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3 Text Tweaks that Boosted CTR


If I’m going to make the case for the value of post text micro-optimizations, it’s important to first provide context. If you were here last week, you’ll remember that the results of a recent experiment that we ran supported the idea that post text has a significant impact on performance metrics like CPC and CTR.

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How to Scale Your E-commerce Traffic Acquisition with Native Advertising

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higher CTRs than display ads: An IAB report found that the average native ad CTR sits at 0.30%, as compared to a 0.12% CTR for traditional display ads. higher CTRs than display ads: An IAB report found that the average native ad CTR sits at 0.30%, as compared to a 0.12% CTR for traditional display ads.

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14 Social Media Metrics That Drive Results in 2023

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You can also look at metrics like: Website traffic Social media followers The reach of your posts Improving Brand Awareness is all about getting your name out there and making a good impression. Cost-Per-Click Cost-Per-Click (CPC) helps you keep track of your ad spend. Measuring CPC is as easy as pie. Measuring CTR is simple.

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Optimize Your PPC Marketing Strategy for B2B Success

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Consider the following questions as you plan your B2B PPC campaigns : Are you aiming to boost brand visibility, increase website traffic or capture leads through your campaigns? The Power of Testing, Measuring and Optimizing Once you’ve completed all of the above steps, it’s time to launch, test, measure and optimize your B2B PPC campaigns.

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How to Optimize Your Product Listing Ads For More Clicks


PLAs are an excellent way to attract qualified traffic for your products. With a higher CTR, you’re able to drive more traffic and conversions to your product listings with PLAs compared to using other formats. Lower costs: Since product listing ads have a higher CTR than other ad formats, you can expect your CPC to be lower.

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LinkedIn Advertising Best Practices and Advanced Tips


Here’s a set of basic tasks, best practices, and advanced tips that can help you optimize your results and ROI from advertising on LinkedIn. Using multiple ad variations will maximize delivery and optimize your CTR. If that starts going above your target CPC (e.g., $15 15 per click), switch to manual bidding.

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6 SEO KPIs Every Search Marketer Should Know


Ever since I was first introduced to search engine optimization (SEO), I've had to use it in every role I've had from editorial writing jobs to marketing blogging. Organic traffic. Organic traffic is one of the most important metrics to track for SEO. For example, HubSpot's SEO team used to obsess over organic traffic.