Blogging isn’t Sexy but Done Well It Drives B2B Marketing Results [Study]

Sword and the Script

Nearly 80% of the 1,279 bloggers in the 7 th annual Orbit Media blogger survey say blogging drives some marketing results – and 25% say it draws “strong marketing results.” According to the survey, the average blog post is 1,269 words.

Coming Soon: The 2019 ANNUITAS Demand Generation Performance Study


Revamping our Demand Generation Survey to Gauge How Effectively Marketing Helps to Grow the Business. Participate in our new study by clicking here. Back in 2012, the Fournaise Marketing Group published results from a study that showed that 80% of CEOs do not trust marketers , compared to a 90% approval rating on trusting the CFO or CIO. This short survey should take only 5-6 minutes of your time.


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State Of Buyer Personas 2016: Strong Correlation Between Effectiveness And Goals

Tony Zambito

Incorporating Survey Data. I wish to thank the (124) respondents of the State of Buyer Personas 2016 Survey for taking the time to complete the survey. While there may have been redundancy in previous surveys , this particular survey is devoted to understanding the best practices associated with buyer persona development. Important Correlations Uncovered. In part due to an interesting correlation. Again, a correlation to effectiveness as well.

Survey: CMOs Struggle to Connect Marketing Efforts with Company Success

KoMarketing Associates

Korn Ferry recently conducted the “2018 CMO Pulse Survey” to determine how many marketing initiatives can be tied back to company success. About half of CMOs (52 percent) claimed that they could not make a direct correlation between their marketing team’s results to company performance. Both analytics and personalization are in need of improvement, according to the survey, and previous research suggests that they go hand-in-hand.

Survey 136

Why Marketers Should Be On the Lookout For Unjustified Survey-Based Conclusions

B2B Marketing Directions

This is the second of my series of three posts discussing several issues that can affect the validity of survey findings and/or the credibility of survey reports. So, many B2B marketers are now both producers and consumers of survey-based content.

How To Make Marketing An Invaluable Function

Marketing Craftmanship

Their compensation and tenure are often based on fuzzy or subjective factors, including the ability to generate earned media, maintain an effective website, produce relevant content for social media or score highly in brand awareness or customer satisfaction surveys.

Survey 219

Business Leaders Not Satisfied with Marketing Success Metrics


Preliminary Findings from the ANNUITAS 2019 Demand Generation Performance Survey. Receive a copy of the ANNUITAS 2019 Demand Generation Performance Survey when it becomes available by clicking here. This is one of the factors that prompted us to create this study. Additionally, these kinds of metrics go up in direct correlation with tactical activity, making them a very gratifying measure for campaign-focused teams.

Survey 143

What's Changed (and What Hasn't): The 2020 Moz Blog Reader Survey Results


We could have held off on launching this year's reader survey, but we decided to move forward anyway because we know your work and your interests have been impacted, and we wanted to know how much. I'm excited to share with you the results from that survey in this post.

We Surveyed 1,400 Searchers About Google - Here's What We Learned


At Path Interactive , we conducted a survey of 1,400 respondents to better understand how they search, how they feel about Google’s search results, and the quality of information the search engine provides. The frequency of Google usage is also inversely correlated with age; 80 percent of 13–21-year-olds use Google more than three times per day, while only 60 percent of respondents over 60 searches with the same frequency.

Study Confirms Importance Of Qualitative Research To Success With Buyer Personas

Tony Zambito

A recent survey conducted by Cintell*, entitled 2016 Benchmark Study On Understanding B2B Buyers , indicates that high performing organizations utilized qualitative research for their buyer personas. The study focused entirely on the use of buyer personas for understanding B2B buyers. These facts from the 137 respondents, from a variety of roles primarily in marketing, shows a strong correlation between the use of qualitative research and the effectiveness of buyer personas.

20 Webinar Statistics, Benchmarks and Best Practices to Improve Your Virtual Events

Sword and the Script

ON24 analyzed data from 100,482 webinars with more than 100 attendees conducted through its platform in 2020 for this study. It also augmented the findings with a survey of 100 of its customers. Resource lists (70%) and surveys (43%) were the most popular engagement tools.

Five Psychological Studies to Help You Shape Your Buyer Personas

Golden Spiral

These five psychological studies can help you engage your buyers in their preferred styles, putting you in charge of the deal. The oldest of the major psychological studies with buyer implications, DiSC theory is rooted in mid-20th century psychology and breaks personality down into four main types: Dominant. By definition, an enneagram has nine points, which correlate to personality types. Two Bonus Studies. Sales is hard and getting harder all the time.

