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How to Define & Measure Social KPIs – Part 4


In the year 2019, data is the simple answer to every question & this is the a reason why strategies for defining & measuring the Social Media KPIs from the year 2019 onwards have to be orchestrated around the major data-points of relevance to the businesses so that not only the marketers can optimize their Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) but also the brands can optimize their sales conversions through the social channels. Prologue.

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How B2B marketers can strategize LinkedIn Advertisement in 2019


Steve Phillip, Leading Coach, and Expert on LinkedIn best practices. Whether they be demand generation marketers focused on lead generation, B2B marketers looking to build brand resonance or marketers striving for both the aforementioned purposes, LinkedIn is the social networking platform having a goldmine of a diverse suite of marketing solutions for all of them. Expanding the Network: LinkedIn evaluates the relevance of the posts by using demographic data.


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How to Define & Measure Social KPIs – Part -1


Running advertising, promotional & lead generation campaigns on social media platforms is essential as nowadays customers are the kings & they prefer to consume content in their own preferred ways. The business KPIs have largely only been defined on the basis of website traffic & how they generate the conversions. The content strategy can be framed according to the demographic preference of the audiences. Prologue.

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How Content Strategies optimize the number of followers on LinkedIn


Moreover, according to a blog by the Hootsuite, 80% of the B2B leads generated on all the Social Media channels, come exclusively through LinkedIn. Likewise, based on demographics, firmographics, technographics, psychography, “fit-data” as well as the past browsing histories & the research methodologies employed by the prospects, the buyer-persona is also divided & subdivided into several clusters. Prologue.

How Display Advertising Benefits B2B Businesses


Investing in the right format of display ads is important for B2B marketers as the prospects for B2B marketing are scattered across numerous referral sites & hence, it gets entirely arduous and essential to track both the opportunities as well as revenue generated from each display ad. One can also upload email lists to “warm-up” leads to one’s brand, just before the sales outreach. placement, contextual, interests, topics, demographics & geo or languages.