A Jargon Busting Guide to B2B Programmatic Advertising

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Click-Through Rate (CTR) – the % of users who were delivered an ad, and then clicked on that ad. Cost Per Action (CPA) – CPA can be referenced in a few different ways. Generally it should be classified as the cost of user completing a desired action which can be summarised for digital as one of these actions (click, view, download, sign up, purchase) and is worked out using this simple sum (Action/cost) = CPA. Do you know your DCO from your DMP?

Automating PPC with the New Google Ads


Google Marketing Platform, which combines DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360. Google Ad Manager, which combines DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Thus, marketers can automate PPC campaigns in which doing so would be cost-effective and manually take over when leveraging their own expertise would help improve results. Google Ads represent yet another step away from cost-per-click and a step toward other metrics.

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Custom Reports: Measuring Lead Generation Conversions with Google Analytics


A goal is simply a defined metric you’d like to track, whether it be a view of a page, content that is downloaded, or a multi-page interaction such as average time on site or pages per visit. These ‘thank you” page URLs are the page URLs you will be tracking on your website (as well as any pay-per-click or online advertising landing page or microsite). An event is a click on your website that doesn’t necessarily lead to another page view. Pay-Per-Click Analytics.

What Is an Ad Network? Definition, Types, and Examples

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Display ads usually have low click-through rates – just 0.05% across all formats and platforms, but they are well suited to increase brand awareness and intent to purchase. Some of the options you could consider are: Cost per thousand impressions (CPM). Cost-per-click (CPC). Cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Cost-per-view for video (CPV).