Our martech salary survey delivers a lot of great news, but one disappointment


First, thank you to the 884 professionals who participated in our 2018 Marketing Technology & Operations Salary Survey , a collaboration between myself and the team at MarTech Today. Participants in our survey were pretty evenly distributed across the entire range: 43% in firms over 1,000 employees; 57% in firms under 1,000. In our survey, 41.3% The participants in our survey had an average of 6-7 years experience in the field. In our survey, 31.2%

"Study Finds:" How Data-Driven Content Marketing Builds Links and Earns Press Mentions


Posted by KristinTynski In 2019, high-authority links remain highly correlated with rankings. We pulled 8,400 articles containing the text “study finds.” Let’s begin by taking a look at which top-tier news outlets cover “study finds” (AKA, any project pitched by an outside source that ran a survey or study that had “findings”). Another interesting question is which domains overall result in the largest number of links generated for “study finds” stories.

Press 58

Study Reveals the Role of Reputation and Relationships in Referral Marketing

Hinge Marketing

Hinge has just released a new study on referral marketing that takes the research on this important topic to the next level. Why This Study? Our 2015 Professional Services Marketing Priorities Study found that trying to generate more referrals was the number one planned marketing initiative for 2015. Our recent study, Referral Marketing for Professional Services Firms , which we conducted with 523 professional services firms, showed 81.5% How We Conducted the Study.

Case Study: How a Media Company Grew 400% and Used SEO to Get Acquired


Posted by Gaetano-DiNardi-NYC Disclaimer: I’m currently the Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva , and writing this case study post-mortem as the former VP of Marketing at Sales Hacker (Jan. We validated our hard work by measuring organic growth (traffic and keywords) against our email list growth and revenue, which correlated positively, as we expected. I would not be writing this case study today without him!

[VIDEO] Business Resilience and Agility: A Benchmark of Performance Amid Uncertainty

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Savvy organizations are coping with this new environment by leveraging activities and capabilities that correlate with business resilience and agility. Companies by and large are being affected — either positively or negatively — by the economic changes brought upon buy the COVID-19 pandemic.

Agencies Have a Morale Problem


According to a new study by Campaign US, the American offshoot of a British ad trade magazine, morale in the agency world has sunk to dramatic new lows. Though the study didn’t provide specific reasons for the drop, it’s safe to assume that frustration with company leadership stems from inertia at the top of many agencies. Instead, dissatisfaction correlated with experience. B2B Media agencies data studies

Agency 108

Quality SEO Content Is Still the Main Driver of Higher Search Visibility [Study]

Content Standard

Titled “SEO Ranking Factors and Rank Correlations 2014,” the report offers important guidance on how content should be cultivated going forward. A recent study from Adestra and Econsultancy found that 75 percent of global marketers surveyed see either “excellent” or “good” returns on their content marketing investment.

Should you Solicit Social Shares? Data Says… (2 of 2)


In part one we presented data from a survey we ran that looked at the pervasiveness of content creators soliciting shares, and what consumers thought about those solicitations. In last week’s survey response data about whether you should solicit social shares in your content , we looked at several means whereby an author might request social shares, including Facebook “thumbs up” solicitations, blog embedded “Click to Tweet” solicitations, and “clap” requests on Medium.

Why Buyer Interaction Design Matters During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Tony Zambito

According to a number of recent surveys, we are seeing an enormous shift in sales turning to remote selling. In a recent McKinsey study, nearly two-thirds of B2B buyers indicated that remote interaction was equal to or better than before the pandemic.

ABM research: Tech Industry Shifts From Deployment to Optimisation


A recent survey of marketing professionals worldwide undertaken by Triblio and its parent company IDG, reveals for the first time the extraordinary scale and momentum of ABM adoption in the technology industry itself. . Here are some of the most striking findings from the IDG Triblio survey.

The SaaS Marketer’s Black Book of Lead Generation

Marketing Insider Group

According to a study by LinkedIn , 68% of B2B marketers want to increase their lead quality and 55% want to see a growth in lead volume. Understand the Correlation between Content and Conversions. Lead generation.

Five Surprising Findings from the 2017 Marketing Strategy Report


CoSchedule, a top content planning and research tool vendor, just released its State of Marketing Strategy Report 2017 , based on a survey of nearly 1,600 marketing professionals. The CoSchedule study found no correlation between the amount of time spent creating content and marketing success, and only a weak correlation of success with content quality. There’s (almost) no correlation between publishing frequency and marketing success.

