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A Jargon Busting Guide to B2B Programmatic Advertising

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Cookie – a piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s browser that tracks browsing behaviour and stores information, such User preference of vertical (Marketing, IT, HR etc). Cost Per Action (CPA) – CPA can be referenced in a few different ways. Cost Per Thousand (CPM) – taken from the Latin word for Thousand; Mille. Digital Content Labels – Google classifications of content in alignment with brand safety.

10 Things That Can Destroy an Email Marketing Program

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CPM Calculator CPA Calculator Website Optimization ROI Calculator. In-House. Your consumers are in complete control. Rx: Send the first message quickly, stay in touch, and keep reminding the consumer about your value proposition. Factor in some user-generated content or questions - this is what will keep the consumer engaged. I once opted in to receive emails from a financial institution to learn more about their loan instruments.