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Getting back to marketing basics


The start-up founders are so intent on getting their product to the market and making their first sale that they often fail to understand the difference between sales and marketing or the distinction between a niche marketing strategy and one that is more inclusive. Data is great, but having the right data will help one to make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Price, Place and Product/service round out the 4 “P’s” of marketing.

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Competitive Advantage in a Commoditized Industry


In fact, I found a dozen companies in just the first two pages of search results that did exactly this, even though this is heralded as a prime example of a meaningless mission statement. What is something that better delivers more value to customers, or comparable value for a better price?

Competitive Strategy for Professional Services

Hinge Marketing

Having a lower cost structure or greater specialized expertise are common examples of competitive advantages in the professional services. He lays out two primary strategies: 1) cost leadership, and 2) differentiation. Cost Advantage Strategy. In a cost advantage strategy you are attempting to be the lowest cost producer. In many industries, high capital costs limit competitors. Broad cost advantage. Niche cost advantage. Lower-cost labor.