Report 168

How to Leverage Data to Create Compelling Customer Experiences


study, 77% of the consumers surveyed stated that they have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience. Surveys. Another point earning activity that captures useful customer data is surveys.

Everyone Is Miserable. Nobody Cares. And Why That Matters To Your Business

Marketing Insider Group

A recent survey shows that in the midst of the pandemic, when way too many people are out of work, 1 in 4 employed Americans want to quit their job. Quick Take: Empathy in the workplace has a direct, positive correlation with engagement and business outcomes.

5 Research Options You May Never Have Considered for Your Content

Content Marketing Institute

A BuzzSumo study, Content Trends 2018 , confirms it; in a review of 100 million articles published in 2017, the company found social sharing was half what it was three years earlier. PwC’s annual Global CEO Survey – now in its 21st year – is an excellent example of a long-running, benchmark-setting study that influences decision-making. And, even more, research doesn’t have to be as wonky and traditional as a consulting firm’s business-outlook study. Survey.

Why Superficial Sales-Marketing Alignment Isn't Enough

B2B Marketing Directions

The LeadMD Sales and Marketing Alignment Survey Benchmarking & Insights Report was based on a survey of 350 sales and marketing executives. One primary objective of this study was to develop an evidence-based and actionable description of "meaningful" sales and marketing alignment.

How to Tell Good Data from Bad


By identifying information that correlates strongly with purchasing behaviors, you can focus your collection efforts on areas that lead to increased sales and ignore the background noise that accomplishes nothing. In that instance, you would want to know how audiences perceive your brand, which you could learn by conducting surveys and asking questions of association. Marketers waste too much time chasing and interpreting bad data.

What visionaries get right about sales enablement


In an effort to answer this question, we partnered with Callan Consulting, an independent marketing consulting firm, to conduct a global study to understand the sales enablement practices of these leaders. Among the survey’s respondents, 95% of companies have a dedicated sales enablement team.

Sales 68

Why This Amount Is All the Marketing Budget You Need

Marketing Insider Group

The pandemic’s impact on marketing budgets continues to play out, but The CMO Survey , published in June 2020, shows a decrease in spending across the board. Image: CMO Survey. One of the areas with the biggest hit per the study is traditional ad spending.

Budget 177

Upside Down on Marketing Priorities


According to those who responded to the survey the top five objectives were as follows: Increase In Revenue: 67%. As a follow-on commentary the analysts from Regalix stated the following, “Improved Engagement/Customer relationship seems to have fallen in priority this year, giving us the feeling that marketers, especially in the B2B space, are yet to find a direct correlation between increased customer engagement and sales.”.

The (near) future of marketing is decentralized


In Gartner’s most recent Marketing Organizational Survey for 2019 — how marketing leaders structure their teams today and how they expect them to change over the next several years — a remarkable finding popped out to me: 20% of respondents reported that they run some form of decentralized marketing organization today. Well, inferring a correlation with Gartner’s findings in this report, probably less than 20% today.

Why Marketers Must Beware of Bad "Research-Based" Conclusions

B2B Marketing Directions

If you're a B2B marketer, you probably read survey reports on a fairly regular basis. Survey reports can be valuable sources of information about marketing trends, practices, and technologies, but they can also mislead. Perhaps more accurately, survey results and reports can make it easy for us to draw inaccurate, or at least unjustified, conclusions. A survey report published this past spring provides a good vehicle for illustrating my point.

Why Now Is the Time to Outsource Your Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing Insider Group

According to a survey of US-based B2B professionals at the height of coronavirus lockdowns, almost half of B2B purchases were being made online – an increase of 38% since before the pandemic. Website traffic may not necessarily directly correlate with sales.

Overcoming The Content Personalization Challenge With Buyer Persona Research

Tony Zambito

Recent surveys of marketing professionals by Rapt Media , Forrester , Seismic, SAP , IBM , and others all indicate that content personalization remains the biggest challenge for marketers this year and for the foreseeable future. For example, in a survey of 500 marketing professionals by Rapt Media, over 80% stated content personalization as their biggest challenge. The correlation is evident. Could there be a correlation here also? by icon 54.

How a Minority of Business Bloggers Outperform the Majority [New Data]


After establishing some essential benchmarks regarding how bloggers create, format, and measure their posts in years one and two of the study, Orbit Media began probing the 1000+ bloggers that participated in the survey to learn which tactics contributed most to achieving their desired results. For the past three years, Orbit's been focused on correlating blogging tactics with results.