goal, they want to know how much they are paying for leads, not clicks (CPL vs. CPC). When you know how many leads a channel or specific campaign generated and you know how much you spent on that channel or campaign in the same time period, you’re able to calculate CPL. CPL is a good high level indicator that your paid media is attracting the people that you’re actively targeting and that your offer is appealing.

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Scorecard for Paid Media Marketers [How Do Your Campaigns Compare?]


The scorecard items associated with an attribution solution are: Anonymous first-touch tracking. Lead-create touch tracking. Opportunity-create touch tracking. Closed-won touch tracking. They range from single-touch models (first-touch, lead-create, or last-touch) to complex full-path modeling systems that track touchpoints throughout the entire funnel, attributing revenue credit in a weighted fashion.

The Goals, Priorities and Success Metrics that Shifted for Marketers in 2016 [SOPM Report]


ROI, CPA and CPL also increased in selection percentage from 2015 to 2016. A single-touch attribution model remains the top choice for marketers in 2016. However, the percentage of single-touch users decreased by a little over 16%, while those using a multi-touch model rose to a quarter of respondents. The increase in multi-touch adoption goes hand-in-hand with the increase in the amount of channels marketers are investing in.

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Can You Shortcut ABM and Still Make it Work?

The Point

If you already have good content, adapted for different personas or industries, the technology to drive automated, multi-touch nurture emails, and a willing and capable sales team, you may not need a full-blown ABM solution, at least not at first. Develop a multi-touch, multi-channel campaign to market to those account contacts with display ads, nurture emails, and a meeting-setter direct mail campaign.

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How Top B2B Marketing Teams Use Revenue Attribution — 4 Trends We Discovered


At Bizible, even when calculating top of the funnel metrics like CPL, we use our attribution data to define lead volume on a U-shaped attribution model basis. They are using advanced multi-touch attribution models. Both of these models track multiple parts of the funnel and give credit to significant stage changes; the difference is that Full Path also gives credit to the final closed-won touch, whereas the W-shaped model ends at the opportunity creation touch.

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7 Stages of B2B Marketing Sophistication [Which Level Are You?]


It’s a multi-faceted process that spans months to years of a buyer’s journey. Decision making is then informed by these experiment results, and marketers can optimize for lower CPL (cost-per-lead) based on the tests they’ve run. While it’s a significant step to begin tracking marketing to revenue, most introductory users of attribution solutions choose a single-touch attribution model (e.g. first-touch, lead-create, or opp-create). B2B marketing is no easy task.

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10 B2B Marketing Experts Weigh in on The State of Pipeline Marketing


As modern marketers know, the first touch or last touch attribution is just not a real thing, and customer journey is much more multi-touch, multi-channel driven process. As modern marketers know… customer journey is a much more multi-touch, multi-channel driven process. This is illustrated by the fact that many marketers have not chosen an attribution model, or were using only a single-touch attribution model (first or last).

How Pricing Affects Marketing Strategy for B2B SaaS Companies


Calculating The Right CPL. Depending on your marketing strategy, your CPL will vary. For example, when running an inbound strategy or demand gen campaign, you expect your CPL to be much lower compared to when you’re targeting a whale. On the other hand, if your average deal is $10 or $100 per month, your CPL has to be pretty low in order to be profitable. To see the true revenue impact on BOFU marketing channels, B2B marketers need advanced multi-touch attribution.

The three pillars to overcome SaaS marketing complexity


They need the right multi-channel mix of pay-per-click (PPC), display, and social advertising, as well as content that harnesses refined search engine optimization (SEO) practices to increase site rankings for relevant keywords and drive organic traffic.

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Rethinking Cost Per Lead, Why So Many B2B Marketers Chase False Leads


Simple single touch, or no attribution model at all, is associated with smaller volume leads while more advanced multi-touch and custom models are associated with high volume leads. A multi-touch attribution model provides an accurate measure of cost per lead when measuring on a per-campaign or per-channel basis. Statistical models in sports and marketing attribution have a lot in common. Both are technologies that improve forecast accuracy.

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Under the Microscope; 3 B2B Content Marketing Compounds for Advanced Practice

Inbox Insight

Remarketing techniques provides B2B marketers a second chance to drive brand value through a multi-pronged approach. It’s also an essential component for strategies aiming to immerse their audience through leveraging multi-channel tactics.

13 Reasons To Implement B2B Marketing Attribution Right Now


of marketers with a multi-touch attribution model in place said that they have a well-aligned relationship with their sales team. Good B2B marketing attribution tracks all touchpoints from the anonymous first touch, through to revenue. For example, attribution could show you CMOs are typically the lead creation touch, the marketing operations manager is the opportunity creation and the CEO is the one who makes the purchase. Cost Per Lead (CPL).

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The 100 Year History Lesson On Marketing Operations and MarTech


When marketers rely on marketing automation or Google Analytics alone, they still all too easily double-count leads and begin optimizing based on CPL, rather than revenue-per-lead. Enabling multi-touch modeling through advanced attribution solutions. "There is a science to advertising. Experienced advertisers have watched and recorded, tested and logged, and left records of countless campaigns. I n these conditions the advertising and merchandising becomes a science.

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The Most Common Demand Generation Mistakes That Sabotage Your Success


Top-of-the-funnel metrics like cost per click (CPC), cost per acquisition (CPA), and cost per lead (CPL) are important factors as they provide a basic indicator of how successful your programs are and can be leveraged to optimize programs, but they are not the only factors. Ultimately, proper first-touch and multi-touch attribution analysis will give you a more holistic view of how your programs are performing. Author: Joe Paone Sabotage is an interesting word.