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The Big List of Content Marketing Acronyms


PR and ad agencies will check the earned media’s performance against how much it would have cost to pay for that same media coverage. Ideally, your ad-value equivalency will be much higher than what it cost to create the earned media. CAC: Customer Acquisition Cost.

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42 B2B Marketing Acronyms and Abbreviations

Digital B2B Marketing

PPC : Pay Per Click. CPC : Cost per Click. Generally used for paid media programs and calculated media cost divided by clicks. May also refer to media buys that are paid for based on the number of clicks (as opposed to CPM). CPM : Cost per 1,000 Impressions. CPN : Cost per Name. CPA : Cost per Action. CPL : Cost per Lead. Calculated as cost divided by leads.

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Digital Advertising Goal Setting 101


There are countless considerations, including creative size and format, channels of use, cost, targeting, data, and etc! Lead Generation. Impressions (CPM). Shopping Cart View / Lead. Action (CPA). Impressions (CPM) / Lift Test. Lead Generation. Cost Per Lead (CPL). From a young age we are taught about goal setting and (usually) to have a 5-year plan.

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Facebook advertising cost: Everything you need to optimize your ROI

Sprout Social

Facebook advertising costs range widely and are dependent on many factors, including your industry, location and objectives. Factors that affect cost. Lower your costs. Read on to learn more about optimizing your Facebook advertising costs and learn how to get the most out of the platform. Even if your campaign goal isn’t to charge for impressions, you can still see what the average cost per 1000 impressions is. The average is $1.72

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What is Marketing Analytics? Understand Everything About Applying Data to Marketing Strategies

Rock Content

Managers, for example, are more interested in revenue data, average ticket, and ROI. Marketing and sales , for example, share data about leads to improve conversion rates in the funnel.

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Online Display Advertising, Targeting, and Capturing Leads

NuSpark Consulting

A Look at Online Display Advertising for Lead Generation. Lead generation and lead nurturing both can be done via a targeted display campaign. Cost models- CPM, CPA, CPL. Lead Capture and Lead Nurturing. After the placement plan is developed and negotiated, banners now need to generate leads to your landing pages. Additionally, think about lead nurturing.

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The Ultimate Guide to PPC


Despite the fact that 45% of small businesses use paid ads , pay-per-click is still a concept that eludes many of us. This guide will help you grasp pay-per-click marketing in its entirety. When done right, PPC can earn you quality leads. Pay-per-click advertising is most common in search engine results pages (SERPs), like Google or Bing, but is also used on social channels (although CPM is more common). CPM (Cost per Mille).

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PPC Consulting: Why It’s Essential for Business Growth

Single Grain

But without expert guidance, PPC can be challenging and costly. In this post, we’ll share why PPC consulting is essential, demystify pay-per-click marketing, and give you tips for hiring the best PPC consultant for your business. In pay-per-click marketing , keywords matter more.

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Google AdWords for Beginners (Webinar Recording & FAQ)


Does the price for recharging accounts matter or it impacts the ad quality score or importance of a particular campaign, if we recharge the Adwords accounts by low cost/amount? With Google Search, one gets several junk leads, i.e., users who cannot afford your product. PPC or CPA?

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