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What is CPM (Cost Per Mile, Cost Per Thousand Impressions)?

Martech Advisor

Cost Per Thousand or Cost Per Mile (CPM) is defined as the price of reaching one thousand impressions for your ad on a webpage. An accurate calculation of CPM can help you understand which ads are performing well, which ads aren’t, and how you can improve your marketing outcomes.

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In stream vs. in banner video advertising


How do in stream and in banner video ads stack up against each other, what are the differences, and how can you better serve your target consumer with engaging video advertising? In stream vs. in banner video advertising: Which is better? In banner video. Why use video advertising, anyway? billion in 2017.

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In-game advertising: A marketer’s guide


They can be profitable for savvy advertisers looking to reach one of the most lucrative and elusive groups of consumers. In-game advertising merges ads with the game environment seamlessly. These ads are more powerful and effective than in-app advertisements — those annoying pop-ups or banner ads you commonly see in mobile app games.

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5 display advertising trends your retail brand needs to know


There are, therefore, key learnings to take away and utilise for retail display advertising moving forwards. Staying on top of retail and consumer display advertising trends is essential for marketers and advertisers. What will we be discussing in this guide to consumer display advertising trends? Green Monday.

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What Is Mobile Ad Network? Benefits, Pricing Models, Types & Best Practices

Martech Advisor

With the rapid pace of digitalization, mobile advertising will only become more important for advertisers and marketers in the future. Kayla Matthews, explores the basics of mobile ad networks and the different platforms and best practices that the modern marketer can make use of to amplify their advertising. This article by.

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Why TikTok Ads Will Rise in 2022

DAGMAR Marketing

This means more marketers and advertisers will be expanding their ad spend, but on which platforms? As a result, many businesses are considering leveraging this video-centric social media platform to refine their digital advertising strategy and better reach their audience. About Advertising on TikTok. What are TikTok Ads?

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Multi Channel in B2B Marketing: Beat the Jargon…

Inbox Insight

Account-Based Advertising (ABA) – targets best-fit accounts through digital ad campaigns that focus on account level with high revenue potential, rather than individual leads. PPC – Pay Per Click. An online advertising model used to drive traffic to websites, with advertisers paying a fee every time one of their ads is clicked.